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Donald Trump: The "Anti-Christ" Agenda Exposed

Donald Trump just chose Wilbur oaths a 0:04 billionaire investor and senior managing 0:06 director of Rothschild zinc as Secretary 0:10 of Commerce it's still hard to believe 0:12 anyone is making excuses for how 0:14 blatantly swampy Trump's administration 0:18 is becoming drain the swamp 0:21 what about mutant swapping to a future 0:23 lake support of the rest child would 0:27 become even more apparent collect Donald 0:29 from says exxonmobil chairman and CEO 0:32 will be his Secretary of State mr. Trump 0:35 announced this morning that it will 0:37 nominate Rex teleson as the country's 0:39 next top diplomat Donald Trump decided 0:42 to nominate the swamp for treasury 0:44 secretary he went with a guy named Steve 0:47 minuchin minuchin is a second-generation 0:51 goldman sachs partner haha double swamp 0:55 for you and what the whole game was was 0:58 to get us to accept their agenda yet 1:02 again but Christians were out 1:05 celebrating God has answered our prayers 1:09 really you notice reflect the Holy 1:14 Spirit has spoken feeling your heart 1:16 dead 1:18 this is in answer to your praise 1:24 I'd let some person sending your message 1:27 last night is God is Donald Trump God's 1:33 men to bring revival that was in the 1:40 back of another question is Donald Trump 1:42 the Antichrist well what are we gonna do 1:45 this country going down the tube nodded 1:48 and I mean we could have another eight 1:50 years of Hillary Clinton and the worst 1:53 mess that anybody could make out of a 1:56 nation this is God's nation and no body 2:02 is going to take it away from the only 2:04 mr. Trump he says that he was a 2:07 Presbyterian if you look at who is 2:10 pastor was norman vincent peale when you 2:13 look at the government's appeal and what 2:15 he taught I you'll find that it has 2:17 absolutely nothing to do with true 2:20 Orthodox Christianity and I whether or 2:24 not Trump is complicit with spreading 2:27 that particular philosophy of the pot 2:31 power positive thinking and all that 2:32 which is actually comes out of 2:35 Freemasonry you when you look at his 2:40 philosophical bent and how he speaks and 2:43 what he does it doesn't line up with 2:46 biblical Christianity it does line up 2:49 with our positive thinking it's actually 2:53 very a more I like to work we don't 2:56 really have to ask if I like to do the 2:58 right thing we're going to actually ask 2:59 for forgiveness does that make sense to 3:00 you know what you don't make such bad 3:03 things that you don't have to ask for 3:05 forgiveness I mean I try and lead a life 3:07 we don't have to ask God for forgiveness 3:08 but I'm promise I'm presbyterian which a 3:13 lot of people are surprised to hear i go 3:15 to church the great norman vincent peale 3:17 was my Minister for years the power of 3:19 positive thinking it was fantastic mr. 3:21 Trump sounds like a conservative 3:24 he has casinos and his portfolio you 3:28 know a digi digi say that that could 3:31 potentially be a link to the frankest a 3:35 gender and ideology within and he 3:38 absolutely either if Trump is not a part 3:42 of that group then he is being played or 3:45 he may I don't I can't say what the 3:49 man's motivation truly is i really don't 3:51 know but he has surrounded himself with 3:54 people that are linked to Frank this 3:57 ideology Jacoby and going back to 4:02 sabotage he he is surrounding himself 4:06 with people that their ultimate goal is 4:09 complete eradication of all things 4:12 biblical in essence in order to bring 4:15 about the one world government which is 4:18 the the charter of the United Nations 4:20 and if you actually look at what's 4:22 behind that philosophy going to the 4:24 writings of Aleister Bailey it's the 4:27 ushering end of their Cosmic Christ who 4:30 the Bible calls the Antichrist or the 4:33 beast or the coming world ruler the a 4:36 Syrian their ideology is you have to 4:42 make every person on the planet wicked 4:44 or you have to make them all righteous 4:47 since it's impossible to make every man 4:48 righteous it's going to be a lot easier 4:51 to make every man wicked let's go down 4:53 the wicked route 4:55 and that's what the United Nations is 4:58 based on the total eradication of 5:01 anything that's of a biblical nature is 5:04 by very definition is a war if you know 5:08 if that's the case is a wolf in sheep's 5:09 clothing is very anti Christian these 5:11 people for those listening our enemies 5:14 of the church this audio yeah it's also 5:20 much enemies of the church because the 5:21 church is corrupted in many ways as well 5:24 d organized churches you're going to 5:28 find this power of positive thinking 5:29 talk with in almost every single Church 5:31 in the United States unfortunately it's 5:33 it's integrated into most denominations 5:36 in the world this this concept