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👉We Are Entered The Lost Decade of The Greatest Economic Crisis In History

👉We Are Entered The Lost Decade of The Greatest Economic Crisis In History Our economy is never going to fully recover. The main reason for a long slog back to economic growth is our debt levels. Debt to GDP is unprecedented at all levels, consumer, corporate, and sovereign. Low-interest rates are not enough to compensate for current debt levels and will result in an extended wave of defaults. Our consumers, our government, Our corporations have all spent their futures away when they went deeper and deeper into Debt. The one and the only thing we are going to see going up steadily in the months and years ahead are corporate and consumer bankruptcies. Delayed openings. Concerts, tourism, and sports a no-go this summer. International tourism will grind to a halt. Airlines, hotels, cruise ships. Civil unrest. Political instability. The pain has not even begun, nor has the asset price crash. No economic recovery means that the Fed will print 10s of trillions more in order to pump up stock prices. The mistake is that the market is not the economy. The rest of 2021 is toast. And if covid cases continue, 2022 will be a tepid year on a depression level with 20% plus unemployment. Commercial real estate defaults on a scale that will make the housing crises look like a picnic. Mall closures. Declining tax revenues for local schools and governments. Furloughs of government employees from the Fed, State, and Local to help balance budget shortfalls. With this total lack of momentum, whether the covid ends in 2021 or 2022, it will be a terrible 2022. We may not fully recover until 2023, if ever. In the worst financial crises since the mid-19th century, it took on average, eight years for per capita GDP to return to the pre-crisis level, while the median was seven years. Historic levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus might allow the US to fare better, but most countries don’t have the capacity to offset the economic damage from the pandemic.Which means the rebound is the beginning of a long journey out of a deep hole. The idea that everyone who's been laid off or lost revenue is just going to all of a sudden jump right back into working full speed and spending nonstop again is complete fantasy. For many small business owners, this will spell the end of their enterprises, and those lost jobs could take years to come back as those people try to recover from the loss of their businesses. This Pandemic was just a trigger. Our economy was not in ship-shape prior virus due to unsustainable leveraged debt. Should just let the market or capitalism run its course, hyping up the market will only make things worse. The higher it goes, the harder it falls. When you connect the dots by the United Nation's Great Reset initiative, the worldwide pandemic, Cancel culture, and Woke nonsense, you can see the global depression is coming big time. A handful of billionaires and their cronies will get ahead. Meanwhile, the rest of the proles will be struggling to get by. You don't have to be a mind reader or a psychic to know what's going on.All you have to do is read and do some time of research on what's really going on around the world. Unfortunately, Big Tech, corrupt media, and unethical social media will do everything in their power to bring about the dystopian future of Mankind. Artificial Intelligence will someday rule the world, and what's going on right now will only speed up mankind's demise. Depopulation will be the key. The US economy died in the 1970s. It's on life support. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Everything is rising in price. Homes, cars, appliances, tools, metals, land, stocks, food, everything is skyrocketing in price. The insane Fed is killing us with inflation but using financial trickery to say there is no inflation. No inflation is only true when it comes to wages. Prices aren't dropping because unlike during the Great Depression, the government has flooded the economy with FREE MONEY. FDR was only able to get begrudging support for a small number of public works projects, insufficient to restart the economy. The stimulus that ended the Great Depression was called World Way II. And fortunately for the US, the war left us with a HUGE competitive advantage over other industrialized countries because our infrastructure was relatively unscathed. That allowed us to repay all the debts incurred during the war (and even enough to participate in another war in Korea). Regrettably, our war against the pandemic won't yield the same opportunity for economic recovery. This will not end well. You can prop up the economy, but when the well runs dry, the reaper will come calling. It's not just the US. The entire world is living off fiat money and low-interest rates. Whether it's a year or two years, it will eventually come to an end. That's the real truth. I could put down all the figures I'm basing my facts on. But anyone on here that understands this fabricated economy already knows what I mean. All of the government handouts and bailouts of companies cannot create Economic growth Corporate sales of Profits. The handouts and bailouts ONLY allow and pay for more months of bare minimal survival for most companies. Only constantly increasing levels of Consumer spending and Consumer demand can create real economic growth. With 40 million unemployed Americans now and another one million more losing their jobs each week,it is 100% impossible to have a Growing Prosperous economy. This Depression hit people very unevenly. There are layers of workers whose jobs and income haven’t been affected by the Pandemic. However, the lockdown has destroyed the Travel, Hotel, Airline, Entertainment, and Restaurant sectors. Many of the workers in those industries were at the lower pay scale. For many people - pensioners, workers in essential industries like government, and people whose unemployment benefits exceed their former paycheck, it hasn't been so bad. For small business owners watching their life's work crumble to dust, it's a waking nightmare. Forty percent of farm income in Iowa this year came from the government, not markets. Taxpayers are continually bailing out some, while others slide into poverty, losing their jobs, homes and ending up in the streets. 