Thursday, April 30, 2020

👉 Unemployment To Soar As Small Business Firings Start -- Economic Collapse 2020

The Paycheck Protection Program or PPP was funded with $350 billion in the last stimulus bill, this money is now gone. Of the thirty million small businesses in America, only 1.7 million received money from the 2.3 trillion dollar aid package passed to help sustain America during this difficult time. If the government blew through this money and was only was able to help only around 5% of small businesses it is difficult to think another 250 billion dollars will set things straight. Clearly, because the government made promises it delayed the wave of firing while companies waited for help. The government has failed to keep its promise so now we should expect unemployment to soar as reality sets in. One of the largest problems facing small companies is they are often underfunded and have difficulty getting financing at reasonable rates. Banks find larger companies much more profitable. The sector of the economy most damaged by the covid-19 shutdown is small business. When this is over America will find many small businesses have been decimated and are not able to reopen. Others will never recover and be forced to close within months. Since small businesses employ over 54 million people in America and their importance in the economy should not be underestimated.

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👉Fast March Towards Digital Totalitarianism & Cashless Society !!

👉Fast March Towards Digital Totalitarianism & Cashless Society !!

Money is merely a tool of herd management. The elite want one electronic currency. They are just squabbling on how to go about it. The dollar is already toast at this point. In previous videos, we reported extensively on a push toward de-dollarization by countries like Russia and China and their desire to undermine the ability of the US to weaponize the dollar as a foreign policy tool. Europe was even starting to push to dethrone the dollar as the reserve currency. With the Federal Reserve running the dollar printing press at full speed and the US government expanding the national debt into the stratosphere, there are renewed calls for a currency to replace the dollar as the world reserve. The Federal Reserve Note is pretty much the weapon that the FED has used against the citizens of the United States of America and the world for the last 100 years. It has a tried and true track record as a method of colonization. The Dollar is a weapon for the US, but a source of insecurity for other countries. The currency the world ultimately chooses for global trade must not be one that gives someone privilege while exposing others to insecurity. Because the Fed could turn on the liquidity tap at anytime. All members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have decided to ditch the US dollar in their bilateral trade. That's over 50% of the world population already. This could spiral even further out of control very quickly. If the world decides to dump the dollar, the U.S. will become Congo-level poor overnight. Russia and China have basically completed their own cross-border inter-bank payment systems to settle trades in local currencies. Soon the US will no longer be able to use illegal sanctions to blackmail other countries who use the dollar in trade but refuse to be a US vassal. The most important is a bombshell: a commitment to developing bilateral trade and cross-border payments using the ruble and the yuan, bypassing the U.S. dollar. In turn, America's working class will benefit as that will take away the US government's ability to borrow money & print money with reckless disregard to its responsibilities to the well being of the people at large. The days where the dollar is the reserve currency are numbered. We should be very concerned about this. But we are not. It seems we have sanctioned every country on Earth. Russia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea. The abuse of being the world's reserve currency will come back to haunt us and will be very painful. It seems like those guys on Wall Street could figure this out and tell their puppets in the government to lighten up. The problem isn’t that the US needs a hawkish footing to generate military and industrial spending to keep the plates spinning. The problem is that China also does. America has no true allies anymore. We have bullied the globe for decades to keep our dollar status. It will be interesting to see this play out. The dollar died the day QE1 started. There is no way to stop QE until the dollar hyperinflates. When the US loses reserve currency status, Americans will be shocked by how little their economy actually produces. That is currently happening with the virus. Why do US nurses need to reuse disposable masks and wear trash bags as PPE? Oh, and the military will collapse. No possible way to pay for that imperial mafia without the entire world pitching in. The rest of the world has been propping up America for decades. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Cashless was always part of the plan when this virus was released. If the fractional banking system is broken and the jig is up, put in a new plan. This one will allow for control of every transaction. This is exactly why I believe the end game of this pandemic is to take down our US economy, and our US government finances in order to bring in their long desired, one world currency, owned and controlled by the IMF and the BIS. Out with the US dollar and it's US dominance, and in with their new, one world currency, owned and controlled by the international banking cartel. And all nations will buy into it. And they don't care how many people they have to kill with their disease, all that is important to them is their agenda. World domination by way of the money system. A one-world currency, a one-world banking system, a one-world economy. And eventually, a one-world government with the UN as the central world government. All part of their long desired, new world order. So after this is all over with, and we have a one-world currency, then we will know the truth as to who spread this disease and for what purpose. And I believe before this is all over, the federal reserve will let the markets completely collapse, and this will be the final icing on this coronavirus cake. They will blow out the candles, and their wish for their one world currency will be granted. China and Russia will need to get in line behind the FED if they want to destroy the Dollar. That's been the plan all along. Destroy our economy and debase our currency while transforming us into a socialist-communist country from within via open borders cheap laborers. Wages depreciate while the cost of living expenses increases until the American middle class is strangled to death. They are waging war against cash because cash is the ultimate and last frontier of personal freedom. Imagine how easy creating hyperinflation will be with electronic currency. It is so hard to inflate your way out of a massive deficit with the US Dollar as a world reserve currency in the middle of a mini-depression! The miserable bastards will run out of paper. But outlaw cash, and it can be done with the press of a button. If the war on cash is lost, we are nothing but digital slaves that can be wiped remotely with few clicks on the computer. Rebelling against the chip implant! You can get purged in 5 seconds in cashless. War on cash is plain old tyranny raising its ugly head. If they eliminate cash, then they got us as slaves forever. Your chip can be programmed to only allow you to buy one pack of cigarettes a month, or if you're overweight your food choices will be limited to what the government knows is good for you. And if you speak out about this travesty, they will just turn your chip off permanently. Starvation, stripping guns, and forcing Global Digital Totalitarianism is the #1 objective/agenda. Biometric implants come with cashless societies, and Universal Basic Income will be the free cheese on the government digital slave collar/rat trap. The desire to go cashless is about the desire for total control. Sure enough, government agents and tech vendors are now claiming that cash is “dangerous” because it could contain traces of the coronavirus." Cash is the equivalent of George Carlin's raw sewage swims in the Hudson as a kid : We swam in raw sewage! Cause we swam in raw sewage; It strengthened our immune systems! The polio never had a prayer; we were tempered in raw sewage, said Carlin. This ban cash movement is the biggest/scariest issue of our times. The war on Cash started ten years; it's now just pushed into overdrive. There are so many problems with this. Universal Tracking of everyone and everything, to keep you safe. Your Privacy Rights and Privileges will be removed, to keep you safe. Privacy Rights and Priveledges will be increased for Banking Families to keep them safe. Central Banks are still in the hands of Banking Families. With a digital currency, every dollar will have a code attached to it. Every transaction will be tracked with a complete history as to what your buying habits are. Did you buy ammo, a gun, did you contribute to an anti-establishment political candidate, etc., etc. Via your history, a "social credit score" will be established. Also, negative interest rates are an almost certainty. Fees and or taxes for every transaction will be the norm and will automatically be deducted from your digital account. In short, economic freedom will be a thing of the past. If too much money flows at gold or silver, don’t be surprised at new transfer taxes or paperwork for buying and selling. You know it's bogus the way they rant about how filthy cash is, but god forbid anyone even think about stopping the junk snail mail. Covid-19 can live on Plastic for up to 3 DAYS. So one person at Chick-fil-a coughs in their car and then runs their credit card through the reader. The next Hundred+ people behind them then run it through the exact same reader. Likely Much, Much worse than Cash. The carrier argument against paper cash falls flat because plastic cards are way worse. Central banks and the IMF are all working on new digital currencies today. New in what way, chips that go in your right hand or forehead! Cash is the last frontier, the line between personal freedom and digitally shared information/movement control. Today already the government knows if you buy something without cash, they know where you were at that time, what you bought, etc. It is all in the central database, forever. Of course, the cashless society is a society in slavery. As a practical point, what happens if an EMP wipes out the internet. As an analogy, the internet was gone for a period of time after a hurricane struck Puerto Rico. Only cash or barter was taken for transactions until the towers were restored. Those in power have only one desire, and that is complete control over you. The really sad thing is most people seem to be very willing to give it up to these people on a platter. The ONLY winners of a Cash Free Society will be the Banks and the Government. I cannot understand how the majority of Americans could be so stupid not to want and use Cash for at least some transactions. Imagine a Future without cash money. The power goes off and or you're in a remote area and NO access to the internet. Without Cash dollars, you can't purchase anything. If off for a long time - You're stuffed. Banks can and do charge what they like. Currently charging Businesses often well over 1.3 % for every transaction. Charging customers 3% to access cash from Credit Card + 20% interest! This while paying SFA or around .25% Interest if lucky! Imagine their Glee and the charges in a Cash free World. Freedom will be Lost. We all saw the depravity and greed of the Banks. They're back to doing what they want. Remember, ALL Banks are Bastards. As for the Government; A cashless society would be a Wet Dream coming true. If you play up or become a nuisance, they could deny you access. Accounts could be frozen without reason having to be given. They would have an unlimited overview of your affairs. If this push for cashless is NOT fought strongly, we will be finished as a Free Society. Once you get rid of cash, you threaten civilization itself. People won't put up with the government/ bank eating at their savings when there is no physical cash. People will go to barter, and that will stop society from functioning properly. They cannot stop barter and barter can't be measured or controlled in a cashless society. With endless propaganda spewing out from Mainstream Media ,telling us that banknotes can carry this virus (let alone traces of cocaine, etc.). I can't see any way of preventing the move to a blockchain digital currency run by the government. It will not be Bitcoin. It'll be one that is fully owned and controlled by the State and will contain full audit features, including an "off switch" for anybody who dissents or misbehaves, etc. I see no way to prevent this, and a large majority of people will welcome it. Central Bank Digital Currencies + Decentralized Biometric ID, Equals Digital Totalitarianism. Enjoy your eSlavery for imaginary fake money. Ether Money. True American patriots should start to use only physical money. It cost money to print money. At this rate, it will soon cost more to print then the face values. Bankrupt the bastards! This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

