Wednesday, January 15, 2020

‘Phase 1’ US-China deal a dud, global recession not averted (Full show)

Is the much-touted "Phase 1" of the US-China trade deal, signed in Washington on Wednesday, a mere political win for President Trump, and more a matter of optics than substance? RT America's Sara Montes de Oca reports. Then Sara Hsu of China Rising Capital Forecast joins Rick Sanchez to share her expertise. (06:30) RT's Maria Finoshina reports on the resignation of the Russian government amid a proposed referendum for constitutional reform. Then former US diplomat Jim Jatras weighs in. (10:20) We read and respond to your questions. (18:55) RT America's Rachel Blevins reports on the latest from the Jeffrey Epstein saga. (21:15) Plus, RT America's John Huddy examines the controversial practice of young women selling "companionship" to rich men. (24:20)

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