Tuesday, February 23, 2021

👉Ray Dalio Warns: Tech Stocks Mother of All Bubbles To End in The Mother of All Crashes !!

👉Ray Dalio Warns: Tech Stocks Mother of All Bubbles To End in The Mother of All Crashes !! Ray Dalio Warns: Tech Stocks Mother of All Bubbles To End in The Mother of All Crashes !! Largest Hedge Fund Manager Ray Dalio is warning that Emerging Tech Stocks are in Extreme Bubble. I’ve seen a lot of bubbles in my time and I have studied even more in history, so I know what I mean by a bubble .There is a very big divergence in the readings across stocks. Some stocks are, by these measures, in extreme bubbles (particularly emerging technology companies), while some stocks are not in bubbles. This market action is reminiscent of the Nifty Fifty in the early 1970s and the dot-com bubble stocks in the late 1990s, both of which I remember well. It scores similarly to the bubble stocks of the late 1920s, which I can’t remember because I wasn’t alive then. Dalio is right .The tech valuations are getting scary; it might be time we start worrying about tech-stock valuations. It is likely that the S&P 500 Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals index is in a bubble at risk of bursting. Unprecedented QE, unprecedented spending. Mother of all bubbles, mother of all crashes. The markets keep chasing the free money everyone keeps promising. Endless SPACs and IPO's taking advantage of rampant speculation. Garbage debt sold by undeserving CEOs to an unsuspecting, clueless publics hungry for returns. All are obvious symptoms of speculation created by a Fed that's guaranteed limitless nearly free money as far as the eye can see .And more government trillions coming to heap upon young, bored, TRADING NEWBIES thinking they're playing video games, but are learning or will learn the hard way stocks don't only go up. Excess optimism with little or no consideration of risk. This can't help but come to an ugly end and hurt most of those who don't understand and aren't playing a good deal of defense. Money is being shoveled into tech stocks. Some of the tech stocks have reached a historical price-earnings ratio(PER) of over 100 times - something that has not happened since the dot-com boom. This is where the real stock market bubble is. If a sector runs up more than the entire market, most of the time, it will crash. It's all about ultra-low interest rates. When that changes; so will the markets. Free Money, until it’s not. But, once the free money is gone, it'll all come tumbling down. The whole enchilada. Wanna see what happens without the $80Billion a month in QE and make the Federal Government spend with a balanced budget! Way too much money. If interest rates double, there will be a giant smoking hole in the middle of the American landscape. At the bottom of that hole will be the smoldering remains of the real estate/home building industry. The banks might not be in such good shape either. A 30-year mortgage sitting on your books at 1.75% might leave a hole in the old balance sheet. That is coming. Inflation has already gone up in America in my estimation, but the CPI was changed and manipulated to conceal it, so the Federal Reserve Bank can keep it reported as low by keeping interest rates low. Which is ludicrous because real inflation must be considered a part of what makes a genuine market interest rate. When the interest rates go up soon, because inflation will increase due to the money creation of the Federal Reserve with its $2 TRILLION bailout of the banksters in 2019 to 2020 (and probably 2021, at least) by its buying their uncollectible, mortgage-backed securities for inflated, above-FMV values.Inflation will react and increase in a vicious circle. In other words, perceived inflation raises interest rates and some prices and higher interest rates and prices place a fear on producers that they are selling their goods currently at less than the cost of their next set of goods produced ,plus a reasonable profit . So as a result of that fear, goods producers, etc., will increase their prices. That will then lead others to increase their prices because the producers of goods increased their prices, etc., in a vicious cycle. That is how inflation starts, and it is unstoppable after it starts. Because, for years, the Federal Reserve has worried only about funneling funds to its darling banksters and no longer can keep interest rates low now that inflation has returned. The US government has also been gutted by the Federal Reserve because inflation will increase the interest rates that it will have to pay to roll over its debts, i.e., treasury securities outstanding, so as those are rolled over at higher and higher interest rates, it will have less available (after those interest payments) for other things. It will not be able to give gigantic bailouts like in 2008-2011. Buckle up, people, because the exciting part of this roller coaster is coming. As the ancient Chinese curse reportedly said, the most interesting times are coming. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. When this one pops, there won’t be a lot of hiding places. There's too much money out there. Yields will keep dropping until the Fed allows a correction and banking to blow up. It doesn't take a PhD to tell you if more money is chasing less investments, the price goes up, but it does take a PhD in economics to try to convince people that up is down, and common sense doesn't hold true. Take out a loan from Chase and buy Tesla or Bitcoin. What could go wrong! Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all in a massive bubble. Common sense was enough) to see that. It's not just one bubble- profitless unicorn software companies trading at 50-100 times sales are dream machines, for another example. The higher they rise, the more likely they fall. When an asset doubles, triples, or quadruples, that it's vulnerable to a drawdown. The retirees have limited choice to find a decent return of their savings to live comfortably in retirement. On top of it, the much younger generation thinks the market is where to make the difference to being rich or being poor. If there is a bubble, what will make it burst. Right now, it seems like the dollar is under pressure from the outside, and the 10-year treasury is up to 1.24%. This is a real problem for the FED. We are so heavily indebted that even a gesture of raising the rate by the FED could trigger a huge downfall of the market; and will worsen an anemic pandemic-driven economy that is striving on stimulus money. Barring the collapse of the stock market, We are going to have inflation. Hopefully mild. Commodities should do well. When over 50% of the population is on government retirement pay plus benefits and another third are getting government handouts; that doesn’t leave much left. All are promised the world, and nobody wants to give an inch. That is destruction at the very core of the endless money supply—time for the new math. The markets are pricier than ever, and charts are the most vertically extended than ever. The Russell 2000 is no longer sustainable. The Market valuations have again reached never-before-seen levels of asset price disconnect from the underlying size of the economy: 192.9%. All of this is ignored by participants and seemingly justified by low rates and ongoing interventions, the risk-free rate they call it. The tech stock growth bubble about to pop. Investors should be worried about the fallout from GME that is playing out in the market in the FAAMG stocks. The HFs are losing boatloads of money on GME, and their Prime Broker is making them put up more capital or reduce their heavily levered positions. This means they are selling their high-flying longs like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple that all these HFs own in a highly levered fashion. That is why these names sold off yesterday. This could become a feeding frenzy where healthy hedge funds or Robinhooders start buying puts on these names. It's easy to extrapolate that HF losses could easily be in the tens of Billions. The higher GME goes and the longer it stays there - the more the pressure on FAAMG. The market already has had two recent bubble pops. In December 2018, when the Fed kept pushing rates to fight the inflation bogeyman that that didn't exist and caused the stock market indexes to pop -20% from late October to December 24, 2018. The last bubble pop was the 2020 Pandemic. Investors have already forgotten that the market had just gone through a -34% bubble pop of the index that occurred in late Feb 2020 and ended in late March 2020. The experts were right about the fact that markets recover within a year's time in pandemic corrections. In this case, the NSD hit a new All-Time High in July 2020, the S&P 500 in September 2020, and the DOW hit All-Time High in Dec 2020. What can investors learn when the bubble does eventually burst again? Don't panic and sell. Sit tight, let the storm pass, wait for the Federal Reserve Bank and the Government to take action to prevent a full collapse of the financial system, and be ready to buy great stocks that you always wanted to own but were expensive during the Bull run that has dropped in price, selling at a big discount due to panic selling. This is the reason why you want to always have some cash in your account to buy when the bubble does pop, and the markets go on sale 20% to 50%, like what investors saw in 2000, 2009, 2018, & 2020. Right now, too much money going in, too many dollars on the sidelines, and demographics of Millennials, Generation Z, and soon-to-be AI Generation all chasing a very limited supply of stocks. Follow the data points. The counter to this is that the proliferation of chip demand in this disruptive phase can potentially elongate the typical cycle for semiconductors. Just look at chip shortages, data generation, electrification of cars, you name it. Bubbles would also warrant valuations that are too ridiculous for an investor to justify across the space. The real telling is if there truly is something behind the run-up or just hot air. Apple stock has run up going back 15 years, simply because its earnings have also grown. For some others, without matching earnings or some new technological breakthrough, those stocks would definitely be vulnerable to a fall. That's how these things go. Everyone gets burned investing, usually when young. So, this is the new batch of youths that has to go through their ceremonial baptism of fire. Then, once they've learned it's not all roses and strawberries, those who decide to come back the second time around will be smarter for it. My prediction is that the next correction will bring many stocks to 50% or even 40% of their current values. Even stocks that are supposed to counter the overall crash . The smart money expecting this crash has been piling up for the last two years, and the amounts of cash waiting for the opportunity to buy some big companies at rock bottom prices are enormous. When it all starts going south, don't panic and buy the first dip. Wait for the currently-unimaginable bottom and then buy. Rationality has left the building; however, there is no exit door for most people. Gold and PM will retain more value . Bitcoin can evaporate through various mechanisms. Other than a few 50lb bags of rice, canned goods, household medicines, and of course, ammo, where does one play safe? Silver has utility, and with Biden pledging to pour mountains into green energy - silver demand could rise from solar panel production alone. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels; I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends! 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