I that 5:41 the main thing the main thing is there 5:43 is a reduction on the focus of becoming 5:46 sanctified but an increase on let's 5:50 build our positive self-image that's the 5:53 biggest problem that we're seeing in the 5:55 churches that this is going 5:56 this feeds into where in the bible does 5:59 the Bible teach that the governments of 6:02 the world will be controlled and ruled 6:04 by born-again believers if you can show 6:07 me one scripture where in scripture does 6:11 it say that the church will gain such 6:13 influence that we will rule the world to 6:17 put your trust in Princes nor in a son 6:20 of man in whom there is no help 6:23 maybe this is a sign of the falling away 6:25 that these characters can rise on the 6:28 scene in such a big way in full so many 6:30 within organized religion and churches 6:32 that has become like a beacon of 6:35 deception 6:37 well yeah absolutely deception is the 6:40 main sign of the end of time at the end 6:44 of time as we know initiative before 6:46 Christ returns 6:47 the disciples asked him what are the 6:50 signs of you return and what's the very 6:52 first thing he says do not be deceived 6:55 it's not earth quakes yeah that's one of 6:58 them but that's not the most important 6:59 thing he talks about earthquakes once he 7:02 talks about I rewards rumors of words 7:05 once but when it comes to deception and 7:08 do not be deceived be you know be awake 7:12 to what's really going on that is spoken 7:15 over and over and over we have to worry 7:20 about work Wilson sheep's clothing in 7:22 our own personal lives but when Trump 7:25 comes on the scene and speaks really i 7:29 mean very good rhetoric 7:32 I mean if you listen to what he says in 7:34 his speeches it resonates it sounds 7:37 wonderful 7:38 it's very positive you're going to think 7:40 very positive but you're going to forget 7:43 he when you start to look at what he 7:45 actually does does it actually line up 7:47 with Scripture and so far it doesn't and 7:51 that really is my my main concern and 7:54 worry is the figures coming on the scene 7:57 and speaking such large profound words 8:01 and itching is and it really concerns me 8:05 just just as an example as a test run 8:07 they're just how many people who are 8:10 Christians flock to it and what's it 8:13 going to be like in the future because 8:15 i'm sure this Antichrist figure is not 8:18 going to be speaking hate what what 8:21 seems like hate they're going to be 8:22 saying things that are very swelling and 8:24 very alluring and interesting and is 8:27 going to grab people's attention 8:29 oh yeah is the any crisis not going to 8:33 come across as you know a big giant you 8:36 know whether winged demon know he's kind 8:39 of anti doesn't mean against Christ 8:42 necessarily it means in place off he's 8:44 going to come in and Alice a baileys 8:48 ratings 8:48 he's going to be Christ at the Ascended 8:51 master he's going to come across someone 8:54 that 8:55 everybody in the world will fall down 8:58 and worship unless you have a saving 9:01 faith in Christ and even Christians 9:03 might be deceived 9:07 so that the lack of discernment the lack 9:11 of repentance the lack of humility in 9:15 just our individual lives should bring 9:18 us pause we need first first and 9:20 foremost we need wisdom so so with this 9:24 information in mind lastly what a way to 9:26 deal with told in the Bible to pray for 9:28 our leaders and governance what what do 9:31 you think is a solution for those that 9:33 kind of see what's going on but don't 9:35 really know the next steps if you'd read 9:39 in the New Testament there are a variety 9:42 of places in there that we are 9:44 admonished to pray for the Emperor at 9:47 that time they improve home the king or 9:49 whoever it is in government we need to 9:52 pray for our leaders not just our 9:53 pastors but our civil leaders as well 9:56 however if even if they are quote 10:01 unquote evil and even if they are 10:03 effectively persecuting Christians and 10:08 and doing things that are evil we're 10:10 still to pray for them gods in control 10:13 definitely he can use these people 10:17 without them 10:19 converting to faith in Christ they can 10:23 still be influenced by God himself 10:27 you know we were admonished to pray for 10:29 them because if we're not praying for 10:30 them then the influence of the enemy is 10:33 going to be influencing them it is our 10:35 responsibility to also try to live 10:39 peaceable lives and try to obey the laws 10:41 of the lab as best we can 10:42 that way that I we're not doing anything 10:46 to bring attention to ourselves in a 10:48 negative light 10:50 we're going to try to do everything that 10:51 is you know good and moral and pure 10:55 within the framework of the laws of the 10:58 lines we live in 10:59 and eventually because of that people at 11:02 arm's length will hopefully see that 11:04 we're not subversives