👉The Twilight-zone Economy Resulting From Covid-19 !! -- Economic Collapse 2020

Currently, our economy is caught somewhere in the Twilight-Zone, a place that exists for moments but where wrong decisions often lead to madness. While this is happening a great deal of the population sits at home trying to ignore the reality developing outside their walls. The truth is we will not know where we are until we reach the other side. When that will be is uncertain but do not expect the economy to land on its feet. Hopefully, it will not be as bad as many hyped-up doom-porn forecasters predict, unfortunately, covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on society. This is not intended to be a fluff piece but to hit on some key realities we face going forward. As much as we would like to put this behind us this world altering event is still very much in our face.

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👉Small Business Armageddon - The Middle Class is being Eradicated.

👉Small Business Armageddon - The Middle Class is being Eradicated.

Most small businesses that have applied for COVID relief have yet to see a penny of it while their businesses die on the vine due to the global pandemic. By the time SBA PPP program wraps up, ONLY the big corporate monopolies will have received small business loans. At least 90% of all American small businesses will be left high and dry. Their businesses closed, their workforce laid off, their properties foreclosed. But then, that was the goal from the get-go. We knew from the beginning that this program is designed by cheaters for the cheaters. Bailout money doesn't go to the right people. Trillions, soon to be quadrillions, are being given to wall street and the biggest corporations with no strings attached when the real small businesses are not getting any help. They are bailing out hedge funds instead of helping who really needs help. The Fed has no right to do any of this to us. Yet the Congress, who is complicit in the crimes, looks the other way. Now they have come up with trillions in free money spread thinly among the middle class while all the real money goes to wall street and the corporations that leveraged themselves pigging out on their own stock. There are subsidies everywhere except for the lowly self-employed (no W-2) who are the ones that are still stuck in Obamacare paying 4 figure premiums with no coverage. Corruption is very obvious, yet the people that can fix it are complicit in it. Congress has proven itself one of the most corrupt bodies in history. The largest and most serially fined and prosecuted bank in America, JPMorgan Chase, is borrowing billions from the Fed’s discount window at ¼ of one percent interest. The Fed is offering its repo loans to trading houses on Wall Street at 1/10 of one percent interest. But the loans to small businesses under the CARES Act and Small Business Administration are being made at ten times that amount of interest. Should a small restaurant owner be paying ten times the amount of interest as a giant trading house on Wall Street? The New York Fed has pumped into Wall Street trading houses more than $9 trillion in super cheap repo loans. Those loans began on September 17, 2019 .Four months before the first coronavirus case was reported in the United States and at a time when President Trump was bragging on TV about the unprecedented robustness of the U.S. economy. Retail investors can't sell stocks since they are locked into their 401k's. And the hedge funds are corrupt and getting free money. That stimulus money was never really intended to help small businesses. It was just intended to make it look like they wanted to help them. That's it. The stimulus package was intended to place a fat turkey on the bankster and corporate tables and leave small businesses snapping at each other underneath, waiting for a boney wing to drop off. It is shameful. It was never intended that Small businesses receive anything more than a gnawed over bone or two. The $9 TRILLION and counting US Federal Government and Federal Reserve bailouts are solely for Wall Street and the Corrupt Corporations and Banksters that own both. Hello, Small businesses. The Fed and Government are not going to save you. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Most small businesses have been deemed nonessential. Did you hear that. You are nonessential. They want you dead. Since they can print unlimited dollars, they don't care about your tax dollars. Eradicating small business makes it easier for them to implement their New World Order Medical Tyranny State. Stop whining, you ingrateful defunct small business owners. The printer needs time to warm up. Your emperor Trump only values the rich and the bankers.They've already been paid, so what's the problem. Small Business owners are too free-thinking. They'll make it harder to control the cattle and force them to get their chip and vaccines. Only the top gets Fed bailouts and special tax treatments. In America, there are two ruling classes. The rich and government workers. Everything in between is just feeder fish. The Fed is always doing what the fed does; oppress the saver, make grandpa work till he drops, and thank the grandkids for the loan. Politicians actions, shutting down small business is your first clue. Yes, this is very sinister. Difficult for most of us to understand or comprehend this kind of evil. Most of us are decent people who go along to get along. Our enemy does not feel the same way or operate the same way. It's difficult to fight evil when you are not evil yourself. If you want to save yourself, open up. Call your customers and tell them you are open for business. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern that the government wants the small businesses to borrow money to pay employees who are not working, so they (the government) still collect income tax, payroll tax, and those employees are not collecting unemployment benefits. There is no way the banks are going to forgive those loans if they can keep them on the books. This is a war against the middle class and the small businesses in America. Well, what do you expect? It is money created out of thin air courtesy of the Federal Reserve. And since the US Fed money was backed by nothing, it wouldn’t matter to them if their unlimited printing will bail out their own 1% buddies. And transfer the US sheeple’s hard-earned taxes via the private corporation and tax-collector arm of the Fed, the IRS, to pay for their bailouts. Wakes-wakey sheeple, just keep bending over and accept your government’s rear shafting of your livelihood. The existence of a middle class is a historical aberration. The norm is masses of peasants living on the edge of starvation and a handful of complete monsters who own everything. Instead of Draining the Swamp, the Swamp Is Draining America. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The government is already out of money, and another 250 billion dollars will not go far. Of the thirty million small businesses in America, only 1.7 million received money from the 2.3 trillion dollar aid package. This continues to be a rapidly unfolding disaster. The promise of help from the Paycheck Protection Program delayed mass firings from the 54 million Americans employed by small businesses, but now that the government has failed to come through, the carnage is about to begin. The terms of the PPP call for the LOANS to be paid off in full UNLESS the unpaid balances are forgiven. You can bet that, for most small businesses, the terms of the loan will be so incredibly tough that they will NEVER qualify for the government's forgiveness. But the bankers get bailouts with no strings attached. The banksters working with the multinationals want the small guy out. So they'll financially starve them. Everyone seems to think PPP is a big deal. It is not. Its just PR. The pitch is that you can keep employees, right? What do those employees do while the business is closed? So you borrow money to pay people to do nothing while no revenue comes in. Well then - you say that part of the loan will be forgiven - why give it to me then, why not then just send those employees straight to State unemployment office rather than through payroll. Was it so the employer could withhold taxes, and the state can't? So if I had kept those employees and the government paid for two months of the salaries, what then? Reopen with what will surely be reduced demand and reduced revenue. Would I lay people off immediately then? Or would I wait until I really knew how severe the demand issue would be. All the while, getting feel-good points but losing money, which might ultimately destroy the business entirely. What will that inventory be worth when we are able to reopen. Will it cover the floor plan debt? Will it be worth $10 million less than the floor plan debt? PPP started with a ten-year term. That was dropped to two years at the last minute. Small businesses will take what they can get because it is a matter of survival. But please don't believe this PPP/SBA supports them in any way meaningful. It is just made for TV. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern that the government wants them to borrow money to pay employees who are not working, so the government can still collect income tax, payroll tax, and those employees are not collecting unemployment benefits. The government did this. The virus did not. This is a monumental eff up by our media/political complex. The normal economy is done, folks. Stick a fork in it. Now, we have a Black Market and a market for slaves controlled by the Elites. A lot of small businesses likely need to close at this point. The middle class has always supported the poor and the rich. What happens when the middle class disappears? 90% will be poor, 9% will Be comfortable, and 1% will have it all. The plan is finally coming to fruition. $350 BILLION covered 5% of small business applicants for the 2.5-month payroll plus rent program. That means that 7 TRILLION Dollard would be required to meet all current applicant's loan requests. The usual federal budget is 4.5 TRILLION per year, and the US GDP is about 20 TRILLION. Any small business that thinks they are getting these loans is absolutely crazy. The biggest victim of the Fed Policy is the small saver. Why in the world do we celebrate zero interest rates brought to the country by Princeton economists - Bernanke and Powell. Maybe I missed it, but did Powell explain why he thought the small saver should sacrifice their interest income for the benefit of wealthier interest groups. Why do we allow the globalist to control and bleed our nation dry with a private bank like the Federal Reserve (which is neither federal nor a reserve) is one of the great questions of the day. Trump, or any president in similar circumstances, could simply disband it with an executive order, citing it as a threat to national security and restore full powers to the Treasury Department. A restoration as created by the Founding Fathers. Why is Trump allowing this money grab to continue as real Americans suffer? Why! This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. 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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

👉 Are You Ready For The Greater Depression ?!

