Sunday, January 31, 2021

👉Can Reddit beat Wall Street? WallstreetBets vs. Hedge Funds

👉Can Reddit beat Wall Street? WallstreetBets vs. Hedge Funds Can Reddit beat Wall Street? WallstreetBets vs. Hedge Funds The stock market should be used to list stocks that can be bought and sold, and it should be a level playing field for all to play on. Shorts, longs, and futures are all games invented by the rich and played at the expense of the little guy who gets crushed by them to get them richer. It is gambling on stocks that should not exist. What the Reddit people did is NOT illegal, but exactly what Wall Street Billionaires do all the time. Create money out of NOTHING. Wall Street is no different than Vegas, for that matter. It is just gambling fueled by expert opinions and now internet-driven crowd hedging. Some people will make a lot of money, and some will lose a lot of money. The big boys in Wall Street don't have a monopoly on guessing and faking value. Wild ride! But the Fed only pays attention when one of their's gets burned. Why are certain platforms being blocked? Because only certain people are allowed to benefit from the stock market, and obviously, these folks didn't get the memo. Remember that Wall Street does not play fair and doesn't like it when OTHERS game the system. They want the one-percenters to have it all, not you peons. Big money trading houses are manipulating the markets cause they are salty about getting a taste of their own medicine with Gamestop. They have been doing what just happened to them to the small-time investors for years. Wall St always wins. At the last minute, they will change the rules, so they win. Always. Stock prices are a product of psychology. If people think the stock will do x, they will react accordingly. We hope that that psychology is predictable because it should be based on observable factors - like the performance of the underlying business. But one valid method for deciding how to trade stock is to look at how others are trading it. If a stock is shorted by 1.5x the number of shares that exist, it's a perfectly valid strategy to start buying that stock in the hopes the price rises, forcing the shorts to buy shares to cover their position. You're using market data to make a logical market decision. Hedge funds and market makers manipulate the markets every single day in cycles of shorting and cyclical pump and dumps. Day in and day out. And now, some of them got burned at their own game for a change by a bunch of retail investors. Cry me a river. Pump and dump used to be for the whales. No longer. Watch your wallets Wall Street losers. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Hedge fund billionaire bigshots do the pump and dump all the time. Why are politicians and regulators going to look into the Reddit crowd? Pump and Dump is a staple of the Hedge Fund crowd. If you ever watch Jim Cramer, he talks about it all the time. Jim Cramer said that when he was a fund manager, they literally used to take out ads in the Media to downplay a stock and put out FAKE bad PR about a company and short the stock. Jim also said the Wall Street Hedge Funds also pay the Media to pump up a stock, so the price goes up. What the Reddit people did is NOT illegal, but exactly what Wall Street Billionaires do all the time. Create money out of NOTHING. What upsets the establishment financial investors about this episode is that they don't have the usual control of the situation. ZOMBIE MARKET. The big question all investors need to ask themselves today is: How far can the Fed continue to manipulate the indices with such impunity to maintain the fantasy that all is well? We certainly see a sick market totally manipulated by the FED; it is certainly a market that cannot be sustained and where stock valuations are absurd, fundamental data DOES NOT justify current valuations, NEVER before market valuations were more disconnected from economic reality, but is it enough to see it explode in the short term? It is difficult to know when the current BUBBLE will explode. The question is not whether or not there is a BUBBLE; the question is when it will explode? Before we answer, let's take a look at several considerations: 1). Without a doubt, we see the largest BUBBLE in history, but that situation is not enough for it to explode in the short term, even, most likely, the Fed will continue to inflate it before letting it explode. 2). The FED has the power to magically print money to infinity and beyond, making it difficult for the BUBBLE to explode in the short or medium term. 3). The members of the FED have said that the infinite QE is far from over; that is to say that they prefer to continue inflating the BUBBLE rather than let it explode. 4). The FED's ONLY priority is to keep the privileges of a small group (the friends of the FED) intact and it will do everything possible to benefit the Friends of the FED even if it means the record impoverishment of the middle class. 