Thursday, January 21, 2021

👉Yellen Massive Stimulus will lead to Hyperinflation, Social Unrest, & The Destruction of The Dollar

👉Yellen Massive Stimulus will lead to Hyperinflation, Social Unrest, & The Destruction of The Dollar Yellen Massive Stimulus will lead to Hyperinflation, Social Unrest, and The Destruction of The Dollar. Inauguration Day is upon us, and with it comes the prospect of the Biden-Yellen fiscal stimulus package. As the Biden administration takes office, investors anticipate another hefty dose of government stimulus for the economy. Treasury secretary nominee Janet Yellen told lawmakers in her confirmation hearing Tuesday that this economy needs a "big stimulus package" to offset the slump caused by the health crisis. With interest rates at historic lows, the smartest thing we can do is act "big", she said. Those were the words wall street wanted to hear. Wall Street started the holiday shortens week on an upswing. The boiling frog is still on regardless of the puppet at the wheel! The United States is looking forward to a long period of economic downturns and civil unrest. Modern Monetary Theory on steroids: Biden: Powell: Yellen: Big Tech: Green New Deal: UBI: NIRP: Pandemic: Destruction of Small and Medium businesses. Tens of millions of people out of work. Millions have used up their savings trying to survive. Millions are being made homeless. What could go wrong? MMT says print until you get inflation, then raise taxes (i.e., starve the private sector) until you kill the inflation, but don't stop printing for the public sector. Janet Yellen defended President Biden’s 1.9 Trillion stimulus package proposal and said that the government must act big in order to save the US economy. Janet Yellen is urging Congress to pass the new stimulus bill as early as possible. What does Yellen call the printing of 2 Trillion dollars out of thin air and handing it out to businesses and individuals? Helicopter Money? Socialist Checks? Hyperinflation? Printing jobs or printing money does not create goods. It does not mine metals or grow and harvest food. At some point, this will end in shortages in food and goods that will not end well. It's a race to the bottom, and we are all losers. Those who haven't been reading the signs of hyperinflation and planning accordingly will get what they deserve. The country is going to lose its place on the world stage as our allies fend for themselves and our enemies supplant us. Let the gigantic casino-style money printing begin! About 50 Trillion to be printed through 2023. The US monetary supply is growing at a pace of roughly 70% annually. The new Biden Stimulus is so large. Together with the December legislation, it would be around 2.8 Trillion, which is about 300 Billion per month for the nine months it is in effect. Expect social unrest, hyperinflation, and the destruction of the dollar. The people will pay for the debt through inflation. Yellen Says US Will Fight Currency Manipulation, Will Use "Full Array Of Tools" To Counter "China’s Abusive Economic Practices." A fiat currency is, in and of itself, a tool of manipulation. Printing trillions every year is currency manipulation. It's a race to the bottom, and we are all losers. It's OK for us to devalue the purchasing power of the Dollar. After all, there's only 2% left in it. The federal reserve is unknowing - that in modern times, their US currency not backed by gold (or other precious metal) since 1971 is manipulated by nature and extent through the money supply and interest rates. The dollar has no floor, and gold has the floor to step on. The dollar-led fiduciary system is a Ponzi money-expansion scam. The coming Digital Dollar is another ponzi scam that derives from the fiduciary system, and that moves everything that is overprinted towards a digital system of monetary contraction or black hole to try to launder the large debts of financial corporatism. At the bottom, there is only one tool. That is to create money out of nothing, you can call it a dozen different names for a dozen different things, but it's still just about creating something out of nothing. Powell, Yellen, Biden; the blind leading the clueless leading the out of touch with reality. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. With all the monetary inflation, It’s a high hurdle. I think the market is discounting a longer scenario than back to normal soon. That means a lot more printing or trouble. It also means more retail and ad dollars going to big tech and layoffs for the rest. This country is going to be going on an unprecedented funny money deficit spending spree, which will significantly devalue the worth of the dollar. All of the free federal reserve trillions (MMT for the rich) is making those who gamble in the stock markets even richer, while food lines, unemployment lines, and homelessness are all increasing for those who are non-gamblers in these now can't lose manipulated markets. Wall Street is flourishing while the main street is being shut down. This sort of MMT is simply stealing our savings and income through inflation and throwing it at the economy in a big way so as to get the economy off of the flat portion of the curve where spending has little effect. If you can get up to the curved portion of the chart, you can get things going. Since we are in a liquidity trap, the Keynesians at the Federal Reserve would agree to such a measure. Let the funny