For those of you that were expecting just a “deep recession”, I am afraid that you are going to be very disappointed. It took years for the U.S. economy to fully unravel in the 1930s, but now we have witnessed a similar level of economic devastation in just a matter of weeks. More than 26 million Americans have already lost their jobs, economic activity has come to a standstill, people are lining up for miles at food banks all over the nation, and businesses are being permanently shuttered at a staggering pace. But the good news is that some states will attempt to “reopen” their economies in the weeks ahead. In most instances, there will be several stages before all of the restrictions are finally lifted, and that means that economic suffering will be stretched out for an extended period of time. And of course if cases and deaths start spiking again we could see another wave of strict lockdowns all over the country, and needless to say that would greatly escalate this economic downturn.

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👉The Financial Crash Has Only Begun. This is The Worst Economic Collapse in History !!

👉The Financial Crash Has Only Begun. This is The Worst Economic Collapse in History !!

The Crash Has Only Just Begun. The Federal Debt is at an all-time high, and the average individual is broke and living paycheck to paycheck. Cheap money is the only thing propping up the Economy. Fake money from the Fed. The American standard of living was based on the petrodollar pricing monopoly, which is now gone with the wind. This thing is going to get really ugly, and the things the government is doing to help is only going to make it worse. We are now in a negative feedback loop, beginning with small businesses going out of business and their properties sitting empty. The loans on those properties will go into default. Property prices will fall as lenders try to recover at least some of their losses by selling below market. The falling of property values will wipe out property equity of other businesses causing the weaker ones to have credit problems and eventually fail also. Much of our economy is service-based, and much of these services are basically nonessential. People now being paid more to be on unemployment than to work will not want to lose money by going back to work, making it that much harder on small businesses. By the time the government stops paying people more to collect unemployment than work, many small businesses will be broke and gone. Bigger corporate-owned businesses who have gotten slammed by this crisis will be looking at replacing workers with automation wherever they can. Machines do not get quarantined, sick, or transmit the disease to customers. By the time these unemployment programs run out, many of the jobs people are looking to return to will be gone forever. Only criminal syndicates get the bailout; they are the backbone of this psychopath parasitic debt-based system. 50 Million people are still waiting for their 1200 dollars, but Mnuchin's corrupt friends received 10s of trillions in an instant. It is a race to the bottom as the death spiral tightens up. The vicious cycle feeds on itself. More businesses die, can't pay back loans, more employees gone. Those loans are only forgiven if you keep all employees. With business cut by 75%, it will be impossible to do, and if cut 100%, well, it's game over. We ain't seen anything yet. Wait till the supply lines are completely FUBAR, and people have run out whatever money they can pull down in the next couple of months. Continuous layoffs as more businesses fold - rampant inflation for those goods still in supply. It will be like taking a Wall Street toff heroin junkie and throwing him in detox without so much as a candy bar and a cigarette. At some point, we're going to hit either a Grid/Net down condition, a complete supply chain break, or some hungry people start pillaging. The 2020 shitshow is just beginning. I can't even visualize how bad it will be. This is The worst economic collapse in history. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The new normal will be anything but normal. There will never be a complete return to the old way of life. WE CAN'T RESTART IN A NORMAL WAY! Six feet or 2-meter distancing. You can scratch about half of all business offices. I have no idea how I'll do that. Everybody in home office? It doesn't work. And because everybody has the same problems, not a single company can work at 100%. 30% if they're lucky. And how do you do that with your expense budgets and salaries all calculated at a normal way of working! Fire 60%? And how do you give the same service? What if everybody fires 60%, how about the purchasing power? We can't work like this. You can't change these structures just because you want to. And the longer they wait to give workable solutions, this situation will get worse. And keeping everybody at home with free money, not on this planet. Eventually, inflation will force everybody out, and only idiots believe this will last forever, and there are a lot of idiots like that. It is doubtful GM and Ford can last three more months even if they resume limited production. Even with bailouts, Boeing may not make it either, or GE. They all did stock buybacks to make the wealthy top 10% even richer. Now they are all nearly dead. Nothing saved for an emergency. The automakers won't be able to give their vehicles away. They will sit rusting in empty lots across the U.S. while the fools in congress come up with another "cash for clunkers' genius idea. You can bet these companies all have huge bank loans, bond issues, and massive pension liabilities. They cannot pay on any of that. No way. Will congress let them all go bankrupt as they should? The banks are already seeing the handwriting on the wall. The big banks will all need bailouts again. The Fed can pump the stock market up with more Trillions, but the rot is still there underneath. All the phony new stuff just gets piled on top of the rot, and it all decays away together. If we open it all up and COVID wave two hits us hard, we may not make it through. The financial nonsense(money-printing/credit creation ON THE SCALE) of the last couple of months illustrates the root problem of our economy and why things will only get worse. 99.99% of the population has completely LOST the connection between "real money" and "real wealth." It really is that simple. And anyone who knows the history of money, "real money" and how it functions in the trade of real goods and services in a free market, knows what I mean. Borrowing money isn’t the same as income. That’s a hard lesson for many people and companies. The stock market is and always has been a pyramid scheme. Nothing is real. Why does it even matter if the market is up...? Unless you're an insider, your exit timing will suck if still in the casino. I don't even pay attention to the "market." It's dead, rotting and stinking. Watch the real world. Things cracking. Supply chains. Meats, gas, Toilet Paper. They blamed the Toilet Paper shortage on hoarders. It'll be fine in a week. Right! Gas? Just shot up 40 cents a gallon. 1.38 to 1.79. The real world is where we live.The stock market is dreamland. Pork has exploded in price this week. Already. The market is going to crash. I guarantee it. What you have to understand is that everything has two values. An intrinsic value, which is what something is actually worth based on its fundamentals, and a perceived value based on what people think something is worth based on speculation. Depressions happen when the perceived value of assets gets too far out of line with reality. At some point, people stop believing a house is worth half your life's earnings or that a stock is worth 50 or 100 years of best-case scenario earnings. This is the same old game being played out over and over again. It is no different than when 400 years ago people believed tulips were worth more than gold. At least until they stopped believing. This what Central Banks are FOR. It always was what they were for. Too many believe fancily printed notes or, worse, computerized digits are wealth. They are simple minds, apparently incapable of conceiving of symbolism. So when the symbols geometrically increase, their simple minds tell them that the things thusly symbolized must have increased simultaneously. And they cannot conceive how the symbols are given at no cost Rob them. Currency is symbolic. When the symbols increase faster than physical goods, the owners of goods are being robbed. It is so simple. There's a madness in the world, for it to be possible to misunderstand it. The Fed Operates under the illusion that it will buy everything if required. It's psychology--bluffing. What they have already done and will do in the future-- is a small fraction of what is required to stop the crash and reset that is to come. They know that. But they have convinced fools that they have such real power. All the Fed can do is bluff to borrow more time. The time is running out. We will pay the price for our stupidity and the Fed's insanity, which has allowed their close circle of friends -the one per-centers to get phenomenally rich by looting the rest of us. At some point, this whole house of cards is going to collapse. Fake Everything from our Elected liars and money printers. The only thing that matters in this Plandemic is the fast march towards Digital Totalitarianism . Because when this is all done, we will all be living in a cashless society, with some truly pissed off serfs running around wanting some revenge, and bad too! That's not even mentioning the gripping depression, poverty, and food shortages. While Market and economic crashes come and go. What we're facing here is a spiritual, social and societal crash. We're disintegrating and losing social cohesion. Wealth is simply not possible under such circumstances. Even Henry Ford acknowledged the social need for high paying jobs and how it would benefit his company. We're losing everything that makes wealth possible. The greatest error in national history was allowing the Fed to come into being and not abolishing it once we figured out the FED did not have the American's best interest in mind. What's happening today just validates my theory that the dollar has already collapsed, BRICS have pulled the plug on the dollar and are using the Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System as their global clearing system bypassing SWIFT. The virus is a cover for this HUGE financial global transition. The role of the propaganda media is to hide the Truth and provide a cover to explain why rapid inflation is on its way. If people knew the dollar is toast, you would have PANIC. If they think it's because of a fake pandemic, they stay inside glued to the TV watching celebrities eating gourmet ice cream and cooking and dancing in their kitchens. How and when the FED unloads all of the stock and bonds they have on their balance sheet is a good question. Then it's over. And I do mean OVER. Grow up. Be independent. Learn how to live without all the crap you think you must have. "F" the 'Joneses', you don't need to keep up with them. Once a debt slave, most likely always a debt slave. Can't pay a bill? Do without. Dump the friggin' fancy-phone for a cheap one. Horror of horrors, a land-line. Pay something towards your utilities. You'll find it amazing, but, usually, a half-payment will keep things on for a month or so. Eat less, cook more at home. Make your own goddamned coffee!!! It's much cheaper. Drive less even though gas is cheaper. You don't need a subscription service to watch a movie. Borrow a DVD from a buddy. Loan what you got in return. Read a book. Do a physical hobby. If you own land, start farming. I started this on a property I own as a hobby . And because the food tasted way better than the stores, Now I think I might need to feed people with it. Save someone, you know. Don't let them go homeless. Let them live with you and take care of them. Lets vote to eliminate property tax on building extra dwellings on your property so you can save your friends from sleeping in their cars. If God has blessed you, then save as many as you can. This is going to get bad and what good is being self-sufficient if your friends fall. Financial nonsense is not the economy. Go out and work; do something productive. Gold in US dollar terms has gone up 550% in the last twenty years. Silver, in US dollar terms, has gone up 230% What else do you need to know? We need to return to our Heritage-American 'Main-Street Economy', and get rid of this contrived house of cards/debt 'Wall Street Casino Economy.' that benefited only the banksters, and our politicians all bought and paid for with the middle-class wealth. Some may be wondering why the Fed has targeted the middle class. Because as Willie Sutton once replied when asked why he robbed banks. "Because that's where the money is." The Globalist don't want more money. They do want maximum control. By continuing to impoverish the masses, they aim to keep the masses from causing any trouble. Smother, all spontaneously rebellions by reducing us to survival mode. To accomplish this, they're quite happy to all kill geese laying golden eggs, which they ratcheted into high gear after 2008. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends!

