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👉Top 11 Reasons The Short Silver Squeeze Is Very Possible

👉Top 11 Reasons The Short Silver Squeeze Is Very Possible Is a WallStreetBets Silver Squeeze Possible? Top 11 Reasons The Short Silver Squeeze Is Very Possible The GameStop, and the Silver squeeze is a paradigm shift that has rattled Wall Street to its very core. Millions and millions of small investors attacking stock after stock, breaking every greedy hedge fund there is! I'm certain this is Wall Streets' worst fear right now! There's just no way to stop the millions of ants devouring everything that gets in their way! Just imagine millions of pissed of people SHORTING Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and other politically activist tech companies. The Reddit WALLSTREETBETS triggered a run on silver, investors bought 28.3% of last year's ETF total in 1 day. The math works out, but I doubt the general public would even bother. 10% (or less) of the American population even know what silver or gold even look like.Most people don't have any money in the banks anyways. It would only take a very small percentage to remove funds, buy physical Precious Metals and start the dominoes toppling. In an infinite Ponzi Scheme, until physical supply gets squeezed, no paper short squeeze can happen. Millions and millions of amateur traders are sticking it to the man as a thank you for 2008. Meanwhile, the Market manipulators are the ones calling it market manipulation. Is that Not Ironic! When Wall Street wins, no problem. When Wall Street loses, suddenly we need more regulation. Only because they have lost control to manipulate!! Rules for thee; not for me. When a big firm blows out, there should be NO BAILOUT. If the Millenials can squeeze silver, it's the end of fake Fiat currency. Those crooks changed our real money in 1971 to this fake fiat currency. We the people, are waking up to the corruption in a system that is tainted, broken, and controlled by unethical people. If we all bought physical gold and silver and demanded delivery on the paper contracts we could bring this great Ponzi experiment called the markets to their knees. There is so much fake paper they couldn’t even cover 10% of it. It would ruin them all. Wait until we all buy physical silver. Let the games start. Silver bullet into the heart of the banksters. WE THE PEOPLE. On the first day since the Reddit WallstreetBets group started targeting the short position in the silver market, the amount of metal added to SLV was 14.7% of the entire investment supply from last year! It’s a stunning development, as at that rate, these investors would take the entire amount of silver that went to investment last year, in just 7 trading days! SLV added 37 million ounces on Friday (according to their data) ! With short squeezes going on in the stock market, that have now spread to the silver market, the first reports are in. And the SLV trust is reporting that 37 million ounces were added in just one single day on Friday! ! Keep in mind that there are other silver trusts that likely added metal as well, and it seems like the Reddit WallStreetBets crowd certainly made an impact yesterday! A short squeeze on SILVER would be a serious situation. It will for sure expose the Manipulation of Precious Metals. It will bring SILVER to its true value of around $6500 an ounce, being that Silvers market cap is about 1.4 trillion dollars and about so many billions in ETF, Paper, derivates (something like that, whatever it is i could be wrong on this maybe its way more ). If people bought anything silver from physical, to paper, derivatives, ETF and silver mining stocks it would literally bankrupt not just the American economy, but the global economy. All central banks in the world including The IMF would go bust. They would have no choice but to RESET the economy(maybe this is what they want, But thats another story) . Imagine if people that owned those ETF or Paper and derivatives, and saw the price rising exponentially and wanted to cash in on them or wanted their physical silver in exchange. The banks would not have enough physical silver to cover that they would go bust. Once you Short Squeeze Silver, what is next in Line? GOLD with a market cap of 10 trillion would expose the true value of GOLD which probably sits around $30000 to 40000 an ounce. First we have to get through Silver to do this. Think about it, Bitcoin has a market cap of what 6-700 billion and it sits at $33000. Wait till BTC goes into the trillions with the amount of monetary energy it can and will store. If you can, your best bet is to take all your savings out of your Bank accounts and start of with buying physical SILVER in your hands. (if you want to short squeeze this) Taking your money out of your bank alone will cause banks to suffer greatly. Your money will be lost sitting in the banks. We are living in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Truth. Age of tech/digital/communication. The liars and cheats will be exposed. It is written in the stars. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. Hold on to your hats this February. Just remember if this is to be done and people may make tons of Money just be sure to share with the less fortunate who weren't able to do this because they lost everything during these times. We the people. It is time to have each others backs. Be well and happy everybody. Buy Physical SILVER not PSLV. Buy the physical not paper ETFs. That is how we break the shorts! We the people worldwide! Everyone get on board!! Silver can destroy the Babylon system. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Silver is the Epitome of Wall Street manipulation and Its Achilles' heel .Top 11 reasons why the short silver squeeze is very possible: #1. Naturally occuring, available quantity of gold/silver has a ratio of 1:8, yet the price ratio is 1:70! This ratio could drop massively, increasing the silver price. That's not all: Remember, silver is significantly lighter than Au, so most of the historic silver mines were nearer the surface of the earth - most of those have been depleted and today over 2/3 of silver is mined as a by-product above-groundes. The actual above ground number of ounces of silver is LESS than Gold! That is because over 40% of the annual mining production of Silver is consumed (non-recoverable). The above ground inventory is so tight that a small group of autists and retards could theoretically wipe out most dealers' inventory in 30 minutes, using pocket change. This pushes the dealer to pressure the spot price. #2. Green & other future technologies will require a lot of silver for efficiency purposes since it’s the absolute best element to conduct electricity and has other unique properties that no other element can substitute. Many central banks (ECB & FED) have talked about “green QE” = buying corporate stocks that produce green energy technology = Central bank