money printing press begin!!! Each dollar printed makes the dollar in my pocket worth less. They are robbing me with my eyes wide open! No one expects the debt to be retired, of course. It is merely rolled over upon maturation. Nearly $8 trillion in federal debt will mature in this year 2021. $8 trillion is roughly 2/5th of the gross domestic product. But there is additional debt to consider. In all, over $10 trillion in debt may mature this year — roughly half the domestic product. As it turns out (according to Bloomberg), $8 TRILLION worth of government debt in the US will mature THIS YEAR alone. Plus, the Congressional Budget Office expects another $2 trillion plus deficit this year due to more stimulus. So that’s potentially $10 trillion plus worth of government debt that will need to be placed this year. That’s $300,000 per second. $300,000 per second! Can you imagine it? Can The Fed come to the Rescue? Who will take up the job? Who will swap in debt? Mostly the Federal Reserve. The work will inflate its balance sheet beyond its present $7.3 trillion to a dizzying $10 trillion. The only way they’ll realistically accomplish this is if the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars of new money. Most likely, the Fed will need to print another $3 trillion plus, pushing its balance sheet beyond the $10 trillion mark. Consider that this balance sheet scarcely exceeded $4 trillion one year ago. But as government powers expand under the lash of emergency, the balance sheets of their central banks expand under the lash of emergency. Thank you Janet; let the good times roll. Print baby print. Please make our fiat currency even more worthless, so prices can get higher. I think it was Ben Franklin who said, once the people can extract money from the politicians, the republic is dead." Here we are. Biden is going to announce 100 days of more lockdowns and restriction, and Alabama's Governor is scheduled to also add more lockdowns and restrictions again today at 11 am, and this tightening the NOOSE around Americans neck unless, of course, if you COMPLY with wearing a mandatory mask & gloves, and get a mandatory vaccine just so you are allowed to work, school, shop, travel, or participate in Society? Biden will no doubt seek to hyperinflate the dollar in the name of offsetting the losses and keep things afloat for a short time, but the real agenda will be to trigger price spikes in goods as well as eventually killing the dollar altogether. No amount of stimulus will stop the crash that has already been set in motion; the bailout measures from this point on are Kabuki theater, a show put on for the masses to make us believe that the government and the banks “did everything they could” to save us. The elites have no intention of stalling or stopping the collapse; their “great reset” demands it. One’s initial assumption would be that Biden would then take the blame for the economic crisis, but it appears that the establishment is going to set up a Herbert Hoover narrative and lay all the blame squarely on Trump and conservatives. In the past, I have noted that Trump’s trajectory was very similar to Herbert Hoover’s, in that he was a business mogul and Republican that pushed for corporate tax cut policies and also extensive tariffs. Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War "Biden may lure Americans into complacency with promises of relief and fewer restrictions in his first couple months, but he will then use the rather convenient news of “covid mutations” to bring in even harsher mandates. Such a lockdown, if Americans submit, would mean an even larger spike in unemployment, a loss of hundreds of thousands of small businesses, as well as a huge loss in tax revenues for some states (mostly blue states). Another scenario is that Biden leaves the lockdowns in the hands of state governments but pursues a nationwide program for medical passports. The passport, of course, would require people to take the vaccine and accept contact tracing apps on their phones, meaning 24/7 surveillance on the public. At least 30% of Americans have said in polling that they will refuse the vaccines outright. Another 60% have said they are wary of the vaccines and need proof of their effectiveness. So, the medical passports will lead to millions of people being denied participation in the mainstream economy, and collapse happens anyway. In other words, the elites are going to try to hold the economy hostage while telling the public that if we don’t accept medical tyranny, it will be OUR FAULT if the system breaks down." The elites are benefiting from the lockdowns. Big tech and big retailers. This experiment may end badly. The US dollar is already such trash that America has to PAY other countries to use it through government programs. Ask yourself, why would you give your time to work for something that is so imaginary and controlled by a small group of elites? Working for a dollar these days is a form of slavery when those same dollars are simply given away to non-workers at no cost. The Empire of lies has collapsed from the weight of the lies told. The fraud that defines finance has caused it to collapse from the weight of all its fraud. Everything is an incomplete contradiction; commodity prices and the Dow is increasing, indicating growth, but there is record unemployment. This was The Atlantis Report. 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