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Monday, April 27, 2020

👉The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking -- Economic Collapse 2020

When meat processing facilities started shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic, we were initially told not to worry because the facilities that were still operating normally would be able to make up the difference. But now all of that has changed. As you will see below, even the mainstream media is beginning to use the phrase “meat shortages”, and we are being told to brace for supply chain disruptions all over America. Hopefully any “shortages” will only last for a few months, and hopefully supply chain disruptions will disappear later this year as the pandemic fades. But this is yet another example that shows how exceedingly vulnerable our system has become, and it makes one wonder what will happen once a crisis even worse than this pandemic comes along.

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👉Food Banks Run - Breadlines - Planned Starvation of America !!

👉Food Banks Run - Breadlines - Planned Starvation of America !!

Experts are warning that pandemic is putting the world at risk of widespread famines of biblical proportions. There are growing concerns about food supplies in America. Especially in the meat industry as meatpacking plants are shutting down. Food lines are growing across the nation, as food shortage and hunger crisis develop. The fastest-growing businesses in America today are food-banks. But as supplies tighten and demand soars, many food banks have closed for lack of supplies, donations, and volunteers. The ones that remain open are squeezed between short supplies and surging demand from needy families as the pandemic has put more than 26,5 million Americans out of work. Food shortages are already starting to develop as food banks are overwhelmed with hungry people. An unprecedented volume of Americans are flooding food banks. And this is just the beginning of the beginning. It's going to get a lot uglier in the months ahead. In March alone food banks nationwide distributed more than Three hundred seventy-nine million meals, a 20 percent jump. Fifty-four million Americans could go hungry due to the pandemic, including 18 million children.26.5 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in five weeks as the economy crashes into depression. In Los Angeles, 50% of the people are unemployed. Millions of Americans struggling to put food on the table, food processing plants are struggling to get food to them with 51 COVID related closures just in one part of the Midwest. There is a 100 percent increase in foodbank demand in New York, for example. The American Holodomor is coming. There is no rational basis for closing the slaughterhouses over a few cases of the virus, just as we don't close them every year over the flu. We are getting played, folks. They are testing and shutting down critical parts of the food supply chains. And not shutting down the real vectors of the virus, like the post office and Amazon. Everyone cooks their chicken before eating. Nobody cooks their mail. This is a deliberate attack on the food supply chain for the American people. Nothing is more tyrannical than threatening people with starvation. People need to be taking care of themselves. But on a positive note, this is your opportunity to learn to become self-sufficient and grow your own food in your own garden. And if you have enough land, raise your own chickens. The US Government and bankers stole your pension, savings, and future, and they are about to starve you. Food and water are the ultimate weapons. This is what happens when the Government will pay people more to call in sick than to work. The processing plant sits empty. And the grocery store meat and fresh produce aisles sit empty. Any doubts that the government is the problem and not the solution should be laid to rest. This is reminding me of stories from the old Soviet Union. Gross mismatch of available resources. Why are we paying 26 Million unemployed to sit at home watching TV, while at the same time we are destroying our food supply due to lack of workers? But again, how else can you crash an economy if you don’t bribe unskilled labor to stay home. How does food processing not come under an essential job and, therefore, still remain open? So between higher food prices, unemployment, and harder times ahead, they somehow thought, "let's kill all our livestock and burn them in a pile!" I believe the concept at play is called "Ransom." Either conform to the emergent technocracy, take the shot and eat bugs, or defend your freedom and end up being transported off to the camps. Don't want to starve? You'll take that vaccine and chip, whether you like it or not. A large farm has turned to "depopulation" this month after processing plants were unable to accept chickens because of reduced capacity. Depopulation? - Are we talking about chickens or humans? We are the same thing, I guess. Global Farms Cull Millions Of Americans Amid Virus Related Soylent Green Shortages At Federal Reserve Processing Plants. Folks have no idea of the extraordinary evil about to be unleashed on the planet. Even when they see it, they won't comprehend it. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Before the pandemic, 1 in 7 Americans relied on food banks; Now, the demand has tripled. Millions of Americans are lining up for food. Meanwhile, Millions of tons of food is rotting in the fields. Farmers are destroying produce, dumping milk, and culling livestock because the pandemic has upended supply chains, making it impossible for many to get crops to market. We have long, food-bank lines and farmers destroying food. The problem is linking all of them together. The National Guard has been deployed to the nation's food banks to ensure food supply chain networks are not severed, and that the logistical pipelines of food to these facilities can continue dishing out care packages to the working poor. But how about deployments at meatpacking facilities and dairy's, chicken farms, etc.? How about helping planting and harvesting? Or is this a PLANNED famine? Is this the Department of Homeland Holodomor. The Fear-mongering Caused Irreversible Damage to the Economy. So many Americans are food insecure now. Food banks in desperate need. We already have food bank runs, also called breadlines across the country. Food prices at the store are skyrocketing. People are literally starving and going broke. Farmers are upset they can't get the migrant workers here to pick the crops. They are now Dumping Food While Americans Starve. Farmers should plant 50% less with this ongoing attack on small businesses. Half the restaurants will never open part of the plan of these in power again to reduce the middle class and make the rich richer. Beef, Pork, and Chicken plants being shut down everywhere. This sounds like a prearranged food shortage. This is a manufactured food crisis. Farmers have very high-cost inputs. To package, transport, and then donate their crops would cause further hardship for the farmers, most likely bankrupting them. What is happening to the Food Industrial Complex is nothing short of a demand collapse, and like oil, there is no place to put all the output the industry is designed to produce. They lock you all up and take away your jobs and money. They go on TV and lie about sending you $1,200, while their buddies get Billions. And as a final insult, they have armed Americans guarding the food banks supply. Food as a weapon. This is what governments do to enslave their own citizens into submission. This could also be an experiment to see how we react how easy we are to be controlled by the few in order to implement another controlled narrative. Quarantine is what you do to restrict the movement of a sick person. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of a healthy person. Covid19 is the biggest scapegoat of all time. The real virus that’s spreading is fear, False Evidence Appearing Real! The greater threat is not the virus, but it's the attack on our civil liberties. Once you relinquish your freedom and Liberty, it's hard to get them back. We may never get back our civil liberties. We are borrowing against our children's future in order to lock down society to prevent severe flu from passing through our general population. Many layers to this agenda. But one question is, where will all the money come from? We have already entered WW3, and just don't know it yet. It is a war against We The People. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Food stamps is where they hid the modern-day breadlines until Covid-19 came along. New reality. We are going full communist with bread lines now. The Bolsheviks game plan for starvation. All by design. They are going to get the inflation they wanted one way or another; Massive food inflation. Food processors are a target of the FED as part of the Stop, Reset, Collapse, Restart. Put controls on food supplies to scare the sheeple. They want to double the price of food. $25K checks could have been drafted for every American with the 8 trillion bailouts. Instead, the multinational corporations & the banks were given free money to bolster the stock market so Trump could still stay on top of the race for the 2020 election. Way to "Make America Great Again"; yeah, just like we were during the Great Depression. Food consumption in this country is like it's oil consumption, excessive and wasteful, and unsustainable. Life in the US over the last 50 years has developed into a wasteful, unsustainable world of imagination and not reality. People eat meat three times a day, every day. Personally, I am a vegetarian. The reality is, if Americans had to raise, kill, clean, and cook even 30% of the meat they eat, the world would be a much different place. These abominations they call farms where animals are processed assembly-line style by the millions were never going to be a long term event. People are dreaming that they think they could live this way "forever." I believe The globalist are forcefully implementing what they knew was about to happen anyway. Massive collapse in energy (oil, food) production as it was unsustainable. This could result in a massive "culling" of humanity. There is a force at work here much greater than Washington DC. Better wake up and plan accordingly. We are only at the beginning of this meltdown. Imagine things as bad as you can and then add another 10%. All the previous depression people are dead and gone. We alive today, can't even imagine the pain that is coming. During the great depression, in the 1930s, with only a tenth of America's current population, game animals were hunted to near extinction. Within a few months, you'll be down to hunting cats and dogs. Food banks and charities used to be done by private organizations like Churches. Just look at the sad state of affairs we are in as a nation. The government has destroyed everything we hold dear to our hearts, including charity and caring for those in need. They make us throw good food away because of "food regulations" and then create shortages by way of regulation. They are to be blamed for every ailment in this country. Second, food shock coming as restaurants prepare to open. Massive waste after they finally get stocked at higher prices, and no customers show up. To be clear, this issue was not caused by the COVID 19. This issue was caused by federal and state governments shutting down all businesses and putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work. Combine that with shutting down all of the food plants because someone had the sniffles. Never, ever, ever has the government just shut down the food supply because of the flu. This is all engineered. Food as a weapon. This is what governments do to enslave their own citizens into submission! This is a PLANNED famine. First, they came for the pigs, and I didn’t say anything because I’m not a, well anyway I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the chickens, and I didn’t say anything because I’m not a, well, anyway again I didn’t say anything. They came for the milk cows, and I didn’t say anything because I’m not a, well figuratively speaking maybe. Then they came for the beef cattle, and I didn’t say anything because I’m not beef cattle. By the time they came for the soy, there was no one left to protest. This was The Atlantis Report. 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Sunday, April 26, 2020

👉America is on its Way to Becoming Another Venezuela: Hyperinflation & The Death of The Dollar !!