we're just trying 11:07 to be people that shine the light of in 11:09 love of Christ and we're just trying our 11:14 best to make disciples for Christ in the 11:19 last days which I believe we're in 11:20 things are just going to get worse and 11:23 worse and worse for Christians we're 11:24 going to get more persecuted the more we 11:27 disciple guess what we're going to get 11:30 more persecuted the more you step out 11:32 the more persecution is gonna come 11:34 before you know it we're going to be 11:36 it's going to be illegal to be a 11:38 Christian just like it was in the days 11:39 of Rome and if you are trying to 11:42 disciple people for Christ's there's a 11:46 book of Revelation promises that you 11:49 will be rounded up and executed so our 11:53 leaders are not our salvation only 11:54 ultimately jesus is our salvation we 11:57 can't assume that just because we're 12:00 praying for our leaders and just because 12:01 they have good rhetoric that they're 12:03 going to be on our side and ultimately 12:06 promises i find comfort in mainly is 12:09 just that all of this is working 12:10 together for the heavenly promise and 12:14 hope that we actually have there are 12:16 diapers in this world to have a 12:18 different painting systems of a 12:20 different kingdom so that's that's one 12:22 of the biggest lies that we have today 12:23 is this whole concept of you know being 12:28 positive and trying to build our little 12:31 bubbles of security on this planet and 12:34 trying to assume that everything you 12:38 know we just be good be you know 12:41 positive be conservative and all that 12:44 and that's all that matters 12:46 reality now we need to be preparing to 12:49 meet Jesus face-to-face and we need to 12:51 be preparing others to do the same 12:54 Jesus might not come in our lifetime but 12:57 were eventually going to meet him 12:59 face-to-face and so the people around us 13:00 if you don't want if the Antichrist 13:04 actually does come on the scene and we 13:06 are not taken out of here 13:07 I we're going to have to deal with that 13:09 and like Jesus kept saying and Paul and 13:13 all the others there's going to be a 13:15 massive deception and unless you can 13:17 discern truth from deception we we 13:22 Christians maybe fall for it and if 13:25 somebody like Trump can come on the 13:26 scene and you thinking that he's all 13:28 that and a bag of chips 13:31 well wait till you the real thing comes 13:33 on the scene i'm not saying that 13:35 trumpets is auntie Antichrist but he 13:38 definitely is not a conservative I'm 13:41 looking I mean ultimately looking 13:43 forward to just this whole stormer we're 13:46 going to have to go through potentially 13:48 that the separation of the sheep and 13:50 goats and all the all that were told in 13:52 the Bible is just these things are tools 13:56 that are being used to refine us and 13:58 prepares for a place with the terminal 14:01 consequences and and that's the most 14:04 amazing thing ever that the hope that 14:07 lies underneath all of this all of these 14:09 coming things 14:10 yep exactly we need to embrace it and 14:15 and learn from it if we don't learn from 14:18 it will have to keep relearning at we 14:22 need to practice wisdom and discernment 14:24 as much as we need to practice grace and 14:28 mercy when we look at the fruit of the 14:32 Spirit and that's outlined by Paul 14:35 it's not just love it's also 14:38 self-control is also long-suffering it's 14:41 also patients 14:42 well we're going to be suffering you 14:45 know as Christians we are going to be 14:46 suffering not just from our internal 14:48 battles between the flesh and the spirit 14:50 we're going to be suffering because 14:52 we're going to be persecuted and if 14:55 we're not able to discern things like 14:58 you know who is really Trump working for 15:01 then when the real Antichrist shows up 15:05 when the actual man of sin the man of 15:09 lawlessness finally arrives on the scene 15:11 and he looks like everything that we've 15:15 ever wanted in a man god are we going to 15:19 be able to determine that he was not 15:21 really the Christ are we are we going to 15:25 fall for it 15:26 I certainly hope not because when Jesus 15:29 comes back in reality and you are with 15:32 the you fallen further the big lie as 15:35 outlined by Paul in his letter to the 15:38 Thessalonians here if you're not on the 15:41 right side of all that you're toast 15:44 there's there's no going back I hate 15:47 people already and that's partly why we 15:49 do these videos is just really to 15:52 prepare people for the reality of the 15:54 truth of what is to come and not 15:57 sugarcoat it and try and bring you the 15:59 truth thank you so much for joining us 16:00 today corner of the reef and I'm sure 16:04 castigated say is sir mr. mass you have 16:07 a wonderful day god bless you god bless

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