50% of companies could file for bankruptcy, and stocks will still soar. The stock looks only at the Fed’s printing presses. Nothing else matters. World War III could start, and the market will skyrocket higher. It works until it doesn't. When Powell says the Fed has plenty of tools, that's code for manipulating the stock market. Keep it elevated, so it doesn't cause more economic trouble. Keep the bubble going basically. Meanwhile, on Main Street, interesting confirmation about the small business carnage from Yelp: 40% of the companies on their site which closed during the shutdown now list themselves as closed permanently. Those continuing layoffs and new unemployment filings we're seeing are small businesses finally shedding core employees or shutting down. And since they account for 45% of GDP, what's happening to them is going to slide downhill. The risk of Depression is high. The depth of the downturn so far is like a Depression; the only other requirement is the length of the downturn. There are two ways we are lengthening the downturn. First, by being foolish about reopening, and generally ignoring the best scientific advice. Second - unrelated to the first - by starting off in a highly leveraged state, we are ensuring that many of the jobs won't come back. The path of the pandemic is fairly well known, the economic impact of the bankruptcies is not, and that will become clearer in the next two months as earnings roll in and CFOs open their mouths. The Great Depression happened due to policy mistakes. The pandemic is morphing into a Depression-like crisis. Given the amount of taxpayer money wasted by the Federal government in both cases, there isn't any other conclusion to make. The pandemic, automation, and the structural changes to the economy have all come together in the last six months that point to a future of fewer jobs and even fewer good jobs. We should be cutting back on immigration, eliminating corporate subsidies like the H1B program, and coming up with a strategy to train people for the economy that’s coming.Not the Ponzi scheme of infinitely increasing consumers and workers that have decimated the environment and destroyed the middle class that we have now. Neither our economy nor population is sustainable. The sooner we face facts, the better chance we have of making a future that works for people and the environment. This is just more evidence that we live in a world in a permanent oversupply of people and labor. Our present immigration system is geared towards the third world and uniting families, not benefiting the country . If importing uneducated, unskilled people solved problems, we would be living in paradise. We are not. Even the H1B visa workers do not possess any particular skill set as they are often trained by the more expensive US workers they are replacing. It is a giveaway to corporations at the expense of US workers and taxpayers. The tiny subset of true innovators can be maintained while reducing the vast majority that simply adds to our already burgeoning underclass. The recent increase in wages and low unemployment is further proof that is restricting the workforce benefits workers. The hidden story here is that we're on the cusp of the greatest boom in robotics ever in history. Increasingly smart AI and robotic devices will soon do many of the routine chores that were once the source of a paycheck for blue and even white-collar workers. When downturns like this occur, it's a chance for businesses to initiate new technologies that eliminate jobs. Imagine that you owned a company. If you could find a machine that could work 24/7 without taking a vacation or demanding a salary with health insurance, you would employ that machine in a minute. This is what's slowly happening. It's pretty handy to blame a pandemic for being the teeny-tiny pin that pricked the humongous debt-bubble economy built on a fiat currency foundation. If the economy had been good, households and businesses would have had a solid six months' worth of rainy-day funds saved up. Instead, they were already failing and living on borrowed time and currency. The economy is fatally flawed, and the fake dollar economy is on its last legs. The pandemic is a blip in a very long slide. Permanent job loss preceded the Pandemic by decades. It happened in the '80s when factories started closing and moving overseas. This is why we have very little hope of a V-shaped recovery once our current disaster abates. There are simply no jobs to go to because we dissolved our industrial base, beginning 40yrs ago. We ooh, and aah, over Technology. We swoon over Zoom. We prostrate ourselves before The Cloud. We sit in chairs made in China, before monitors made in China, attached to CPUs made in China, powered by chips made in China. And we have the temerity to suggest that a Consumer Economy is something to boast about. We're praying for a return of the restaurant and hotel trade. China isn't waiting on tourists. China has once again set about producing the goods the World needs. Any doubts about where there WILL be a V-shaped recovery?? The pandemic has once again exposed the widespread ignorance of simple facts that permeates American consciousness. The state of the economy seems always to be by far the biggest topic of discussion, yet people seem clueless about the recent economic history that could guide behavior and voting. It's not just average Americans I'm talking about, but also Wall St. financial wizards and the publications that chatter about them. This was The Atlantis Report. 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