Bill Gates thrown out of India?

India Kicks Out Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

look this is james corbett of 0:11 and i'm james evan 0:13 pilato of Bill Gates 0:15 gets the boot 0:17 we've got that story plus celebrate gets 0:19 the hack but first via the mail on 0:22 sunday James you know we kind of ended 0:24 last week's episode say and Jesus there 0:27 is a lot of rough news 2017 is already 0:29 shaping up to be pretty rough 0:31 I like this story to begin with not that 0:34 it's haha funny but I find it's an 0:36 interesting insight into what we kind of 0:38 see going on all around the world when 0:40 it comes via the mail on sunday the vast 0:43 majority of left-wing protesters 0:45 arrested on suspicion of politically 0:47 fuel defenses in Berlin are young men 0:50 who live with their parents 0:51 the figures in a new report which were 0:54 published in the daily newspaper Bild in 0:56 Germany revealed that 873 suspects were 0:59 invested by authorities between 2003 and 1:01 2013 in a decade of these eighty-four 1:04 percent were men and seventy-two percent 1:06 were between 18 and 29 more than half of 1:09 the arrests were made in the Berlin 1:10 districts of Friedrich Sean kreuzberg 1:12 and mita mostly during demonstrations a 1:15 third of them were unemployed and 1:16 ninety-two percent of them still live 1:18 with their parents 1:19 the figures published in the Berlin 1:21 newspaper said the offenses committed 1:23 against the person in four out of five 1:25 cases the victims were police officers 1:27 in only fifteen percent of these cases 1:30 are rather in fifteen percent of these 1:32 cases the victims were right-wing 1:35 activists the new figures were released 1:37 by the federal office for the protection 1:38 of the Constitution also notes between 1:41 2009 and 2013 build rapport come claims 1:45 left-wing assassins attempted to commit 1:48 11 murders now I'm glad I actually 1:51 translated the original build story from 1:54 determine because I learned that their 1:56 headline was ninety-two percent of the 1:59 radically left-wing ones still live with 2:01 Mummy James well indeed it reminds us of 2:07 that quote that has been attributed to 2:09 winston churchill probably falsely if 2:11 you're 23 2:12 you're not a liberal at 25 you have no 2:14 heart if you are if you're not a 2:16 conservative 35 you have no brain 2:18 yeah but this is just more of that left 2:21 right 2:22 divide and conquer nonsense that I see 2:25 being pushed out absolutely as hard as 2:27 I've ever seen in my life right now I'm 2:30 not just from the mainstream but from 2:31 the pseudo suppose that alternative as 2:33 well it's all about at just hating and 2:37 making fun of and mocking and basically 2:40 trying to put down anyone who doesn't 2:42 agree with you one hundred percent on 2:43 everything and it is about hate your 2:45 neighbor 2:46 I'm not your rulers and which is the 2:48 exact opposite of what I think we need 2:50 to be concentrating on so that that's 2:53 the way I see the story and I have a lot 2:55 more to say about this because I really 2:57 think this is probably the most 2:58 important issue we're dealing with right 2:59 now and true story media's put up a 3:01 couple of great videos in the past week 3:03 about this about the divide-and-conquer 3:05 and about chaos program chaos and all of 3:08 this so i will direct people to those 3:10 recent videos and you don't want to be 3:14 humanized your quote-unquote enemy 3:17 because the real enemy is not your 3:21 neighbors it's not people living with 3:23 their mommy or whatever it is the the 3:26 people who own and control the system it 3:29 is the banksters it is the people at the 3:31 top of the system it is not your 3:33 neighbor 3:35 an interesting flip side to this one 3:38 James vole include as a related story 3:41 from the BBC police forces across the UK 3:44 paid out at least 22 million pounds to 3:47 informant over the last five years 3:49 according to figures obtained by BBC 3:51 Radio 5 I think it's these kind of 3:54 stories may I mean all of these all of 3:56 these stories that will talk about up 3:58 this week on episode 297 of next week 4:01 for februari night 2017 hopefully should 4:04 try and get at the heart or at least 4:07 strike at the root and look at kind of 4:09 deep state politics of what really goes 4:12 on behind the scenes of how this divide 4:14 and conquer has been going on and on and 4:16 on and James I think unfortunately in 4:18 some ways it still hits on the purge 4:21 means that i