5). The optimism about the continuity of the rises is the highest in history; everyone is bullish (although I consider it a key situation to see strong setbacks, I also believe that the strong falls will come when no one expects them and still not us. They are in that situation). Conclusion: the whole bull market is a sham; we are seeing an ARTIFICIAL bull market created by the FED. However, we must not fight against the most powerful institution in the universe that will do everything possible to guarantee the privileges of the friends of the FED. What the establishment in power don’t want you to know and using the liberal mainstream media to sell you fake and censored news is the following: The elites on Wall Street Hedge Fund crooks use a scheme to short stocks while not actually having to buy these stocks and just screw the average citizens. These average citizens just turned the table’s on these elite robber barons and forced them to do what the average citizen is required to do. Now these elites who have been screwing all of us for so long, just got caught with their pants down when average citizens fight back against the long-standing abuse. The elites in our government, business, and media have rigged the system where these oligarchs have the advantage over citizens like you and me. They are predatory in nature and practice. And they prey on small struggling companies. This is what they were doing to GameStop and AMC. And their predatory actions are detrimental to society. Then when the people used the rules to band together and protected these companies against these predators, the criminals in charge changed the rules. Enron is not an example at all. JFC, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If the powers in control actually did their job of oversight of this Bush/Cheney supported scam of company, they would not have been able, after energy deregulation, to run rolling blackout scams to increase profits. The market rallied because the financial sector recuperated some of the losses they had from the GameStop and AMC squeeze. They were able to make gains because Robinhood was limiting trading on these stocks, and also, in certain cases, were selling stocks without the users' consent, which is part of the reasons why there’s currently a lawsuit against Robinhood. At this price, this stock is very dangerous, GameStop was on the verge of bankruptcy already, and the future does not seem bright for this company. I can imagine that the stock will drop back down to the initial price very soon, which will be very bad for some people. The move from Robinhood was made after Sequoia Capital, and the White House pressured the founder of Robinhood to take action against this. Some similar actions were apparently taken on other brokers. And Not a single mention that the company that owns Robin Hood, Melvin Capital, is one of the hedge funds that was deep into shorting GameStop. Melvin Capital used to be run by Leon Black. Leon Black has paid Jeffrey Epstein over 150 million dollars for "consulting" after Epstein was a convicted sex offender. And you have Yellen whoring herself out to Citadel, and Jen Psaki's brother is the lead portfolio manager at Citadel. Turns out Janet Yellin has taken over $800,000 in speaking fees from the hedge fund at the center of this corruption. So all the Wall Street people will get away with it because of the corruption of this Administration. No conflicts of interest to see here.....move along. Anyone EVER cares to ask how the hedge funds (who apparently forget to hedge quite often) can NAKED SHORT A STOCK 140% OF THE FLOAT? Is that manipulation? To pile drive a stock further into the ground so you can make a few extra pennies on the puts! And did so without paying a penny to hedge! They were that cheap! Shorting companies with the intent of crashing them should be illegal. Intentionally trying to crash struggling US companies for financial gain is worse than stealing out of their registers by holding a gun to their heads. Time to stand our ground and take these hedge fund thieves to task personally. Here's the point: the way the elites thrive in a zero-interest environment is through quant/momo juice. They let the High Frequency grinders and the dark pool bots get them above-market returns while the plebes get nothing for their savings and randomly mugged in the markets. Now the Reddit tards are RAISING RISK and LOWERING RETURN for the ELITE crooks. This isn't a little thing. Even if the plumbing might break this more basic fact is the more important one. Forcing the elite crooks back toward their own Zero interest sewage. THEY HATE MARKET RETURNS. The SEC only needs to do one thing. 1. require hedge funds to show their full positions, no more net neutral statements.You show exactly what you own, how much, and at what price. This whole thing started because a hedge fund was able to do something that is illegal under current trade laws, they naked shorted Gamestop. How many analysts with sell ratings and hold rating on Gamestop knew that? Because if they knew that and didn't do what the WallstreetBets guys recommended, then maybe it's time for some analysts to lose their jobs. This is now a global sensation, the Billions now have a means of striking back, Silver and Gold are on the list, but this applies to everything. Commodities have been kept cheap, and the people mining them enslaved in third world countries for a long time. This may just have some legs; it would be a good start at getting our world back. If the stock market crashes as a result of Gamestop, was it really worth keeping afloat? Get while the getting is good. Silver anyone?! This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels; I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends! The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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