Thursday, April 1, 2021

👉Warning: All Banks are Insolvent -- Bank Runs Coming to America

👉Warning: All Banks are Insolvent -- Bank Runs Coming to America Warning: All Banks are Insolvent -- Bank Runs Coming to America It is estimated that the total outstanding financial derivatives in the world are in excess of $400 Trillion. If just 3% of these very opaque and highly leveraged instruments implode and lose just 50% of their values in a matter of days, that is $6 Trillion coming out of the hides of investment banks, hedge funds, and global investors. Not an insignificant sum. Capital ratios are very thin right now, thank you S.E.C. ;the Fed; and bank regulators (an oxymoron if there ever was one). This is just the tip of the Derivatives Iceberg, and the US and global financial systems are the Titanic headed for certain disaster. That these instruments trade are under the radar is not surprising. If the Average Joe Investor knew how much dynamite was laying on the railroad tracks, he or she would have taken the bus to Cash and Out long before this. But Average Joe is dancing to the tune of record margin debt, so he or she does not want grim reality to ruin the party. BUT REALITY IS STARTING TO COME HOME. This is just one Black Swan in a flock of Black Swans that have the potential to darken the Spring sky. The monumental shift in overall confidence in these trades is already underway; the exit door to the burning theater is about to get jammed with “NOTHING DONE” TRADES. Given the extraordinary level of money printing the Fed has done since the beginning of the pandemic, a wave of price inflation is coming down the pike. America and its monopoly money-printer, also known as The Federal Reserve, have painted themselves into a bankruptcy corner. Not only are more and more foreign nations rejecting America's aggressive and militant foreign policy, but they are also ridding themselves of The Fed's dollar. Foreign central banks are increasingly gravitating to sound money like gold. The Fed is on its last legs. There is a major major liquidity issue taking place, and we are on the brink of another financial collapse. This is about to affect The American banks and the American citizens. The wall street journal warns that Some branches of U.S. banks and credit unions have run low on cash as customers make big withdrawals, prompting regulators to warn that they are putting their money at risk. In response, banks and regulators are warning consumers that it’s a mistake to keep large amounts of cash at home, where it can be lost to fire or flood—or stolen. Also, note that the FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; you can go look this up for yourself, which allegedly backs each account in America up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per account, is insolvent. That's not my opinion; that's a fact. This means that if we are experiencing a bank run right now there is no insurance to back up your account value. It's also important to note that your Bank is in your deposits at the Bank are completely digital; they're not backed by anything. It's just digital zeros and ones, and so there's really nothing there at any of these financial institutions. So, for example, if you go to Bank of America and demand your money, your own money from and everyone does it at the same time, there is no money at these banks. It's all digital. It's backed by nothing. And this is why I recommend gold; I recommend gold and precious metals because they're tangible assets that are not just zeros and ones. Also, it's important to note that we just hit the US debt of 28 trillion dollars. That is the First Time we have ever hit that amount of debt. Also, note interest rates are at an all-time low. Keep in mind the stock market is at a new all-time high, yet they're still cutting interest rates. That should be very shocking to you; that means that they can't raise interest rates ever again. Because if they raise interest rates, our entire system will collapse, and we will have bank runs which I think are inevitably coming no matter what, all across the country. Also, The New York Fed has added 104 billion dollars to markets injecting, and these injections have been aimed to ensure that the financial system has enough liquidity to operate that it doesn't fail and that short-term borrowing rates remain well behaved. A lot of you don't understand what repos are basically. These are short money transactions taking place at the federal open window and amongst the major financial institutions in America to keep them liquid and to keep them from falling. Please remain vigilant , and be prepared; understand that these banks do not have your money, and this is why I have always recommended that each and every one of you should have at least $10,000 in cash on hand, if not more, at any one time as an emergency fund. Keep it in a safe place. I think that you should also have gold. This is something that the current monetary system doesn't have. And it appears that banks all across the country are about to go dark, and Bank of America is starting to give us the first hints of the next Lehman style collapse. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Banks are the thief in the night you need to worry about the most. Global banks are unintentionally stocking up on risky corporate loans as a result of investors beginning to cut risk in the credit markets. Barkleys and Deutsche Bank are sophisticated bankers, but last to see investors preparing for the recession and smart money leaving markets. Billions are small when considering $70 Trillion in negative yield bonds that project weakness to every nation .The Bankers, like politicians, are too involved with many forms of Nepotism to see the forest! I can’t remember ever having repos and zero percent interest rates simultaneously. How can we have a lack of liquidity; when at the same time money is being borrowed at such a low rate? What it tells me is, money is going out faster than it’s going in, and without the repos, they would default on their payments, creating a seizure. You want a timeline? How about when the repos end! I frankly don’t see a way out of this without some type of default or bail-in. Quantitative easing is no longer working, and the banks can’t borrow any more money. At a certain point, there will be a big bank failure or multiple failures, which will involve at least some form of a bail-ins and presumably some type of bailout, although they may call it something else. When and which bank or banks; is