have been talking about for 4:23 the better part of the last year so hate 4:25 my neighbor it is you know seasons no 4:28 matter anymore we talk about the summer 4:30 of rage it turned into the fall it's 4:32 just continues on and on and on our 4:35 second story this week comes the redmond 4:39 pie online as back in spring 2016 and we 4:43 made only brief mention of it in some of 4:45 the related headlines towards the end of 4:47 the new world next week episode spring 4:49 2016 when Apple refused to unlock an 4:52 iphone 5c for the authorities following 4:55 the San Bernardino incident in December 4:57 2015 company made the argument that is 4:59 created a tool for opening up an 5:01 encrypted iphone then it would create 5:03 the potential for that tool to fall into 5:06 the wrong hands and ultimately make 5:07 iphone encryption obsolete the FBI 5:11 disagreed and went ahead and found some 5:13 well-to-do the hacking Israeli firm 5:15 style right now in turn of events that 5:17 have more than a hint of irony to them 5:19 celebrate has now had their own servers 5:21 tax with most parts of that I phone 5:24 hacking tool leak now on the web 5:26 a report by motherboard cite the source 5:29 who hacked into a remote celebrate 5:31 server install 900 gigs of data 5:34 including evidence that celebrates also 5:36 works for countries like Russia Turkey 5:39 and UAE I feel like I'm i may be heard 5:41 those countries mentioned in the news 5:44 recently since this story happened a few 5:47 weeks ago released 5:49 we hear about it a few weeks ago and now 5:51 that's just the kind of catching your 5:53 interest and everyone else's interests 5:54 as well what makes you hit up on the 5:57 story right now 5:58 well I think this is just particularly 6:00 interesting given that we're just now 6:02 seeing the confirmation of jeff sessions 6:05 with attorney general and his people 6:06 know who are watching my recent 6:08 interviews like the one with Derrek 6:09 throws where jeff Sessions has talked 6:12 about the need to put back doors into 6:14 things and who is very much a supporter 6:17 of the iphone incident that we saw last 6:20 year with the San Bernardino thing in 6:22 the US government trying to get Apple to 6:24 force the door open course we now know 6:26 they went with celebrate 22 so they 6:29 didn't have to force it legally but this 6:31 is exactly exactly why you do not want 6:35 to put back doors into software or 6:37 hardware that so that the government can 6:40 have their backdoor access is because 6:42 that access will be discovered by others 6:45 and now is out there it's out in the 6:47 wild so this super-secret way that the 6:50 government was able to unlock iphone SE 6:52 não não is out there and you know 6:55 presumably out there on the black market 6:56 and will be used by criminals 6:58 surprise surprise surprise of absolutely 7:00 no one this is why you do not want to 7:03 purposefully weekend 7:05 security this is why it is so dangerous 7:07 so I will direct people back to my 7:08 conversation with their it grows about 7:11 sessions and about the war on encryption 7:13 that I think is going to be another one 7:15 of the main themes of the incoming Trump 7:17 administration and and you just said 7:21 sessions got confirmed i mean he just 7:23 got confirmed mere moments ago pretty 7:25 much as we were sitting down to take 7:27 this episode 2 points 7:30 James I want to include right here I did 7:32 actually I cover this story back on 7:34 january 17 on my morning show and do a 7:37 daily morning show that I broadcast lot 7:40 israeli phone hacking burn celebrate 7:42 confirmed information security breach 7:45 and at another one that goes home with 7:48 this actually talked about this very 7:50 morning but I'll include a link in the 7:52 show notes to a clip from that episode 7:54 this morning 7:55 ohio man's pacemaker data betrays him in 7:59 arson insurance fraud case 8:02 the really interesting story about 8:03 obviously a guy trying to burn his house 8:07 down but the data on his heart says a 8:11 different story about what may have 8:12 actually haven't I think it goes along 8:14 with that story of the hot tub smart 8:17 meter data being used as evidence in a 8:19 murder trial and these are the stories 8:21 now of which means that we've talked 8:23 about for wasn't seven-plus years on 8:26 neural next week have not only grown and 8:31 hatched it's sort of there now having 8:33 they're having their offspring and we're 8:35 seeing these stories now play out in 8:37 court and they even become