Wednesday, February 3, 2021

👉The Inflation Genie is Out Of The Bottle FOOD PRICES TO SOAR HIGHER !!

👉The Inflation Genie is Out Of The Bottle FOOD PRICES TO SOAR HIGHER !! When the Fed says inflation is up a little, they mean a lot. But they don't need to say it. We already see it in our weekly retail shopping. Grocery prices are currently outrageous. But according to the FED and the BLS, There is no inflation. And over the years, they have learned to tell that blatant lie with a straight face. According to the FED, there is no such thing as food inflation! Any food inflation we see is imaginary! They removed housing, education services, medical services from inflation CPI; so basically, Samsung made in China is their main measure. The inflation is in assets, stocks, food, housing, bitcoin, farmland, etc... Inflation for the poor is proportionally higher in a world of stagnant wages. For the disappearing middle class who have debt/income ratios of >1.5, any increase in interest rates would be devastating. As far as central banking and monetary policy go, you may as well just print the money and give it to the rich because that's all that's happening now. It's pretty simple: All of the new money created went to the 1%, who don't drive the economy through spending. For the past four decades, the middle class has not gained financially despite rises in productivity. Inflation is insulated to the housing market as of now - because the 1% bought up a lot of cheap real estate for buy-to-lets, while every day, people still needed housing and were forced to accept massive inflation in housing. The Americans should take this very seriously. The official inflation numbers are false. Real price inflation is running way higher at around 10% and has been there for many years now. Just take a look at the Chapwood Index or ShadowStats. These numbers of roughly 10% real price inflation are soon about to skyrocket as the Dollar loses its value rapidly. What we are witnessing is a catastrophe on a gigantic scale, which may lead to the breakup of the United States as we know it today. The mismanagement and criminal financial policy of the US on both monetary and fiscal matters will be fully exposed soon. When the dollar loses its reserve currency status, Pax Americana is over. Inflation is very real. Lumber is at an all-time high. Housing is at an all-time high. Markets are at an all-time high. Bitcoin is at an all-time high. Trading cards are at an all-time high. Inflation is soaring all around us, and few are noticing. The frog is boiling; Except for gold and silver. A nation full of poverty-stricken beggars is much easier to control. Biden's fix is to raise the minimum wage and give out free money, which only drives prices higher. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. The responsibility for inflation lies with but one entity, the organization who decides what the supply of money should be. If inflation happens, there’s only ONE reason, and that reason is the printing of money. I wonder who prints the money! And wait until the green left doubles energy prices. This will also greatly increase the cost of fertilizer. The consumer will be crushed between rising energy and food prices. Wait till the Green New Deal, Reparations, and bailing broken Blue states meets a financing environment not assisted by the Fed. The FED must stop allowing this massive debt creation without cost. And then the mortgage paper debacle. With all the holders of 2.9% paper looking at a higher interest rate environment. The big break in markets will be triggered by the debt balloon. Inflation isn't a function of economic growth. Otherwise, we'd never have stagflation. Asset inflation is a function of zero interest rates and goods, and service inflation is a function of oligopolies and extortion. When analysts, politicians, and pundits talk about inflation, they usually mean rising consumer prices as measured by the consumer price index (CPI). In a nutshell, advances in the price level are not inflation. They are caused by inflation. The government altered the definition to suit its purposes. The conventional definition is nothing more than government propaganda. So why does the government want to define inflation as rising prices? Then it can pretend that it doesn’t cause it. If the government accepts the definition of inflation as an expansion of the supply of money, well, everybody knows who is expanding the supply of money. It’s the Fed. So when you have an accurate definition of inflation, then you know exactly who’s to blame. But if the government can fool people into believing that an effect of inflation is inflation, well, then they can blame it on whoever is raising the prices. And that’s exactly what politicians do. They blame inflation on greedy capitalists or labor unions, or OPEC, or speculators, or even some other country. The definition has simply been altered over time, but that doesn’t actually change the real meaning of the word. But this is what we see all the time. This happens with the Constitution – where definitions are changed. The government changes the way terms are defined, the same way