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👉The Secret History of Money, Banking And The Fed Unveiled !!

👉The Secret History of Money, Banking And The Fed Unveiled !! The Secret History of Money Banking And The Fed Unveiled !! While we all use money, few of us realize just what we are using. So What is Money? Where does the money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians' secrets will be unveiled in this video. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A dry and boring subject? Just wait! You'll be hooked in five minutes. What is Money ? The force that makes the world go round—the dollars, pounds, francs, marks, bahts, ringits, kwansas, levs, biplwelles, yuans, quetzales, pa’angas, ngultrums, ouguiyas, and other 200-odd brand names that collectively make up the mysterious thing we call money. We can trace our relationship with money from primitive man’s cowrie shells to the electronic cash card, from the markets of Timbuktu to the New York Stock Exchange.Money took a myriad forms of exchange , and has affected humanity, and continues to shape all aspects of our lives. Money constitutes the focal point of modern world culture” and it has done so since classical times. The coinage of the first money in Lydia unleashed a revolution in commerce that transformed the Greek world. The ancient Greeks would use money to create a commercial civilization that spread to urban design, politics, religion and intellectual pursuits. This new social network founded on commerce and money gave rise to a new political system,one based on wealth. The Romans created the world’s first empire organized around money promoted the use of money and organized all of its affairs around the new commodity. But Roman civilization failed in the long run ,mainly because that system of money was mismanaged. Unlike Athens or Sardis, “Rome produced very little of anything nor did it serve as a major mercantile crossroads of commerce.” The city was simply an importer of wealth from its expanding empire, but conquest and pillage proved capable of financing the empire for only so long. By the reign of Trajan (98 to 117), the cost of conquest had surpassed the value of riches it brought into the empire. Meanwhile, vast sums of Roman specie flowed east to pay for a never-ending stream of luxury items. “Step by step, the imperial government took over the direct administration of the economy … Rome had become another state administered economy, an empire without money and markets.” The classical money economy collapsed not to return for another thousand years. The Renaissance reintroduced money back into civilized society. Major advances were made in the management and measurement of money. In 1202, Leonardo Fibonacci introduced the use of Arabic numerals and in 1487 Luca Pacioli described double entry bookkeeping. Meanwhile, modern forms of banking emerged on the scene, first in the form of the Knights Templar in the 1200s and then, after the Knight’s decimation by the French King Philip IV in 1310, the northern Italian banking families led by the Medicis of Florence. “With the rise of Italian banking and the Renaissance.A new type of civilization began to emerge. It would take the massive inflow of gold and silver from the New World to complete the process. From 1500 until 1800, the mines of the Americas provided 70% of the world’s output of gold and 85% of its silver. The gold alone was valued at over $36 billion. The immediate result was a price revolution, a 400% increase in prices in mainland Europe, but also a much wider distribution of coined money than ever before. “Just as the banking revolution had increased the amount of money in circulation and brought merchants from all over Western Europe into a single commercial and financial system ,the increase in silver coins brought the lower classes into the system.” Phase Two, “Paper Money,” lacks the chronological structure of the first and suffers because of it. The basic premise is that paper money has had a haphazard and contentious history. As early as the 1200s, the empire of Kublai Khan issued paper certificates in place of specie currency. However, Neither China nor Europe became the cradle of paper money; rather, it was to be North America.” Or as John Kenneth Galbraith observed, “if the history of commercial banking belongs to the Italians and of central banking to the British, that of paper money issued by a government belongs indubitably to the Americans,” who financed their war of independence largely through printing dollars and then, during the Civil War, created the modern system of paper money through the National Bank Act of 1863. For centuries, beginning in the early 1600s, paper currency was backed fully by gold or silver. The Bank of England introduced the first gold-backed system of paper currency and created a global financial network. Nationalized in 1946, the fate of the Bank of England was a major victory of politics over banking and of government over money. Indeed, “Throughout the twentieth century, the power of governments to control money grew tremendously in virtually all parts of the world.” By 1971, the powerful US dollar had been untethered from gold. The value of the American dollar, and nearly all other forms of national currency, “no longer had any independent value; it depended entirely on the people’s confidence in their political system and leaders.” The third and final phase is “Electronic Money". The invention of the ATM in 1971 was the third great revolution in money after the advent of coins 2,600 years ago and paper money 500 years ago. Cash has become largely the domain of the poor. “In the modern two-class system, the poor pay with cash while middle-class consumers use plastic and checks.” Then we saw the creation of credit cards and modern currency trading, among others. In the mid-1990s, we saw the development of crypto currencies in the age of the Internet. People will create new uses for electronic money that we cannot even imagine and that could not have been possible with the earlier forms of money .Money will never again be what it was. The great struggle of history has been for the control over money. It is almost tautological to affirm that to control the production and distribution of money is to control the wealth, resources, and people of the world. However, in the twenty-first century, control over money will be beyond the reach of any government or organization. In an age of free-floating currencies, including crypto currencies, with parallel and overlapping systems of money, no one will be in control; we are at the dawn of a new revolution, the Age of Money. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Today very few Americans know that the Fed is a privately owned bank operating for its own profit. It is actually part of a banking cartel that is controlled by eight families. Our government has no control over them. Their actions have profound results on the American economy. The citizens lose since the Fed will always do what is in the Fed’s best interest. The Federal Reserve is the monster inside every Americans' medicine cabinet, dark closet, and under every bed. We can't escape it, and yet we work harder each day to pay our taxes and bills, and even when we think we are sort of getting a little ahead, we are drowning due to inflation from a debased currency. Most don't know how to deal with this monster, so we ignore it and hope our ignorance will keep us from being one of the more tragic victims. However, make no mistake, we will all drown and be destroyed by this monster...except for the 1% at the top, which will always and forever keep their pile of riches. And the amazing part is that this monster is actually CREATED by that same 1% in order to enslave fellow Americans. If that fact alone does not make you furious and ready to go to war against the crooks in charge, then you are living in a fantasy and delusional denial. Three families are destroying the US, and they are using the Federal Reserve as their main tool. How? By giving politicians free money which they can use to spend on their projects and to effectively buy votes. So these three families leverage the power-hungry types by giving them money as a means to get them power. In return, the power-greedy politicians agree to tax future Americans by force and give the profits back to these same families. It is an immoral scam, 100% unconstitutional, and yet it is the good ol' USA you live in right now! Feeling patriotic, anyone?? Who are these three families who are secretly waging war against every man, woman, and child in the US? The Bank of America, the Citibank, and the Morgan Chase. What will we do to fight against these families who are content to drown the rest of us so that they can not only survive but live in grandeur and luxury! This is exactly like 1917 Russia. Will we storm the bankers' palaces, strip them of power, and cast them down? Or will we just give up and let them continue to drown us instead? Who among you will rise up and reject the status quo? Who among you will throw off the modern slave chains, which now take the form of inflationary tax from the devalued currency? If any of you will stand up and say, "give me liberty or give me death," now is your hour to join the movement to ban the Federal Reserve. And it really is that simple. We don't actually even need to physically fight anyone. All we need to do is use the political channels to End the Fed. The main event is the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Since then, the dollar has lost 95 percent of its value. This means today's dollar is worth 5 cents in 1913 dollars, and it takes about twenty dollars today to equal the value of a 1913 dollar. So the main purpose of the Fed has been to devalue the dollar through inflation. This has allowed politicians to spend endlessly to keep themselves in power while pushing the nation towards bankruptcy. Other important events include FDR's confiscation of all privately held gold in 1933. What the government will confiscate in the next economic crisis to save itself we do not yet know. In 1971, Nixon was forced to have the United States default on its promise to exchange an ounce of gold for every 35 dollars, thereby taking the country off the gold standard. This allowed the Federal Reserve to print fiat money, meaning it could print as much money as it wanted. This has led to a national debt of $27 trillion and widespread economic and social disorder. The United States is now obviously in decline, and social disorder is spreading after a brief hiatus. Just look at places like Minneapolis, where the police were ordered to stand down and let the riots continue. Meanwhile, the rioters were having a great time destroying property, taking selfies, and posing for television cameras. Resisting arrest has been basically decriminalized in the mainstream media. It is apparent that the country is in the same "bread and circuses" stage as the declining Roman Empire. Today the bread is massive welfare spending and massive inflation of the currency. The main circuses are the biennial national elections which are the country's main form of entertainment. The elections are basically a ceremony where people pay homage to the myth that they govern. Meanwhile, the real ruling elites such as the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve make all the important decisions. The politicians that you elect are run by these people whose main aim is to create a new world order (One world government a dictatorship with no free elections) Frighting but reality banks creating money by flooding the market with quantitative easing, which forces up the cost of living and lowers the interest rate for ordinary people while the rich get richer. Money is a medium of exchange; it allows people to obtain what they need to live. Bartering was one way that people exchanged goods for other goods before money was created. Fiat money is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity but by the stability of the issuing government. Money is an economic unit that functions as a generally recognized medium of exchange for transactional purposes in an economy. Money originates in the form of a commodity, having a physical property to be adopted by market participants as a medium of exchange. The Bankers, and a few others, control this country, most of its media, and its significant politicians, through their control of a cartel deceptively called the Federal Reserve System. The same Bankers, and others, control other major economic powers through parallel control of their central banks, media, and politicians. Despite our “Founding Fathers’” vehement opposition to any central bank or government-issued paper money, their efforts to ban it constitutionally have been circumvented. Politicians, with few exceptions, cannot resist the appeal of being able to issue “fiat” (not backed by anything of value, therefore being able to be produced in ever-expanding masses until that particular economy eventually collapses) money because it seems much less painful than levying taxes, and virtually none of their electorate realize that its issuance enables the politicians to spend much more than they could ever raise through taxation while at the same time reducing the value of the citizens’ savings, salaries, pensions, etc. “Fractional reserves” enable banks to loan out close to 10 times the value of their real assets, dramatically increasing the amount of ever-increasing currency in circulation and proportionately cheapening its currency (therefore up to 10 times the country’s recently doubled national debt), and to earn interest on each of those multiples loaned. The Bankers and their fellow collaborators have learned that nothing inspires a country to engage in the massive issuance of fiat money like war, and they have therefore helped develop and funded “enemy” powers where none existed, then fostered wars among them, then financed both sides of those wars, then used their control of media to entice the ignorant public into believing in those wars, and reaped huge spoils from those wars, not only in interest on loans but in lucrative commercial monopolies received for their troubles. Groups of greedy idealists (of which Cecil Rhodes may be considered a prime initiator) began before World War I working toward a single, socialist/communist autocratic world government which would impose the wonders of the elitist British culture on all the world (including the Fabians and, in the US, members of the Council on Foreign Relations) which they, of course, would control. The economic and military strength of the US makes it difficult to subjugate to such a plan, so they need it (through its banks) to make massive loans (with no expectation of principal repayment but with government /US taxpayers guarantees) to less affluent countries, thereby dramatically economically and militarily weakening the US while distributing its wealth (on which they collect interest) to the less developed nations with examples like the US’s recent funding of Mexican drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and Brazil’s drilling for oil off its coast, while refusing to allow US drilling in the Gulf for “environmental” reasons, and blocking two pipelines that would have been environmentally far safer and better for the US economy and national security. Don't be an Ostrich awake. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels; I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. 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