yet to be determined. The repos are the last line of defense; Period. War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Ignorance is strength. Debt is wealth. Debt ruins everything. It caused the 100 Years War and the War of the Roses way back when. Underwater with debt means WAR. Actual history widescreens this quite elegantly. Most currencies in the world are based solely on debt. It all has to be borrowed into existence. It is the most insane proposition the world has ever known, and its proponents are the epitome of evil. The US total DEBT is north of $260 Trillion. So much debt, so little gold. Bankers only have one real product, and that’s debt. They have fake money created in a computer backed by nothing, and in the event, they go under, the taxpayer will bail them out anyways. There really is no skin in the game for bankers. No real risk, that is. The quicker they saturate the market with their debt products, the sooner their business model comes apart at the seams. As soon as you hand over your money, it's NO longer yours. The Bank is the Goalkeeper for that Money, and the Bank decides if they want to grant you access to it, The majority of the time, they will, but they can deny you access to your own money. You have to prove the money is yours, but the Bank doesn't have to prove anything. You'd actually be better off keeping your money in a shoebox under the bed. With bank charges and fees and the measly pittance they give you in Interest, your losing money . They are stealing your money one penny at a time. Banks like higher interest rates where they can make more profit. Interest rates have to keep falling so economies can take more of their debt products. The unsustainable debt-fueled growth model of neoliberalism. Banks are granted the exorbitant privilege of loaning you currency based only upon your promise to repay the debt and then charge you interest on your commitment to repay the debt. It is insanity and usury, but it is the way the western world works. The only and one single thing I like about Sharia law is that no one is legally allowed to charge interest on IOU loans. But the people will lose real assets to the bankers. This is what the plan is. Give loans to people who have no financial discipline. Seller will take the money and go away, the borrower will not be able to maintain loan payments, and the bank will take the property cents on the dollar, and this property will end up into the assets of some big fat bankers. Deposits are nothing but liabilities on a bankrupt balance sheet that can be defaulted on via bankruptcy. Until then, enjoy inflation eating it alive. You own nothing. you rent everything, including the air you breathe, from your masters in the form of income tax. You can withdraw your entire account in cash. But not before requesting days in advance, filling out FINCEN forms, Patriot Act forms, and sitting for an interview with a branch manager. Then, maybe they'll let you have your cash. The real Sheet Hits The Fan problem is that banks will lend your money back to you while it declines in value and while the bank gets increasingly insolvent. Deposit insurance, like FDIC, won't do much good in that scenario. Ultimately getting your money back is not nearly as important as getting it back now while it still has value. With checking accounts paying, at most, a 1/4% interest, safekeeping is the only argument that can be made to keep money in banks. It's now apparent that the bank itself will eventually become much more of a risk than holding cash. The bank itself is the thief in the night you need to worry about the most. Better read those fine-print inserts or PDFs going forward. Just in case they can take your (future) cash from your credit card. I am sure municipalities are already working on this in real estate property taxes as well as IRS. If so, it will change the entire underwriting for consumer credit dramatically. After all, the proverbial pendulum does tend to swing radically in both directions. From "easy credit" to "no credit" whatsoever. In the event of a banking crisis, the deposit insurance would not be honored. When you deposit money in a bank account, you are an 'unsecured creditor.' People are going to find out what that means, which is why the banks are pushing the government for a cashless society. You can't withdraw your deposit. You would be offered a high-yielding bond instead, say ten years at 5%. Initially, these would be worth more than face value due to the high yield. However, due to the numbers that would need to be created, it would be in the government's interest to inflate these away. When you come to redeem these for cash, they will be worth sweet F All. just like war bonds were in 1920's Germany. Most people today have not seen money in their life. All they've seen are banknotes and digits on a computer screen. I think it is very innovative. The 1% aided and abetted by our government are continually developing new ways to fleece the ignorant sheep out of their earnings. Even bank robbers use innovation to improve their return and lessen their chances of getting caught. Just because someone is innovative does not mean they are not a crook. The only way to keep this economic model on the road is for interest rates to keep falling so they can keep adding more debt. The Banks are already positioning to firewall their premises. No cash from tellers, just the ATM. When that runs out in less than six hours, what are you going to do? The whole thing will come down and be blamed on climate change or some other BS story. Just get ready , cause you are not stopping it. We would need a total mass of psychological change in order to stop this. The concept is so simple it's hard to wrap your brain around it. Create money from nothing, loan it out at interest, expand through fractional reserve banking, repeat process. Where is the money to repay the interest? It doesn't exist. Welcome to the world hamster wheel folks. Taxpayers Stuck with Risky Loans. There, I fixed it for yall. Privatized gains, socialized losses. It's good to be a bankster. 2007-2008 all over again, yet this time on steroids, since the debt numbers are a whole lot bigger this time. As a matter of fact, personal debt is the largest of all time. What could possibly go wrong indeed? I think people will be amazed at just how many things can go wrong and just how bad things can get. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels; I do upload videos there too. 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