Thursday, September 24, 2020

๐Ÿ‘‰The Fed to Start Depositing Digital Dollars directly to Each American Digital Wallet !!

๐Ÿ‘‰The Fed to Start Depositing Digital Dollars directly to Each American Digital Wallet !! The Fed to Start Depositing Digital Dollars directly to Each American Digital Wallet In an unprecedented monetary overhaul. The Fed announced that it is planning to send money directly to each American in the next crisis. The Fed will deposit Digital Dollars directly to each American digital wallet. The Fed itself will make direct deposits into Americans' digital wallets. The Fed is Preparing To Deposit Digital Dollars Directly To Each American through people's cell phones;So they then can give direct commands on what to do if they want another hit of cash. Free money! For the low, low price of your soul , autonomy and freedom! Get your free money now! Took longer than expected. Actually, It's not money but currency what the FED provides. The Economic Hitman has come home to roost and is now waiting to prey on his own. The Fed monetizing its own liabilities is the end. Just rewrite the Constitution to pay my mortgage and other bills, and free food too, and booze, and hookers. Thanks That was the goal all along for all these many decades of drunken sailor spending and other fiscal and monetary machinations. Ruin things to the point most people become dependent on government. Those that aren't would be demonized and demonetized. We're there. Break it under the guise of saving it. Give the solution, and then total slavery. Technocrats win!! It is by debt-rigging of nations that the cartel has assumed the control of most nations, and that process is what it excels in the most and has given them such power. The occurrence of the crash of the financial economy in 2019, and the further deliberately-accelerated crashing of the economy in 2020 with the lockdowns, is not a coincidence. It has all been PLANNED to dovetail together, and it results in another purely manufactured crisis to serve the ends of a group despots seeking, with the assistance of their minions and our sell-out governments, totalitarian control over world finances, resources, our nations, and our very lives. UBI !!!! Party on serfs! Now they'll know every purchase made, when, where, and who made the purchase. And they will tax everything!! And, eventually, the Fed could remotely destroy said digital currency when it so decides. Ultimate control. We're way past clown world now. They should simply raise interest rates - slowly, a few basis points per period - to incentivize savings. People could actually make money on their savings. Deduct earned interest from their digital money. People used to make money on their savings - it's called interest. Too bad interest has become even more barbaric than Precious Metals. They don't want savers; no banks do. They won't have good borrowers. The dollar was not designed to be saved. The digital dollars in people’s accounts will be on the liability side. Free debt for everyone. Cashless society on the way!! On our way to a new system, yet most Americans are too lazy and dumbed down to figure out the old system (central bankers printing money out of thin air to enslave the population). Bingo. FedCoin is cheese in a mousetrap. Big Brother will be complete. This end-game has been telegraphed for years. The common man must also be sucking on the Fed's teat for this colossal con job to work. The classic con job always involves implicating the target. It all sounds good and a utopia until your enslaved in forever serfdom. So the Central Bank now has the absolute ability to bypass the US government, which is elected by the people, eliminating any pretense of control of this government by the citizens. The limits they can implement in a system like this is endless. I can only imagine precious metals would be banned for purchase under a digital dollar, along with other commodities. If they can deposit, they can obviously track and withdraw and confiscate. And freeze your account for bad social scores. The Fed will shut you off. Now since every FedCoin will have a unique identifier and every portion of the FedCoin spent will have a unique identifier (Thank you BlockChain) traceable to its origin, wouldn't the Fed have the power to revoke or suspend the validity of the coins you have left forcing compliance for users of the FedCoin? No compliance means your ability to spend FedCoins, and any FedCoins you have are no longer spendable. Effing insidious. You won't be able to convert your fed coin to gold. The Fed will shut you off. Sorry citizen, your funds are not available for this transaction. In time, bitcoin and all other cryptos, they all be made illegal. Do you think the Oligarchs are going to let a bunch of randos become billionaires and keep their cash? The problem with cryptos is, at some point, you need to exchange crypto to non-crypto. All money flows back to the banks seeing as money is debt, so any business has to pay the banks back in their currency. That means that although the end-user can purchase in crypto, someone down the chain has to pay someone (or the bank) in US dollars. Therefore, you can't have an alternative currency in the current money system because eventually, the money needs to be US Dollar, and as such, it's not hard to kill off for real-world use. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to click the like button. And as You know friends, I rely on your donations to keep this channel functional; as you know, it takes a crazy amount of research and time to bring you this content on a daily basis, so I hope you consider helping with whatever donation you can afford. Thank You. Soylent Green tastes the same no matter which side of the fence you are on. So this is likely the final plan by the globalists to completely control everyone's money and accounts. They steal trillions and gives us dust particles. A strategy like this will destroy the desire of any sane individual to save for the future. And to think they haven't learned yet from all the harm they have done to working people, savers, and retirees in our country. Just deposit $1,000,000 of these digital dollars into each American's account and be done with it. We’ll all be millionaires overnight. Just like Zimbabwe millionaires that starve in the streets because you have to be a billionaire to eat. Fed: Helicopter money will only be deposited in a digital currency bank account. Fed: "You will have a digital currency bank account whether you like it or not." Fed pricks will probably have an expiration date on that BS currency; if you don't use it by a certain date, it'll simply expire. Poof, it's gone!! Money invested wisely generates future positive cash flows, and so the economy grows, and prosperity reigns supreme. Money given away creates a moral hazard by incentivizing people not to work and creates poverty. We are heading down the path of massive poverty. The entire country will be like one big city ghetto. We need to break up the Fed and start anew with sound money, the incentive to work, strive, take risks to get ahead. Leave them with their Venezuela MMT (Monetary Madness Theory). Before anyone takes a penny from the Government, better take a look at what has happened to the unfortunate landlords that took the free rent money. In New Orleans and the surrounding areas, if you took the free money, you are now providing rent-free housing. It is a race to the bottom. All countries need export and want a weak currency. And all governments want to spend now and pay later. The time is drawing near where we have one chance to make this whole again. One bloody upheaval. If we slip into this electronic, immoral, digital prison, any hope for humanity will be lost for a long time. Be VERY CAREFUL with this. Both House and Senate have bills waiting to come up that adopt a US digital currency. If the Central Bank criminals would steal $50 Trillion since 1971 from Americans via inflation and interest rates, think what they could steal if they control all your money. Remember, the IRS was created to pay interest to the Fed DIRECTLY for the interest on our sovereign debt they borrow to our government. Their Ponzi scheme would CONTROL ALL MONEY AND PURCHASING POWER OF EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH. Imagine taxes coming right off the top out of your account, imagine debt/installments would automatically come right out of your account. And imagine if the Dimwits manage to steal our election and impose social crediting like China.Speaking out against the tyranny could render you a bad social credit score and impact what/where you could buy or even your ability to buy at all. Imagine even further - you refuse vaccination, and your account could be frozen. All we would have between us is underground barter that potentially could be determined illegal with capital punishment. We work. Our labor earns us payroll. We need to be in control of our wages for our work. Otherwise, we are mere slaves subject to the whims of the globalist. "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." This quote is attributed to Thomas Jefferson; there is no proof that he ever said it; regardless of who said it, it is 100% true. The next crises will be created by the federal reserve. They will collapse the stock markets, create the greatest market panic our generation has ever seen, and we will have no choice but to give them even more power than they have already been given by current financial crisis. All part of the plan to hand all financial power over to this international banking cartel, with the federal reserve being only one tentacle of this octopus. But before they collapse all of the world markets, they want us to fall even deeper into debt, and more beholding to them by wanting us to spend even more money we don't have on stimulus. And the dow will reach new heights of 30,000 points. I expect this world stock market collapse to occur later in 2021 at the very latest. And the end game is to force the world to abandon national fiat currencies, including the US dollar, in place of this international banking cartel's one-world digital currency. And their world power over the people will increase tremendously, since those that control the money of the world control the people of this world. If you're not stacking food and supplies to the rafters. Well, then you're really not prepared for what's coming. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. 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