👉America is on its Way to Becoming Another Venezuela: Hyperinflation & The Death of The Dollar !!

The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented economic crisis in American history; the share scale of it is far beyond anyone's expectations. The biggest cities are shutdown; Stock markets are in freefall, Tens of millions of pounds of American-grown produce is rotting in fields while food banks are scrambling to meet a massive surge in demand. The housing prices are falling. Everything is falling. It is over. Restaurants are Done, Food Service Companies are Done, Pro sports sare Done, Big Entertainment Concerts shows are done. Game Over. Complete Collapse. The outbreak wreaked economic havoc on a magnitude not seen since the Great Depression. America is now broke and on its own. There will be no recovery. There will be austerity mingled with chaos. Americans are going to get to see a Venezuelan style societal failure up close and personal. With 40% unemployment and surging inflation. The elephant in the room is the debt bubble. America is trillions in the hole. The real crash is yet to come: when investors realize interest rates will be low forever and inflation picks up.No one but the US government will want dollar-denominated debt. The Dollar’s Days Are Now numbered, and The Fed Knows it. That's why the printing presses are on it day and night. They are trying to delay it for as long as possible. Now they can't; it is totally out of their hands. They know we have reached the end of their monetary experiment that started in 1913 when gold used to be one to one with the US Dollar. Since then, the dollar has depreciated by almost 97%. We are witnessing the remaining 3% evaporating before our own very eyes. The debts will never be repaid. They will migrate us to a new monetary system. The balance sheet will be cleared as a result of migration. The awful effect will, of course, be hyperinflation due to the effect of so much money in circulation. Watch the drama unfolds. The biggest problem is ultimately going to be food. They are shutting down plants because a handful of workers might test positive or have symptoms. Instead of telling the sick workers to stay home, as we do with the flu, we shutter the whole plant indefinitely. Well, guess what is happening. Farmers don't have anywhere to bring their pigs or poultry to get processed, and they have to euthanize them. They can't afford to feed them because they have no income. And they are killing the piglets because they can't raise them. So the pork plant is closed because of a handful of COVID cases , and the pork supply is reduced. And then when the pork plant workers are healthy again, there won't be any pigs to process, because the farmer had to kill them all. This is nothing short of a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of the global food supply/ economy/ monetary / commerce system. America is a debt-fueled fantasy world so detached from reality that it boggles the mind of anyone paying attention. But as long as the world continues to believe the lie, we still can do as we please. People are still optimistic. Just wait until they see how weak demand is for everything, and companies continue to operate at a loss despite being bailed out. Our big, bloated, overbearing federal government is already pushing for digital currency and microchipped subjects (I mean citizens). If you are not turning your dollars into physical gold or silver, you are going to get wiped out. Unless you like having to take a wheelbarrow full of money to the corner store to buy something like a pack of gum, if that's your thing, then go for it. I am thinking that the political/bankster elites will start clamoring to default on the public debt owed to China as "reparations" for COVID-19. When that happens, it's your signal that the doors are slamming shut on the fiat dollar forever. An economy cannot survive on bailouts forever. At some point, people have to produce actual goods and services. We are way passed a recession now, and debt to GDP is exploding as debt is rising because GDP is falling. The average credit card holder has at least four cards. On average, each household with a credit card carries $8,398 in credit card debt. Total U.S. consumer debt is at $13.86 trillion. That includes mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and student loans. The Americans are now so mired in debt that the elite will continue to carry on draining the pot as they have done with the repo. Bailing out working- and middle-class Americans, though, is an absolute non-starter for the ruling elite. The upper crust will throw around vacuous catch phrases, like the deliciously ironic “moral hazard,” to make their argument, which is pretty rich considering the vermin on Wall Street and their cronies on Capitol Hill are so morally bereft, it is a hazard to all humanity. Sad to say USA is a total mess. Local small businesses are losing a ton of money. -Sales have dropped to nothing even if they are fully open. -They are being buried in new Government regulations. -They have piles of forms for financial aid that are complex and overwhelming. -Even if all the small businesses were allowed to open today, the Mainstream media FEAR PROPAGANDA is keeping the Sheeple at home. All by design to keep the people enslaved and in fear. And no more small businesses, as the big corporations, will take over. This virus is to distract you from the FACT that next year, no matter who is president, we will be faced with inflation that would make Paul Volcker shutter in his wingtip shoes. The debt was bad enough, but adding 2.2 trillion of WASTE on to it and more in the shadows....well. Take that to the banks. America is on its way to becoming another Venezuela. MANY parts of the USA are already Venezuela. This is a big country. But as one traverses this great majestic land, one quickly realizes that there is INDEED two America's. I travel to places where folks been suffering through the "great depression" for, oh, I dunno, the last forty, 50 years .. Then again, there are the cities, many resembling Dresden, after the firebombing. Tent cities outback of the Walmart. Folks sleeping in their cars down by the river. A record number of millennials moving back with moms and pops (or never left). Except, in that case, there is no longer a farm to work. Yes, sports fans, "there will always be the poor among us." Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Shutting down someone's livelihood or business is the same as seizing it. The government required to provide just compensation for its seizures. Of course, the seizures are also illegal, so the government not only has to pay, but they must also be sent to jail. When you and I go to court with our demands, the governments will argue that there were no orders and that all the behavior was voluntary. That means protecting your rights and your livelihood. You must go back to work; otherwise, they will say you voluntarily destroyed yourself. This is not a stretch. This is coming. I did not volunteer for any of it. Nor should you. For those who have paid any attention, you got screwed in 2008, when the housing bubble popped. That is when this money printing, bank, and corporate bailout madness started, and it is what inflated the stock markets over the past decade. The Fed is who inflated the housing bubble and was the Fed that reinflated the recent debt bubble, which popped in January by the way, and the air is still draining from that bubble. There is no possible way to reinflate it, so don't get your hope's up, and here is why. Nothing was fixed after the housing bubble popped; it was all covered up with inflation or "Expansion of the Money Supply." Now, we have enormous amounts of money chasing too few products, as no one is making anything, as millions of people are now out of work and about to lose everything. If anyone thinks all of this unemployment and economic decline is going to drive stock prices, which were already incredibly overpriced, and are still expensive, they need their heads examined. What the Fed is doing now is simply pissing good money after bad ideas, and the end result will be catastrophic. For those who want to make money, buy physical gold. It is already up 30+%in 2020 while most everything else is down 30% and it is going a lot higher. The American economy had been like a dying star. A star dies when it starts to expand, burning up its own mass instead of generating its energy in a sustainable way. The star keeps burning away more and more of its mass, becoming less and less dense until it cannot support the burning. It stops burning and collapses into a black hole. Greenspan's liquidity had diluted up the asset values with all kinds of financial products, derivatives, rehypothecation, securitization, bulldust, etc. A solid asset-based economy had been hollowed out and expanded. Liquidity had kept the economy expanded like a dying star, and as a Ponzi, the next liquidity pump must be exponentially bigger than the one before. In 2008, for a start, at least $25 trillion was created and 'loaned' out to all the banks in the world. This time The Fed must create at least $50 trillion to $250 trillion for a start to stop the collapse. If you study deep history, you would understand what is really going on—this isn't well-intentioned foolishness. This economic collapse is a part of a very long term plan that the European banks have used to usurp entire continents by monetary policies and central banks. It started around the Renaissance in Venice and was moved to Spain as the Americas were colonized. Then for a short time, Holland was involved, then England ruled the waves with their Navy and has really never relinquished financial control although America was a proxy military through today. The banks' final prize is, you guessed it, China!. That's it in short. It's All been engineered. Patterns are VERY telling. If you've read Jared Diamond's book, Guns Germs and Steel, you would see a repeated pattern utilized by European colonists throughout the age of discovery, i.e., guns, germs, and steel. Now, if you study the rise of banking, which had its seminal point in the early middle ages with the Knights Templars and the Vatican putting usury on ALL transactions through their bankers, you would see the greedy human pattern repeated over and over. Now forward to Waterloo and the banking interests betting on both sides and through this owning ALL banking House's that mattered on the planet right up to today. We need the gold standard back! Otherwise, the financial industry will eat the rest of the economy, like any other predator. Honest money (gold, silver) can't be manipulated like currency. America will never be the same; the takedown of America was planned decades ago. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. 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Saturday, April 25, 2020

👉 Taxation is Theft -- Economic Collapse 2020

A few years ago, I suggested that taxation be stopped altogether. With so many people no longer concerned about deficit spending the idea now seems more viable. With so many people thinking that deficit government spending helps drive the economy at some point our leaders and those across the globe might want to give us taxpayers a break. Why not stop taxation entirely? Just End It! Such a policy would go a long way to diminish the divide polarizing our nation.

