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Catholics Send Urgent Plea To Trump: “Save Us From Vast Vatican Led Conspiracy”

As the fast moving co[u]p against Freemason leader President Donald Trump continues to roil the United States, the Security Council (SC) is reporting today that America’s oldest Traditionalist Catholic Church newspaper, The Remnant, has penned an open letter to their nation’s new leader pleading with him to investigate what they claim is a vast Vatican-Democratic Party Alliance meant to not only d[e]stroy the US, but to also plunge our planet into World W[a]r III

january 31st 2017 Catholics and urgent 0:05 plea drama save us from Vatican led 0:08 conspiracy by sorta fall and as reported 0:13 to her Western subscribers 0:15 as the fast-moving cool against 0:17 freemason reader President Donald Trump 0:20 continues to royal the United States the 0:22 Security Council SC is reporting today 0:26 that America's oldest traditionalist 0:28 Catholic Church newspaper the remnant 0:30 has been an open letter to their nations 0:33 new leader pleading with him to 0:34 investigate what they claim is a vast 0:36 attic and democratic party alliance 0:38 meant to not only destroy the US but to 0:41 also plunge our planet into world war 0:44 three among the critical issue these 0:47 Catholics torwards are pleading for 0:49 Trump to investigate this report notes 0:52 are 12 what end was the National 0:55 Security Agency monitoring the Conclave 0:57 that elected Pope Francis to what other 1:01 covert operations were carried out by US 1:04 government operatives concerning the 1:06 resignation of Pope Benedict or the 1:08 Conclave that elected Pope Francis three 1:11 did US government operatives have 1:13 contact with the Cardinal Danielle's 1:15 mafia for international monetary 1:18 transactions with the Vatican were 1:20 suspended during the last few days prior 1:23 to the resignation of Pope Benedict were 1:26 any US government agency is involved in 1:29 this 5y were international monetary 1:32 transactions resumed on februari 12 2013 1:36 the day after Benedict 16 announced his 1:39 resignation was this pure coincidence 1:42 six what actions if any were actually 1:46 taken by John Podesta Hillary Clinton 1:49 and others tied to the Obama 1:51 administration who were involved in the 1:53 discussion proposing the fomenting of a 1:56 Catholic spring seven 1:58 what was the purpose and nature of the 2:00 secret meeting between vice president 2:02 Joseph Biden and pope benedict the 2:04 sixteen the Vatican on or about june 2:07 third 2011 eight what roles were played 2:11 by George source and other international 2:13 financiers who maybe currently residing 2:16 in the United States territory with the 2:18 entire Catholic Church world shaken to 2:21 its core by pope francis's destruction 2:24 through pacification of the Order of 2:27 Malta nights of more 2:29 for their supporting of Freemasonry 2:31 leader president Trump this report 2:33 continues virtually unknown to the 2:36 American people is that the evil Jesuit 2:38 whore caber Gagliano his election to 2:40 become Pope Francis was steeped in high 2:43 corruption and that top Vatican 2:45 officials are still rebelling against 2:47 and as evidenced by one of italy's top 2:49 reporters Marco to zadi riding and one 2:52 of that nation's oldest newspapers loss 2:55 tampa for these Cardinals they have 2:58 vowed to avenge we will not cooperate 3:00 with this white washing this will not go 3:03 away 3:04 aighty will deepen IP will not go away 3:07 his emphasis not ours important to know 3:12 about this mathematics and democratic 3:14 party alliance this report says is it's 3:17 being funded by the self-knowledge Nazi 3:20 collaborator george soros who made his 3:22 fortune by feeling the property of juice 3:25 prior to their being exterminated during 3:27 world war two and two today is spending 3:30 hundreds of millions in his bid to 3:32 destroy freemason leader president Trump 3:34 by flooding the streets of America with 3:36 pathological mindless idiots in a tactic 3:39 first used by German psychological 3:42 intelligence operatives loyal to Adolf 3:44 Hitler equally important to know about 3:47 this mathematics and democratic party 3:49 alliance this report explains is that 3:52 one of its main central Vatican 3:55 operative named Peter Sutherland who is 3:57 the united nations special 3:59 representative of the secretary-general 4:00 SRSG has been the P architect along with 4:05 George sorrows Hillary Clinton and other 4:08 globalists of the massive scheme that 4:11 has flooded Europe with a disastrous 4:13 tsunami of Islamic migrants and that 4:15 Pope Francis has blessed by his stating 4:18 that Islam is strengthening Europe with 4:20 Pope Francis being the first Jesuit 4:23 Society of Jesus leader of the Catholic 4:26 Church in all of history this report 4:29 continues the reason this ancient order 4:32 was not allowed to have one of its 4:33 members become pontiff is due to their 4:36 radical global agenda for the 21st 4:38 century and that includes one economic 4:41 common 4:42 mysm and political fascism in the 4:44 American Empire to creating 4:47 international anti-jewish fury three 4:49 creating international anti-americanism 4:52 for depression and our key race war 4:56 martial law foreign war and invasion 4:59 five destruction of the Empire's 5:02 heretics Protestants Baptist induce as 5:05 well as liberals to freemason leader 5:08 president Trump's most dire an immediate 5:10 crisis against this mathematic and 5:13 democratic party alliance this report 5:16 gravely warns are these globalists 5:18 pushing for war against Russia world war 5:21 three in the coming weeks and that 5:23 they've begun to implement by having 5:25 their live us created neo-nazi led 5:28 government of Ukraine begin a massive 5:31 showing of innocent ukrainian-russian 5:33 civilians almost two thousand times over 5:36 the past 24 hours alone and having their 5:39 Nazi public leader portion go rapidly 5:42 convening an emergency session of this 5:44 corrupt government to address a war he 5:46 is starting himself with freemason 5:49 leader president Trump knowing of this 5:51 push for total war by this mathematics 5:53 and democratic party alliance this 5:56 report notes he has in turn warned to 6:00 Republican Party US senators Lindsey 6:03 Graham and John McCain that they are 6:05 close to starting World War three 6:08 but with Senator John McCain having been 6:10 funded by george soros since 2001 and 6:14 Senator Lindsey Graham also being funded 6:17 by George sorrows at the analyst state 6:20 but they can't be dependent on and as 6:23 george soros funded protesters in 6:25 America are now saying we need to start 6:28 killing people more Trump supporters by 6:30 the day be bloody by-street mods and yet 6:33 another mainstream journalists calling 6:35 for the outright assassination of trum 6:38 this report concludes freemason leader 6:41 president Trump is showing no signs of 6:43 backing down at all and has even 6:45 astonishingly filed official US 6:48 government election papers this week for 6:51 this 2020 reelection bid 6:53 and that keeps George Soros and his 6:55 Vatican allies from being able to 6:57 campaign against him Published on Feb 2, 2017

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