Iran to Dump U.S. Dollar! THESE 2 Countries Tried This Before and U.S. Destroyed Them!

bombshell news the Central Bank of Iran is announcing that they will be dumping the US dollar in all foreign exchange if they proceed with the fact it will hit a major blow to the US has yet another country engaging in trade without the reserve currency they wouldn't be the first country to suggest using a different currency other than the US dollar Iraq and Libya also had this idea though their fate seemed quickly take a turn for the worse immediately afterward coincidence you came here for the truth so let me unveil that for you let's get into this news today about Iran suggesting they would dump the US dollar let's get right into it around to dump the US dollar in response to trump travel then I do believe that this isn't exactly true but the announcement comes right after they have already been so the trying to clean themselves off the US dollar more so than a country like China which is definitely more heavily invested in the US but we have seen Iran over the last few years anyway start to do trade with other countries not using the US dollar but things are still priced in that so it's important to note that when you decide to go away from the reserve currency obviously reserve currencies being very important then you decide to basically hit a big blow on that country Tehran plans to ditch the use of the american currency in financial reporting after the US President Donald Trump issued a travel ban on something countries including Iran according to press tv the Central Bank of Iran is seeking to replace the dollar with a new common foreign currency or use a basket of currencies and all official financial important exchange reports so they are suggesting using perhaps as this know there's been talk anyway maybe we're going to use the euro or maybe it's going to be a basket of currencies and you could have on through the euro being part of that basket and they're just suggesting going their own way to don't want to deal with the US dollar and at some point they need to pull the trigger this will take effect March 21st that's the new year over there so there's adjusting going ahead as planned on that day we'll see if that actually happens but it is very very important after Trump election the Iranian rial phone record lows against you test dollar on the 727 it's lunch to its all-time low of 41,000 to the dollar alright important to note here the head of the central banks of the US did not have a significant role in Iranian trade and could be replaced with currencies of Iran's key partners like the European Union China and China and the United Arab Emirates they've already at the bottom of the future they've already have agreements with Russia Turkey Azerbaijan and Iraq to use national currencies in the local trade as I said they've already made many steps towards doing themselves away with the US dollar it's important to note this because when you see countries exchanging into the reserve currency that currency automatically becomes strong it keeps that strong all that have and this has been going on obviously for decades and decades the petrodollars obviously very very important and whenever a country suggest going another route it is number one ridiculed it is you know pushed aside but if it act really goes ahead and doesn't begins making those proceedings to do so to fully get away then it's a big trouble has happened as i said twice before look at us Iraq net handsome profits by dumping the dollar for the euro now this right here is the money gps investigation that you don't get other places you hear a lot of talking about opinion but here it is very simply the historical analysis this was februari 2003 a bizarre political statement by Saddam Hussein who by the way spoke fluent English just thought I was like you know has earned Iraq a windfall of hundreds of millions of euros in october two thousand Iraq insisted on the US dollar the currency of the enemy for the more multilateral euro and the patient goes on to say how they've done well since dumping it ok fine a thirty percent increase in the euro by the way that they got in a short period of time a few years thirty percent increase that is very significant alright remember that date 15 februari 2003 what else happened in 2003 one can't help but remember this day march 19 2003 the war in iraq begins one month later one month later that they've posted their profits saying we're doing so well since dumping this euro and what are they get out of it an invasion and saddam hussein was overthrown the country completely obliterating worse than what it was prior even know just prior to this invasion I mean it wasn't long before that when the u.s. any rock or partners doing deals together working together against Iran then we move into this out of all those Hillary Clinton emails one thing was found to be interesting this is part of that i'm not going to get into the whole thing subject line Francis client and Gaddafi's gold interesting what's this all about well down at the bottom the gold that they were referring to here was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and it was intended to be used check this out to establish a pen African currency based on the Libyan Boldin dinar imagine that gold back currency to do away with the US dollar it would have support from other countries in africa and it was meant to basically build Africa up and actually have some strength get the investment get some stability that's what they needed and there he was making strong strong head winds trying to build up Libya trying to build up Africa try to create all sorts of alliances globally and you want to do so without the US dollar he's overthrown the country complete bedroom that's number two look at this now not a complete doing away with the US dollar but look at this list considerable amount of countries who will have gone and done away with in limited terms i should say done away with the US dollar in order to have these currency swap agreements between the different countries all over the world i mean it's just geographically completely mixed around South Korea Hong Kong you get turkey Australia Canada and other countries ok every country seems to be doing this one of the things I said early on about these currency swaps is that they would be you know redone at some point reinstated and re-established and it would continue it would have a limited agreement okay over the next let's just say over the next year we will do a currency swap of a hundred billion dollars okay so that year and then by the end of that year they create a new agreement i said that would happen and it's very clear doesn't get no crystal ball or anything to figure that out they want these things to continue it is a slow erosion of the US dollar yes you see the US dollar's value going up but what against what against other currencies they're not being rated against it actual value against real Goods we've seen it against real good been declining year-over-year over here that's what I say about that over time you can see that countries are trying to figure out their way while still supporting the US dollar in one head on the other hand they're basically going out and trying to go shopping for something else you can see that it's not just China doing that and just last but not least this basically the untold story behind Saudi Arabia's 41-year US debt secret Howell engine legendary bond trader from Salomon Brothers brokered a Dewar's ideal that reshape the us-saudi relations for generations out of bloomberg article here I read all about this before in a few of my books that I've read talking about the petrodollar ok it's important to note you need to understand that is long the Saudi Arabia continues to do trade do their sell their oil in the US dollars the US military will protect Saudi Arabia ok the partnership it's been going on for decades there might be some problems here in there between the relations between the two but it sounds this is stability here this needs to continue what if it doesn't get that you want the US dollars dead plain and simple if you found this video informative please give me a thumbs up last but not least if you found the video informative i know you will find my book that money gps even more informative so taking this complicated subject finance made it very simple as I've done so using diagrams that have drawn up as well as charts and you can check it out at Amazon because they have a look inside feature that will allow you to flip through the pages of the book and see if you like it picker now if you're still hanging in there i want to show you this this is the new book i have in my hands copy of the new book approved copy i'm just going to quickly review it and it will be able to go up on amazon very soon assure you is very very soon the copies here this is the cover of the book i want to know your thoughts on it of course and look for this very soon i will obviously be doing a video about it

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