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👉States Bankruptcies Are The Next Shoe to Drop-America will Follow !!

👉States Bankruptcies Are The Next Shoe to Drop-America will Follow !!

States Bankruptcies are the next shoe to drop. The Pandemic has triggered a severe state budget crisis, the full magnitude of which is not yet evident. State revenues are declining precipitously while costs are rising sharply. States across America have seen their revenues dropping as revenues from income tax and sales tax are falling. Many are going to have to make significant cuts fast unless the federal government does more to step in. Thirty-one states rely on income taxes as their most significant sources of revenue, but fewer Americans will have paychecks coming in because of the outbreak, meaning a decrease in tax revenue. Some states such as Florida and Washington have no income tax and rely on sales tax, but those revenues have also taken a hit. State budget shortfalls this time around could total more than $500 billion in a single year. Cities and states across the country are now sounding the alarm. About 70 percent of tax revenue for states comes from sales and income taxes. And given that economic activity has been brought to a stop across much of the country — thousands of businesses have closed, millions of people have been laid off — you can start to see the problem. There is no question that sales tax revenue has completely fallen off the table, so that is about one-third of state revenues that are completely collapsing, and then income taxes are also falling rapidly with all those people getting laid off. And with the stock market decline, that means that quarterly tax payments that wealthy people and corporations pay will be lower. That is two primary revenue sources that are in very sharp decline, much steeper than anything from the Great Recession. Another group of states face a double threat. States with a high concentration of oil-related industries are seeing a decline in economic activity and tax collections due to plunging oil prices on top of COVID-19-related effects and the recession. Blue states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California are all basically bankrupt, brought to this point by their voters who think there is free lunch to pay for massive government salaries and pensions. How many pension millionaires are there in these states! Way too many. Why would other states bail them out !. The millions of people that would be getting hurt would be the taxpayers in states that didn't need a bailout. Let's socialize the debt of New York, California, and Illinois. Every American owes it to every other American to make sure. They might have made bad choices, but we are all in this together. Next year no state budget will be too large for the taxpayers of the rest of the country to subsidize. Every state worker earned his/her pension, so the rest of us have to guarantee it. McCabe wouldn't retire until he had his retirement secured. After all the pension is the goal of every government worker, sitting at his desk, five days a week, staring at a government computer, waiting to go home after 3:00, waiting for the weekend off, waiting until he/she can retire with a $2 million pension. Yeah, we should guarantee more of that. Wall Street are the ultimate predators, but the public sector unions aren't far behind. They get guaranteed percentage gains and six-figure pensions. In Silicon, all the tech companies either made it or didn't, and there were no bailouts. That is the way it supposed to work. No bailout in actual Capitalism. All government employees should have never gotten more than $50,000 per year pension. Anything over that is pure lunacy! Open up the economy and no bailouts to any government or corporation. Ten trillion more dollars already gone up in smoke and added to our debt. Forget the states, America as a whole is going to default soon. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took a hard line Wednesday against more funding for state and local governments. He suggested in interviews Wednesday that Democrats are trying to get the federal government to essentially bail out state and local governments for bad decisions they made related to public pension obligations and other sources of expensive debt. "I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route," McConnell told Hugh Hewitt in a radio interview. "It saves some cities. And there's no good reason for it not to be available. My guess is their first choice would be for the federal government to borrow money from future generations to send it down to them now, so they don't have to do that. That's not something I'm going to be in favor of." What McConnell doesn't know is that the U.S. Constitution has no allowance for states to file bankruptcy. A city can, but not a state. It's called a default, it's not legal, and the debts are still binding. We are so freaking doomed. To allow this to happen would require a new Constitutional Amendment. It is stupid to amend title 11 and allow individual states to be eligible for bankruptcy protects, enabling them to discharge unpaid state debts and liabilities. Besides moral hazard, it just passes back losses of outstanding debts to banks, pension funds as whole owning state bonds, to other owners or investors of state debts. Let's just bail everyone out by printing money, and if not, just make it legal not to pay back debts, government, corporate, and individual alike. A clear recipe in itself to destroy economy in as much as state shutdowns of business. Bankruptcies mean haircuts for bondholders. Legacy pension and healthcare obligations mean it is inevitable. We can bail them out, But they will just be back again in a few years asking to be bailed out again. What would Declaring bankruptcy accomplish? More unpaid debtors who would now refuse to do any more business with the state unless they are paid cash in advance. Tens of thousands of pensioners who would come up with ingenious ways to get their money back from the state. Untold numbers of investors who would not buy bonds again for fear of getting burned. All of this being suggested by one of the politicians who voted to limit bankruptcy for average citizens during the credit reform act. Debt jubilee is about the only way out of this one. These are gruesome times, but they believe they have the tech tools to control the entire population upon an involuntary basis, so they are going for it because they are facing the chop after the final straw of total incompetence. Politicians won't do it until it hits 40 or 50 trillion. Then they will run away to New Zealand or somewhere where the pitchforks can't get to them. Decades of election bribes to unions for new government jobs, with double-time pay, over hiring, health coverage for life, and full salary pensions have resulted in these states bankruptcies. That's what happens when you elect narcissistic fools who have never had a real job, ran a business, and know absolutely nothing about how the real world works. In the real world, FAILURE is how we are held accountable and learn from our mistakes. Governors have been in bed with unions to promise pensions that cannot ever be paid unless they get a federal bailout. NEVER were the pensions feasible. The political lying class was complicit with unions and employees to make sure the contributions were artificially low while the payouts were gamed by focusing on the highest-earning year, which was PACKED with overtime hours. This is PURE CORRUPTION, and now they want to be bailed out. They are trying to socialize the costs while reaping the benefits. Ditto private enterprise. The pension funds were based on an 8% rate of return. That's the line Wall Street was selling in the 1980s in order to privatize the pensions (and get their hands on the money). No pension fund can come anywhere close to that rate of return. Hence, bankruptcies. The states should have to be made to pay for their transgressions. Each one of these States are in trouble based on the decisions they have made. On the one hand, Governors-General, like Cuomo and Inslee, claim that the states are the supreme pillars of the sovereignty in the nation, that they - and only they - will determine their own fate and that they - and only they - are calling the shots. On the other hand, they hold the cup with which to beggar from the national government. They chose to overpay their workers and over-promise pensions, for political gain, while well-run states made better choices. To bail them out is to REWARD lousy decision making. The States will just continue the same behavior that got them in such a sorry shape. Think of all of the state and municipal bonds that would default, or be worth fractions of a penny after bankruptcy court. Public employee pensions ultimately wrote off or paid a tiny fraction of what the public employee unions negotiated. The Blue states made a mess of their balance sheets, and the blue voters keep re-electing the blue politicians. Reap what you sow. Going to be a whole bunch of retired state employees pulling in fat pensions before they turned 50 who are about to begin looking for employment. Breaks my heart. The government-mandated economic decline affects all economic activities, including state and municipal operations and revenues. If the state and lost municipal revenues are not restored as they have been for businesses and households, then there will be a massive wave of municipal bond defaults. The Municipal bond market is vast, including issuing authorities that have the notorious pension liabilities, while the majority do not. For example, revenue bonds for housing, hospitals, utilities, transportation, etc... The Republicans should be wise and fair enough to craft a relief package for state and municipal operations that excludes funding for pensions but does provide revenue continuity for economically useful and necessary activities .Especially after the Republicans exuberantly bailed out corporate executive parasites, hedge funds, etc. By the way, BOTH of the monopoly political parties are immoral social parasites. They'd have to change the Constitution or do what they always do. We wouldn't be in this mess if we stuck to the Constitution. If silver and gold were the only monetary instruments, then we wouldn't be dealing with a debt-based Ponzi scheme. States do not have to declare bankruptcy. States can merely repudiate their debt. States are sovereign. Unsecured lenders would have no recourse against a sovereign state. The king can do no wrong. A State filing for bankruptcy confesses it is a business and not a sovereign. Sovereigns go insolvent, and the lenders are stuck. Businesses go bankrupt. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends!

