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👉An Epic Economic Collapse Has Started

👉An Epic Economic Collapse Has Started

People confuse inflation with price increases. Inflation is a registered trademark of the New York Fed, and it is whatever they say it is. All said and done; inflation is theft by the government. It is an underhand way of taxing people by printing too much, which would not have been possible if the government stayed on the gold standard. Ignore all other theories on why there is inflation. The US has the bread and circuses covered; many billions are spent to ensure Americans get lots of cheap food substitutes, and the Seinfeld repeats will never end. They’re lying. Rampant inflation is everywhere. We’re experiencing so many coincidences that are outright premeditated. Its part of a much larger agenda. Anyone with more than one active brain cell can see what's going to happen. The millions of renters who have been freeloading for 15 months now, plus the homeowners in Covid mortgage forbearance, will not be put out on the street. Biden's handlers aren't going to let him become Herbert Hoover will millions of homeless shantytowns called "Bidenvilles." They will print to infinity to bail out the renters especially, who tend to vote almost 100% Democrat. Inflation is going to run away like a car parked on a steep hill when the e-brake cable snaps. You ain't seen nothing yet. 1933 is going to look like a Mardi-Gras compared to what's coming. You can steal stuff from people, and they may or may not fight back. But You will have no food and be happy is just a longer version of Let them eat cake. This ends badly. And then it starts over. The collapse is coming. Plan to embrace it. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Thank You. If you want to see inflation, just look at the intellect of our political class. Rational thought and common sense have all but disappeared. Yet, they all have become millionaires. Companies like Blackrock are buying up entire neighborhoods is another reason prices are skyrocketing. They turn them into rentals and let the neighborhood decline since renters have no stake or ownership in the house, they let it run down, and these big companies do the minimal amount of upkeep so they can increase their profits. A dollar is worth what it is worth. It is a medium of exchange. Now, print and circulate more dollars, and each dollar becomes "worth less" relative to the previous number of dollars in circulation. Therefore, to reach the same level of "worth" requires more dollars. Price inflation is the increase in prices that results from this softening of the worth of a dollar. In the 1970s, there were too many dollars chasing too few good, hence the cost of goods went higher. Oil and gas were the most obvious example of this situation, but food, rent, and everything else cost more too. Then, because employers found themselves "spending more" they "cut costs" and "lay off" (code for "fired") a bunch of "expensive employees. Unemployment went sky high. Therefore, everything costs more, and there are fewer wage earners to earn and spend the dollars needed to drive the economic engine. This resulted in a sluggish economy (and a spike in crime caused by black market economy in drugs and prostitution). The term "stagflation" was coined to indicate inflationary conditions where the economic engine stagnated and could not move forward. Two things fixed this - one was the advent of the personal computer, which created an entirely new technology market that drove innovation and consumer confidence back to the market. Think "Crazy Eddies" and the consumer electronic boom of the early 1980s. You get the idea. The other thing was President Reagan's economic policies, wrongly called "trickle-down economics", which used borrowing and credit by the federal government to drive down interest rates. That made banks more willing to lend and borrow, thus restarting the economic engine, but at a cost .The debt and deficit spending increased dramatically and Congress as usual never resolved the debt; they just continued to spend like Russian ransomware authors. This time around, there is no new, innovative technology to drive the economy, and there is already twenty-eight gazillion dollars of debt, so deficit spending is not a viable option. At some point, the piper must be paid, and the economic collapse is going to make the Great Depression look like the "mild downturn" of the 1980s. You have been warned. Watch the Big Short for how to profit off this idiocy. The July Consumer Price Index (CPI) data came out this week. For the first time, the numbers were in line with expectations, leading many mainstream pundits to declare transitory inflation is already starting to cool down. Inflation is far from cooling off. In fact, when it comes to rising prices, you haven’t seen anything yet. July CPI rose 0.5% month-on-month. This was in line with expectations for the first time this year. Every other CPI report had come in hotter than expected. The year-on-year CPI came in at 5.4% – a high number, but in line with expectations. Core CPI, stripping out more volatile food and energy, charted below estimates at 0.3%. Adding up the monthly CPI increases gives us a 4.1% inflation rate through the first seven months of 2021. That’s more than double the Fed’s target of “slightly above 2%,” and we’re barely over halfway through the year. If you annualized the first seven months, you get around 7.2% inflation for 2021. Clearly, nobody can define that as ‘slightly above.’ It’s more than triple 2%. I mean, it’s getting close to quadruple.” It would be a lot worse if we had an honest measure of price increases. I think if we measured inflation today using the same CPI we used to measure inflation in the 1970s, this year could end up being a worse year than any single year during the 1970s.” More disturbing, this is just getting started. So, when you compare the inflation rate that we’re getting now, at the beginning of the cycle, to the inflation rates we got back in the 70s at the end of the cycle, you can only imagine how much worse it’s going to get when this cycle eventually tops out.” The Fed has changed the definition of transitory. It now only applies to the rate of inflation, not actual prices. The central bankers now concede these price increases are forever. The increase in the cost of living is not transitory. It’s permanent. And the hope is, by the Fed, that after we get a big increase in our cost of living, the cost of living will continue to go up from that elevated level, but at the same rate that it was before we had this transitory period of high inflation. Which to me completely destroys any credibility the Fed has in claiming that they’ve successfully contained inflation at 2%.” Every time we got hotter than expected CPI numbers this year, gold sold off with the expectation that the Fed would respond by tightening monetary policy sooner than originally expected. When the July numbers came out and they weren’t worse than expected, gold rallied. Why are we having this counterintuitive reaction? As an inflation hedge, why do we see gold doing worse when there’s more inflation to hedge? It comes down to expectations. Everybody still believes the Fed, at least all of the mainstream investors that control the lion’s share of the investible money. They believe the Fed, and they’re not worried about inflation, even though it’s here. What they’re worried about is the Fed having to fight inflation. In fact, they’re confident that the Fed is going to fight inflation. They believe that they will battle inflation by tapering their asset purchases and eventually ending the asset purchases altogether, and by normalizing interest rates – raising rates from zero. And so, since the Fed is going to fight inflation, investors don’t want to fight the Fed. That is an age-old Wall Street adage. ‘Don’t fight the Fed.’ And if the Fed is going to be fighting inflation, well, you don’t want to own gold, because in that environment, where you have the Fed tightening policy, everybody believes that environment is bad for gold, and that’s why the price of gold has been weak.” Investors are wrong. Not only is the price of gold not going to go down in the future; it’s going to go up. The Fed is not going to fight inflation at all. It’s probably going to surrender and inflation will win by default. But even if it tries to fight inflation, it will lose and inflation will win. And it is a fantastic environment for gold.” Many people in the mainstream seemed relieved inflation didn’t come in hotter than expected and some even claimed this shows inflation is cooling, taking some of the pressure off the Fed to tighten monetary policy. It is important to realize the numbers ultimately don’t matter. The Fed can’t tighten. The Fed has got itself into a box. If the Fed could tighten, it would have done it already. If the Fed could fight inflation, it would already be in the battle. The fact that it’s not fighting it now, the fact that it’s taking a chance and hoping the problem is solved on its own shows you that they have absolutely no ability to fight inflation. They’re saying they don’t want to fight it because they don’t want to risk hurting the economy. Well hell, if they think it would hurt the economy to fight inflation now how much more pain will it inflict upon the economy if they have to fight an even bigger inflation monster later? So, it makes no sense that they would make such a risky bet unless they thought they had no alternative because they can’t fight inflation now either because it’s already too big to be fought. So, all they can do is pretend and hope they can somehow delay the inevitable simply with their words.” Meanwhile, the Senate passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan that will add more fiscal stimulus to the mix. Some argue with the government stimulus in play, the Fed can take a back seat.It is the exact opposite. We’ll need the monetary stimulus more than ever. How else is this fiscal stimulus going to be paid for? Where is the Treasury going to get the money for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package? Where’s it going to get the even greater amount of money for the $3.5 trillion spending bill that’s supposed to follow? The answer is from the Fed. So, while everybody is selling gold because they expect the Fed to taper its asset purchases, the real threat is that the Fed expands its asset purchases.” Even if the Fed tapers a bit first, ultimately, it will more likely go way up. It’s the only way to fund these massive deficits. The bottom line is larger deficits mean even higher inflation. What kind of Stupid would even think the Fed would tell the truth about 'Inflation is Transitory'? Being inscrutable is their only alternative. What would you rather think ... They have no idea and you are reacting to blather? They really do get it and know the world would end if you knew what they know? Why don't they speak more clearly? This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. 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