indirectly funds the future silver short squeeze! #3. Silver is still 50% down from its all time high ten years ago! The quantity of silver mined has been far lower (end even decreasing) than the increase in inflation, and silver is a good hedge against BOTH inflation AND deflation, historically speaking. If accounted for monetary inflation, the natural equilibrium price should be around 1000$, but this can be pushed higher due to the massive short interest of the bullion banks. They already made loss from their silver shorts in 2020, but that was a fraction of the short interest they still have. #4. Historic justice. The silver price has been artificially kept down for nearly 100 years. First by the US government from 1935-1970 because it was too effective as a hedge against inflation. Afterward, and this was confirmed by WikiLeaks, the US & London bankers took over this role by pushing the creation of the precious metals section at the COMEX so that banks could artificially keep the price down. You see, they let the COMEX or LBMA sell futures contracts and options, and each time many contracts are near expiry and ITM (profitable), they pull a massive naked short. This has been going on for 50 years. But unlike the Gamestop stock, it IS FUNDAMENTALLY UNDERVALUED. #5. The precedent. The silver squeeze has happened before - when it went from 6$ to 50$ from 1979-1980 - due to the Hunt brothers hoarding the physical and buying more via futures that were supposed to be delivered. But before this delivery, the COMEX changed the rules and demanded futures had to be backed by margin, which is why the brothers got an engineered margin call. This caused the markets to panic-sell their silver, which ended the squeeze. If two brothers can realize the silver squeeze, many retarded brothers can do the same. Important to note here: the Hunts probably achieved their play because they uno-carded the big bullion banks. #6. The retarded game of musical chairs. They have so much short interest and vastly overstated stored silver reserves (due to double counting & other deceptive accountancy practices), that there's an ENORMOUS divergence between silver traded on paper and actual, physical silver: around 200 to 400 times more paper silver than physical. Gamestop is nothing compared to this. If every autistic retard here demands physical delivery or, even if staying stored in a vault, demands that their silver may not be lent out, the short squeeze of short squeezes could easily be realized. #7. What if there’s not enough Silver? If they can’t hand over the physical silver, they will legally still be obligated to pay the price of that silver at the moment you exercised your ITM option/contract! But it gets better! If they indeed fail to deliver physical, they have to pay you the gains you made + a premium (extra money), to sort of buy you out of demanding the actual silver. If enough people would use their collective retardedness to decline this premium, the premium would only go up, as would the silver price! And since the counterparty of these options and contracts mostly are big investment banks, they absolutely have the money to pay for this. Seems like a way more effective wealth transfer than stimmy. #8. Backwardation (retardation) & Shadow contracts. Backwardation is the divergence between the spot price (= buy directly at this moment) and the futures price. More specifically, it means that the current price of spot is higher than the futures price. This is unnatural and certainly in the present macro-economic environment since it implies that financial actors expect that the price will drop. So why did we experience a lot of backwardation last year, during a bull run? Simple: there was such a strong demand that it was easier for providers to deliver later since they didn't have enough physical in inventory. More backwardation = more signs that there is a lack of physical inventory. In fact, there were many signs that the backwardation and actual demand that was physically delivered was suppressed with the use of "shadow contracts". These contracts are deliveries of physical that they try to hide with big boy accountancy tactics. Increase in backwardation and shadow contract = squeeze squeezing squeezier till it will be squeezed. #9. They Can't issue more silver - unlike the fact you can issue more stocks or fiat! Furthermore, silver is an extremely safe store of value - as electronic means of payment, all depend on electricity, and electricity depends on silver. When silver shoots to the moon, authoritarian countries, especially The US will scramble to get a strategic supply and thus feed us many tendies. Also, it is an amazing hedge against the unavoidable future inflation, which is necessary to monetize our global debt. Physical ownership also deters paper hands. Lastly, it takes YEARS to properly set a new mine. Today, there's also a growing risk The US will nationalize their mines, further constricting supply. #10. Alpha JP Morgan has our backs! JPM, due to its actions, is probably on a tight rope above a valley of aggressive criminal lawsuits - for at least the coming few years. It has therefore ended most silver shorts and now mostly holds physical silver. They know they can't short much anymore because the schmuckery needed to manipulate such fundamentals would be gravely persecuted. This is great. The shorts have been taken over by smaller, Melvin-like institutions. These already showed they are way worse at manipulating. Eventually, JPM will ride the wave with the plebs, since the worth of their own physical would then grow multiples! Retards will ride the alpha to screw the beta . #11. Technical case. If the above wasn't enough, there's also a very strong technical case to be made, my fellow technicals-loving-autists. The bull run is written in the stars, as technical patterns and indicators predicted it long before WallstreetBets & larger retail knew about it. Buy 100% physical-backed futures/options or just pure physical silver = a) SLV calls - b) PSLV, c) silver & d) Miners (which are less efficient, since miner stocks follow the spot price.) And e) Delivery from warehouses for rich autists that can take them without margin. DON'T BUY CDF's or FOREX Silver or unbacked futures/option - they're NOT backed and could prove worthless + they facilitate naked short manipulation !! Signs are the paper Ponzi is already imploding. As of today, the spot price of silver already rose from $24,8 on 28/01 to 27,6$ on 29/01. And this is just the beginning. Give me Silver or give me death! Squeeze the Silver manipulators & cut-off the head of the vampire squid. Crash JP Morgan!! Let’s squeeze the silver shorts! They have DECLARED WAR on We the people! BUCKLE UP; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels; I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends! The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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