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Friday, April 24, 2020

👉The Coming Economic End Game This Will End Badly -- Economic Collapse 2020

The wonderful thing about numbers is that when they are not jockeyed, jerked around, and falsified they tend to tell the truth. Continuing on this thought looking down the road the numbers do not work. This is where the late, Allen Meltzer, recognized for his wisdom and achievements in economics, enters the story. Meltzer was a professor of political economy at Carnegie Mellon University and a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution. He authored the three-volume “A History of the Federal Reserve” and for over 25 years he chaired the Shadow Open Market Committee, a group that meets regularly to discuss the policy of the Federal Reserve.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

👉2020 Orwellian World On Steroids-- Greatest Depression but Everything was Planned !!

👉2020 Orwellian World On Steroids-- Greatest Depression but Everything was Planned !!

It is quite a mess out there as they managed to shut down the global economy. We lost our freedom and liberty. This mass hysteria is totally overblown. It is all media hype. Welcome to the New World Disorder. The global economy was already slowing down dramatically, now they killed it, the psychopathic sick politicians. I think that the media is overstating and that the government is overreacting to the coronavirus. The numbers just don't justify the draconian reaction. Besides, the lockdowns might not even have an effect on slowing the spread of the virus. What they HAVE done is to put millions of people out of work, destroyed small businesses, wrecked our economy, and violated our constitutional rights! This will do far more harm to people than the virus ever could have! There were already protests going on worldwide. Now your government is asking you to stay home and watch TV.No more protesting in the streets. Social Distancing so the police can break up people if they decide to protest against the government. 2020 and hello martial law all in the guise of safety for a so-called virus. Welcome to George Orwell's 1984 World on steroids. The only thing wrong with Orwell’s masterpiece is he got the title wrong, should have been called 2020. A totalitarian world government would lockdown it's citizens because of an exaggerated threat and crash the economy in 2020. Welcome to Orwell's "The New World Order" anno 2020! This book is happening, Now. The goal is forced vaccinations. We laugh at the idea of the “thought police.” The way things are going, it will be real soon. The world today seems like the integration between Brave New World and 1984 Orwellian world. We are inching ever closer to the wretched dystopian existence portrayed in 1984, and most people have not the slightest idea. this is 2020; Big brothers are everywhere now.Like Bill Gates with his forced vaccine ID2020, and Elon Musk with his Starlink, GPS in every phone. And they made a show called big brother where a group of people live their life altogether in a house, but all cameras are hidden around the room and we the viewers can see them. And now look that show is being done globally with everyone's smartphones and smart TV. Orwell was either a prophet or a member of the secret society trying to warn us. 1984 wasn't just a novel. It was a Warning! But instead, it was taken as an instructional manual and an indoctrination. Orwell had knowledge of the plan and was trying to warn us. IT'S NOW A COOKBOOK for The Totalitarian regimes like North Korea and China. We are already in an Orwellian world. They are telling us not to talk to each other, with no shaking hands, no smiling faces. Never let a good crisis go to waste. The battle is almost over, and America thinks it's about to start. There is something unreal about this pandemic. Nothing like this has ever been experienced save for the Spanish flu in the early 1900s. But even in that instance, we have not come to a worldwide shutdown. Not a shot fired. All it took was seasonal flu, manipulated statistics & complete control of all Main Stream Media. Americans will realize the Crazy Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy theory Nuts were right;when they realize there are no jobs, checks, food, water, without going to Satans New world Order and begging. Once you renounce freedom and swear Allegiance to The New World Order, you will be fed, but only daily. Then, it will hit them like a ton of bricks, as they stand in line for some government handouts. Most Americans don't see it, and we're already there with bread lines. Welcome to COVID-1984. Cellphone towers are watching you! Your phones are watching you! You are not allowed to socialize! You are not allowed to enjoy nature! You must stay at home and be lonely! Allowed out only to shop or exercise! You are not allowed to meet in private and have a mad love affair in the country! Nobody invites people to their homes - it is now against the law! War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Diversity is our strength. Perversion is love. Censorship is protection. Free speech is assault. Fiat currency is money. Prepping is hoarding. Personal protection devices are assault weapons. Democracy is fair and just. Socialism is virtuous. Laws are good. Taxes are contributions. Math is racist and sexist. Babies are unviable tissue masses. Individualism is pre-crime. A fearful mind is not a rational thinking one and is easily controlled. While 90% of the world are watching their TV's staying inside, living in fear waiting for Bill Gates to save there lives with a digital certificate vaccine. They have already taken away your freedom and free will. Next, they will come for everything else. They don't have to go to such great lengths to control people's minds. All they had to do was miseducate the youth while propping up delusional role models. People believe all sorts of lies and have lost the ability to objectively reason. No torture needed, you just have to watch the TV. "The people will believe whatever the media tell them they believe." George Orwell, Freemason. "One believes what one is conditioned to believe." Aldous Huxley, Freemason. "The American people won't believe a thing until they see it on TV." President Nixon, Also a Freemason. The Masses can't WAIT for a vaccine to be developed to end the Covid19 pandemic. They will willingly line up in the hundreds of millions for it. Orwell and his contemporaries knew what was coming because they had inside information. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here because you want to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Politicians are all puppets. There are far darker, more powerful people behind these governments, and they don’t care about us. Any that have been for the people as it was being knocked off. It’s all a game, and we are the pawns. It’s not rocket science how they could resolve the issues in the world, but the fact is they are not interested in us. They do all they can to keep us divided as people, as countries, religions, etc., so we are easier to control. And in it, they gain tons of power and money. They are sick and twisted and a lot darker than you realize. Dig deeper, and you will find it. Trump is literally the trump card in their game. He is one of many many puppets. It’s very dark what’s out there running this planet, and to keep the 99% passive, they create fear and hatred of each other. Trump is just all part of the agenda. It’s a war against us. The people. All people. The virus is no worse than what already has existed. Loads of people have come forward saying it doesn’t add up. Statistics are still no worse than what usually occurs each year. The vulnerable always get sicker with yearly flu and virus. It’s not right what is being pushed at us in terms of the so-called death rates of this COVID. All deaths are being passed off as viruses. This is a manufactured crisis. A one-world currency is already being mentioned in the mainstream. It’s all so predictable. Those that can’t see it now will realize when it’s all too late. Welcome to the machine, and the 2020 COVID-19 virus. Just a precursor, a mere taste of 1984. After they see how all the people take their coronavirus advise, they can move on from there. Down the road another decade or two, they'll report that other new viruses are on library/store books and be burning them. Museums will begin selecting whatever historical items they wish to present as to us as fact. Next will come to the medicated water supply to provide general societal tranquility. They got us when that happens. The COVID-19 virus is but a test to see if society will obey what they are told to do. I don't believe that they conspired to cause it, but I do believe they're watching to see everyone's reaction and behavior. Okay, the parks used to be filled with people enjoying themselves together. They had to stop all that when the economy wouldn't allow one parent's income to be able to raise a whole family. That took a big chip out of our freedom and happiness. Miserable people are easier to be led and controlled. Throw them a bone that past people had at will to chew on, and they'll think they got something special. Compartmentalize society at all times. Create an 'us and them' world. Turn people against each other. Make anything different an enemy. People are already isolated and happy with their Cellphones, Netflix tv shows, and the internet. Technology has made people self-centered; they live in their virtual world, with no real concern, love, or guilt anymore. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both in the Fabian Society. And analysts are saying they were both trying to warn us about what they were planning for us all. But I think in reality we have a mixture of both novels in real life today. It’s part of the witchcraft. They have to show you for the magic to work. That’s why all Hollywood movies are, in fact, predictive programming. They are priming the public to accept things to come. It takes decades of brainwashing and changing people’s perception. This is what the globalists want, utter totalitarianism, with zero freedom. A paradigm shift is coming. The petrodollar is dead. The US Dollar also died on Mar 13th when FED went back to Zero Interest Rates. The gig is up. They lost control. They just proved they couldn't unwind all the 4 trillion from 2008. They were at about 3.5 trillion going into this now 6 trillion for starters will be added to the balance sheet. FED is buying bonds directly again to prop up the bond market. The FED is pledging 1 trillion a day for the REPO market because banks are insolvent. We don't have visible runs yet, but it is coming. Unemployment will be way too much of a headwind to overcome with even all this massive printing. Unemployment will be 50%+ by November. Foreign Sovereigns are dumping securities, and now the FED is buying those back too with a foreign repo market buying line. This cannot possibly all be done without affecting CPI this time. Expect much higher prices. Expect cheap Chinese goods in box stores to drastically change in price and availability. American life, as we knew it is gone. It will slowly change, then suddenly change. Expect war. The US Government will need to desperately do something to turn the tide or lose power. The whole global chessboard just got rearranged in so many ways there are too even guess as to what is coming. Keep focusing on real things, real skills. Now is the time for people with real skills to have a real impact on the world once again. We will rebound once our debt is straightened out, but this will take years. We have plenty of resources in this country, but we need a new standard of account. Until these new terms are met, expect a vastly different America. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends!

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

👉 Giant Locust Armies Of “Biblical Proportions” Threaten To Cause Mass Starvation In Africa !!