that we measure economic statistics. The government changes the way inflation is measured. The government changes the way GDP is measured. The government changes the way unemployment is measured. They’re always changing the meaning of words to try to advance a political agenda. And that’s exactly what’s happened with the word inflation. No matter what the government does, people who understand what inflation is, need to call it what it is. I want to keep the original definition of inflation because that’s the key to understanding it. See, when you misdefine inflation as rising prices, the result is bad monetary policy and bad fiscal policy because the government, the central bank, can keep on inflating. And if all they’re doing is looking at consumer prices and they don’t see them going up, and they think, ‘Oh, there’s no inflation, they can keep on creating it. And inflation is doing a lot of damage. On top of that, the calculation of CPI is rigged and doesn’t even give an accurate indication of rising prices. It is like a thermometer that always reads 98.6. If you relied on it, you would never know anybody was sick. I don't understand how the measure of inflation is so inaccurate. Inflation to me should include the inflation of all prices;core CPI, essentials, but also stock, bond, and housing. Because asset inflation matters--it matters a lot. By not including asset inflation, people lose sight of why basic inflation is low but how they can't afford a home, buy stocks or accumulate wealth and get left behind faster and faster compared to the top 10%. It is so insidious and deceitful. The US economy is a disaster, and I think it’s going to become a bigger disaster in the years ahead. And the market is overpriced. It’s been propped up by Fed stimulus, and the markets assume that stimulus is going to continue to prop the markets up indefinitely. It’s not going to happen. Ultimately, it’s going to destroy the dollar. It’s the loss of purchasing power of their principle. So, even if you don’t lose any money if you’re invested in bonds, but the dollar loses its purchasing power, those are huge losses. And investors need to mitigate that risk. The inflation tax is going to be very, very heavy, and it’s going to decimate the portfolios of many potential and current retirees. That is the real risk. And I think the people are not cognizant of that, and their portfolios are not prepared to guard against that risk. How did we enter this financial clown world? Since FDR outlawed gold possession with Executive Order 692 in 1933, Englert writes clearly and documents how our government has attempted to control our currency by limiting the influence of gold. By untethering the dollar from the price of gold, our government has been able to prop up an increasingly corrupt financial system that benefits big banks and those with favored connections. Inflation is directly proportional to the money that is produced out of thin air within a fractional reserve banking system. No other result is ultimately possible. Inflation is a slow robbery that does two things. It devalues savings and inflates asset prices, forcing people to spend and gamble. It stimulates consumption; on a planet where everything is finite. Inflation completely warps supply and demand and over time, leads to shortages of essentials and overproduction of garbage. Inflation exists as one of many wealth transfer mechanisms. It's a casino where some do win, but only at the expense of someone else losing. And, of course, the parasite institutions get to collect a convenience fee for doing god's work. Supposedly taxes are collected for the privilege of us using the Fed's money. Yet somehow, even transactions not involving fiat are taxed equally. Even if you barter, you are supposed to pay taxes issued in the currency that was nowhere near during the exchange. I mean, come on. We all know that the foundation of the modern economy rests on lies upon lies. Instead of maintaining equilibrium, inflation favors growth. When growth stops, everything collapses. Money vanishes, and only assets remain. All the collateral pledged goes back to the bank when they yank the carpet. That's what it's all about. The game auto-terminates when the bank owns everything there is, and in over 100 years of Fed's existence.We're almost there. And it's by design. Hyperinflation occurs when the interest due on fiat creation reaches a level uncollectible by confiscation, which is where the Fed and The Dollar are today. The Fed will cause hyperinflation, where a transition to an honest system, no matter what it's called, dollar or otherwise, will not. The Fed holds the paper on nearly every debt, which is the only thing of value that they have - the dollar is worthless, why would anyone care? Relative to the rest of the world, if the US had an honest money system, those around the world would want to hold and transact in that currency as well, making it the Reserve currency. Seize the Fed's assets, and shut it down, along with Wall St., and inflation would disappear. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. 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