just sort of 8:38 part of the mundane background and of 8:41 course this also massively 8:42 precedent-setting as well so I'll plug 8:45 myself with episodes morning monarchy 8:48 links as another thing we noted James 8:51 last week was pretty depressing in some 8:54 bit of good news as i did not do a good 8:56 news next week episode this week Gates 8:59 Foundation mission shutdown india for 9:02 their big pharma ties and we grab this 9:04 via indiatimes india has shut down the 9:07 melinda gates foundation on a critical 9:09 national health mission and possible 9:11 conflict of inch of interest issues 9:14 arising from the Foundation's ties with 9:16 pharmaceutical companies being just one 9:18 of the reasons all financial ties of the 9:21 country's immunization advisory body 9:24 with the Gates Foundation have been cut 9:26 off 9:26 indiatimes learned that the government's 9:28 decision was informed by among other 9:30 factors arguments from senior medical 9:32 professional centered around 9:33 conflict-of-interest issues or questions 9:36 about gates foundation's ties with 9:38 pharmaceutical companies and the 9:40 possible influence this may have had on 9:42 the country's vaccination strategy 9:44 global policy forum race some of these 9:46 concerns and in a study from december 9:48 2015 called philanthropic power and 9:51 development who shapes the agenda it 9:54 cautioned on the growing influence their 9:57 sought or unsought of the large global 9:59 philanthropic foundations especially the 10:01 bill and melinda gates foundation on 10:03 political discourse and agenda-setting a 10:07 lot of times it's kind of like 10:09 whack-a-mole with eugenics obsessed 10:11 so-called elite like the gates 10:13 foundation but we'll take a good 10:15 a condom James yeah I exactly right i 10:18 mean let's take this when we can get it 10:20 I'm not sure exactly spelled the end for 10:23 cases immunization plans but at any rate 10:27 it is an interesting move and i would 10:29 like to think this is part of that kind 10:32 of dominoes that we've seen with 10:33 Kazakhstan stripping US aid workers of 10:37 diplomatic immunity and then shine a 10:39 passing laws regulating NGOs and then 10:42 Russia declared the national endowment 10:43 for democracy and undesirable and geo 10:46 india place to Ford Foundation on a 10:49 security watch list all of this happened 10:51 in the last couple of years i wrote an 10:52 article about this at the time back in 10:54 2015 called beware Americans bearing 10:57 gifts ngos of trojan horses that i will 11:00 put in the show notes that people can 11:01 read through about that but i think it 11:04 is i mean it's obviously I i I'd like to 11:07 think it's part and parcel of that and 11:09 yet I know that there's not it's not 11:11 like there's any love lost between 11:12 Narendra Modi and bill gates in fact 11:15 gates was in town visiting Modi and the 11:19 top-ranking Indian parliamentarians in 11:22 the very week of the d monetization and 11:24 he was praising it and saying how all 11:26 this will springboard of the india into 11:29 the you know new in tech revolution and 11:31 blah blah blah so i'm not sure this is 11:34 necessarily directed gates per se i 11:37 think there may be obviously different 11:39 organizations that are involved in 11:40 putting pressure on the government to 11:42 try to dissociate themselves with the 11:44 gates foundation for a number of reasons 11:46 and that every say let's take it for you 11:48 know there's a victory as it is but it's 11:51 obviously not the final victory you've 11:54 makes so many good points there and I 11:56 think just maybe this is closing note on 11:58 all of this that goes through the 12:00 stories of the informants in the 12:01 divide-and-conquer in the hacks and all 12:03 of it there's a lot of theirs for the 12:06 chest going on 12:08 it's complicated there's not a unified 12:11 field conspiracy theory and everything 12:13 is all kind of connected 4ths going on 12:17 and essentially they want us to all kind 12:19 of just play checkers and think it's all 12:20 that simple and that it is just kind of 12:22 black and white so in closing all I'll 12:25 say is James you and I both have patreon 12:28 account we are completely listener 12:31 supported non-commercial alternative 12:33 media outlet where on patreon and we got 12:36 this coin and we will continue to do 12:38 that work like we've been doing 12:40 yes we will I'm looking forward to it 12:42 again next week

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