Even before COVID-19 became the biggest public health crisis to hit the globe in decades, enormous swarms of locusts the size of major cities were devouring crops throughout eastern Africa, across the Middle East and even in some parts of Asia. Now a new generation that officials are describing as “20 times bigger” has emerged, and the devastation that this new generation of locusts is causing is extremely alarming. These colossal locust swarms can travel up to 90 miles a day, and as you will see below, when they descend upon a field they can literally eat everything there in as little as 30 seconds. This new generation of locusts has been spotted as far south as Congo, as far north as Iran and as far east as India. In other words, the food supplies of billions of people are at risk.

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👉Universal Basic Income & The Nationalizing Of Everything As Unemployment Goes Astronomical !!

👉Universal Basic Income & The Nationalizing Of Everything As Unemployment Goes Astronomical !!

Already 26 MILLION UNEMPLOYED; And that number is so low compared to the reality that most people cannot even get through to apply. This is a tragedy for American workers. Ane to make things even worse; A lot of companies plan on hiring cheaper labor to take the place of the employees who were laid off during the lockdown. Yet, borders remain open. But business locked down. Everyone under forced house arrest. If they save the normal people, they will save the economy. But they chose to save the corporations and the stock market instead. The people are now afraid, not from the coronavirus but of losing their jobs and incomes. We have almost 30 million jobs lost, and the stock market goes up! So maybe if we all lose our jobs, the market will go even higher. Stocks are officially overvalued. People have no idea that smart money has been selling and retail holding the bag. Most buyback shares went right out the backdoor in the form of stock options for self-dealing executives, who are now social distancing in their bug-out retreats, estates, and islands. We the people, we are going to have the Universal Basic Income as unemployment goes astronomical. John Williams of Shadow Stats says it's really over 30% and not the 16% the government is spinning now. Make no mistake about it; all of this is going according to plan. They don't want to reopen the economy, their stalling until their system is ready. The system has to be sufficiently crippled prior to reopening. Businesses must be seriously damaged, but not beyond the point of hope, as that way, small business owners can become debt slaves for the privilege of attempting to bail water from their sinking ships. To call what's going on sinister is an understatement. Between the continuously extended quarantines and the endless prodding of agent provocateurs, everything possible is being done to provoke the public into rebelling. Once rioting occurs, the 1-2 punch of Martial Law and gun confiscation will quickly follow. They WANT people hungry. They want people scared. They want people discombobulated that way. They can offer the "solution" part of the setup, problem, reaction, solution. We are still in the "reaction" stage, but soon we will be begging for the solution. One world order, one world cashless banking, one-world government. We are just getting to the "coup de grace" of the old world as we knew it. That is what they want - make everyone numb, then they can do anything. Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. The way to handle people is like chickens. Take away everything they have by plucking all their feathers and then throw them some breadcrumbs. They will then follow you forever. Universal Basic Income and the nationalizing of everything won't happen until after the November elections. There is no way Trump is going to open himself up to being labeled a socialist. It will kill his popularity with his base. When they do roll it all out, it will be because states, pension funds, and businesses are going bankrupt, the system has completely crashed and cannot be revived, and then the government will hold it up as a way to save us because they have no other choice. This system is a house of cards built on a house of cards. Every house of cards tumbles down eventually. No one should have been bailed out. The idiots running the shitshow known as the Fed GOVERNMENT are afraid of fires, so they tried to buy off the citizens. The fires are coming, and what they have done will make the fires larger. The biggest fire that's going to be very hard to put out will be the masses of enraged citizens looking for blood for what's been done to them. One way or another, it's coming, just plain inevitable because karma is inevitable. I believe it's the anger towards those entitled who never pay for their crimes and transgressions like the rest of us do; that will trigger some irreversible change to our country. Hard to say what that'll be. But it's shaping up to be what we deserve, as usual, good old karma, and that ain't pretty already. When your government is pushing universal basic income, they are basically saying quite clearly that the economy is screwed, your jobs are finished, and we are resetting the economy and your lives; TO COMMUNISM. Central Banking is Banker and Government collusion in a kleptocracy. Meanwhile, ungrounded from reality, these elitist's delusions grow. The world is full of risks. Ultimately we all succumb to one of them. But in kleptocrats divorce from underlying reality, their view of risks becomes obscenely distorted, leading to INSANE priorities like preferring the 100% fatal risk of mass hunger to the .01% risk of COVID. The real risks of life are invisible to kleptocrats because they've never dealt with them before. Nothing ever changes for the better; it only changes for the worse. Ultimately, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. We elect the same jokers who get bribed with political contributions and who then go to work for the lobbying firms and big corporations, once they leave Congress. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here because you want to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The entire system from central and fractional-reserve banking to rigged markets to fake news, democracy, and justice to obsolescent junk from China and other sweatshops is rotten and corrupt right to the core. In fact, the entire economic and political system is nothing more than a system of massive theft, plunder, and enslavement for the benefit of an entrenched criminal and evil global syndicate. There wouldn't be so many stock buybacks if the market set the rate of interest rather than the Fed. Exactly. The manipulated world of capital costs leads otherwise smart people to make what will be insane decisions. In a world where capital costs zero, how much would you like to borrow to buy back your stock that yields 1%? The answer is all of it. The Fed created the landscape where this decision made sense. The centralized planning of the cost of capital and interest rates is the issue, not the decisions that are the result. Stocks buybacks are a form of market manipulation, and the banksters have the power, money, and influence to simply change any law that is inconvenient in their eternal quest to fleece the sheep. Corporate stock buybacks allow the insiders to basically embezzle money out of the pockets of regular shareholders. The board approves taking on record amounts of debt to be served by its income stream. They then take those loans and buy back shares. Then when the company takes a nosedive, the regular schmoes are left holding the hot potato. Is there one thing in this system that isn't fraudulent. "The entire stock market rally of the past 20 years is nothing but a gigantic fraud based on stock buybacks funded by debt. Stocks go up because the majority owners of the stock borrow money from a banking sector that gives nearly-free money to financiers and corporations. The corporate insiders buy back shares with the borrowed money, and the company services the loan. The company's income is devoted to paying the debt taken on to boost the personal wealth of insiders. That's a fraud. Or, if you prefer, embezzlement." Actually a form of Insider Trading, and it was illegal until 1982. We are now in the post-capitalist era. Markets no longer exist. There has been an economic coup. The virus was used to create a policy response that popped the Everything Bubble and facilitated cover to place the bankrupt and insolvent economy in receivership. The Central Bank cartel is the receiver. A managed reorganization is in progress that will allow the economy to re-emerge from receivership, but it will not be the same economy. Collapsing the fraud should not be confused with collapsing the economy. But if you are employed in the fraud economy, it will feel like it. Real business is simple: Provide a product or service at a price people are willing to pay. The Fed, the income tax, and the whole charade of fractional-reserve banking and fiat currency to support it have one purpose, to disrupt the real economy. They disrupt the real economy by giving nothing-for-something to the real economy in order to give something-for-nothing to themselves. So, what happens when you govern to SYSTEMATICALLY punish real wealth creation while SYSTEMATICALLY rewarding fraud? When the real economy goes, when Atlas Shrugs, what do we eat? Now it's time to find a sustained and long-lasting path for humanity when the upending reset comes. I surely do not want the repeat of the same system where power and control are in the hands of the few. We are now at the point where we should be benefiting from collective knowledge people have and allowing us to live life according to our perspective. Resources the world has are plenty when our knowledge is applied effectively and efficiently. Many issues that we are facing now and the upcoming future under AI age can be addressed adequately. All wealth classes will benefit from this. Living standards of those in countries with high debt per capita will not go down, but those in lesser will move up. But all will benefit because of knowledge, product/service transfer – business spur across borders to bring about higher living standards of those in less developed nations. This is a worldwide paradigm shift in the social, financial, and political system to harmonize living for all. Numbers work, and the logic works wonderfully once you understand its concept. I hope that soon these ideas will be seriously discussed at the world level. This is what we really need : • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence. • Basic human rights observed everywhere. • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated. • Upheld liberty and freedom. • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money. • No taxes on income, profit, or spending. • Interest charges and usury practices abolished. • Power of money creation where it belongs - the people. • An end to the fractional reserve system. • Upheld free-market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility). • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation. • Reduced income inequality. • An end to corporate welfare. • Advanced technology benefiting humanity. • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving. • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism. • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders. • An end to “modern-day slavery” (this includes you). • Improved care of the environment and world resources. • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along. Once the system collapses, we the people can re-engineer it without the scams, the skims, and other assorted criminality. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my back up channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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" ‏Schools were designed to create employees for the big corporations."
Robert Kiyosaki

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is obligated to do so" Thomas Jefferson

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism
Thomas Jefferson

“True education makes you feel stupid. It makes you realize you have so much more to learn.” Robert Kiyosaki

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching." - Gerard Way

"Aspire not to have More but to be More "

The losers in life think they have all the answers. They can’t learn because they’re too busy telling everyone what they know.
Robert T. Kiyosaki ‏

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. -This time more intelligently." Henry Ford

What You Own Owns You

If you expect the government to solve your problems, you have a problem. Robert Kiyosaki

"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security." Benjamin Franklin

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Always trust someone who is seeking the truth , never trust someone who found it" Jordan Maxwell

Be The Change you want to see in The World

Failure inspires winners but defeats losers
Robert Kiyosaki ‏

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” A Chinese Proverb

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me." UNKNOWN