Red Alert : Deutsche Bank Files for Bankruptcy !! The First Domino is Falling Down

RUMORS are coming out of Germany this afternoon that Deutsche Bank has ALLEGEDLY filed Bankruptcy. As yet, this is NOT CONFIRMED. People need to take this seriously. Last week, Thursday and Friday, the Bank of America shut down for 48 hours. No debit, no ATM, no transfer money. This also happened with Citibank shut down, and they didn't say if it was hacked or anything like. What was probably happening is they were front running the Deutsche bankruptcy, trying to stay ahead of it. If this is, in fact, right, then the financial dominoes are going to fall quickly. If you haven't gotten out of the banking system yet, then you're poised to lose everything if this is true. This Would quickly and decidedly collapse the EU, then spread like a domino effect from there. They would take down all the big banks: Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. As these banks are loaded with Trillions and Trillions in derivatives, I believe more than the entire GDP of the planet. This would make Lehman look like a small-town community bank. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. This is a rumor, and it is a rumor, it is a claim, it has not been confirmed. Pure rumor. But it came out of Germany from a source that is in a position to actually know the subject. Matter of the rumor coming out of Germany this afternoon was that Deutsche Bank allegedly filed Bankruptcy. Now, this is a rumor; it is not confirmed, and I have been unable to confirm it. I have tried, no one that I've spoken to is confirming this. And I went back to the source, and the source said well I think it's probably going to be all over the news worldwide tomorrow. I said well you know this is a big deal what you're saying, Deutsche Bank, the biggest bank one of the biggest banks in Germany, and of course for everyone who knows Deutsche bank is the bank for derivatives trading. We're talking about derivatives contracts in the value range of quadrillions of dollars — not millions, not billions, not trillions of quadrillions. And derivatives contracts are at the very core outright gambling. and so these quadrillions unspeakable almost unfathomable amounts of money being wagered really on the outcome of certain events. Certain farming contracts. Certain production contracting. It could be just about anything. The problem is these contracts get so convoluted they got so many different players betting on so many different things. And then there are bets on the bats that if the bank which handles these things were to go under it would in one fell swoop wreck quadrillions worth the dollars in derivatives contracts. there's no way of even knowing if the world economy could even continue doing business if all those contracts were suddenly unworkable. or suddenly invalid. it's staggering how fast the world's economy would come to a halt. So when this particular source conveyed a rumor that Deutsche Bank allegedly filed Bankruptcy, that was a big deal for me. And yeah I tried to verify it, I have been unable to verify it. I'll tell you, folks, if this did, in fact, take place, we would be facing economic upheaval the likes of which this world has never seen. Now let's presume for just a second that the Sun the Moon the stars all aligned in the right way and everything goes bad. Let's imagine if we can that we wake up one morning, and we turn on our TV news or the radio news, and we hear a report that says something like: all the banks have been ordered closed. ATMs are offline. credit and debit cards will not work, and stores are only accepting cash money no credit cards no debit cards no checks .where would that leave you, where would that leave your family .if you woke up one morning and found that the entire financial system was of course temporarily shut down .credit cards do not work .debit cards do not work .cash machines do not work. And checks will not be accepted. Merchants are dealing in cash only. What would you do? How would you fill your car up with gas? How would you get to work? How would you buy food? Do you have enough food to feed your family for a week or two? If everything shuts down, you can't get any money. How do you expect to get by? You need to have some reserves, folks! I don't care if it's boxes of pasta which stay good on a shelf for two years as long as you don't open them. I don't care if you got cans and cans of soup. I don't care if you got bags and bags of rice. You gotta have something. A lot of you don't. Especially those of you that live in urban areas. You think I'll just go to the supermarket. I'll just go to the grocery store. The other thing is if this type of a situation were to take place, what do you think everybody would be trying to get their hands on, aside from cash, food, water, and gasoline. Right so everybody would be storming to the supermarkets. How long you think they'd stay stocked, yeah not long .and with financial transactions down how many tractor-trailers would be able to get, fuel to carry a load of food to the supermarket to restock it. Maybe not enough, .and you know the average supermarket in the United States only has three days worth of inventory. Here in the metropolitan New York City area, supermarkets have to get tractor-trailer deliveries several times a day to keep their shelves stocked. So what you do when the supermarket runs out, and the grocery stores run out .now there is no food that, that temporary shutdown that they said with the banks. It goes on to day two, day three .how about like it was in Greece for two weeks. What are you gonna do to feed yourself and your family? And nobody thinks about that because it's never happened .but just because it never happened doesn't mean it can't. And with the situation going on in the world today .you really need to have some preparations. Some food emergency, water, a couple of gallons of fuel. So are you prepared at all to deal with this? the Deutsche Bank is just a template. it also happened at Citibank. though these banks didn't say that they got hacked or anything like that. inside rumor, again rumor is that they were front-running the Deutsche Bank bankruptcy .you know the banks they're very highly leveraged, and they are interdependent. if one major bank fails, a lot of others are going to fall like dominoes. A lot of financial experts predict that there's gonna be some sort of massive economic collapse. I also was told today that the Federal Reserve called an emergency meeting in Washington DC today. and while I was not privy to the topic of the meeting. I found out from a source that it allegedly discussed Deutsche Bank. Now I don't know if this is truly a little too coincidental that a lot of these things are all pointing towards Deutsche Bank. And I don't think the Germans would be too thrilled to have to announce that Germany's biggest bank may have gone bankrupt. There's a lot at stake here, and I don't know what kind of wreckage a banking collapse would really have. , it could be complete chaos. You guys better have some cash for the gas and to get your fridge stocked .get some shelf-stable foods that can stay in the pantry for a year. and to the fish soups, macaroni, rice, beans, you gotta have something you got to prepare. because if stuff like this actually takes place. and the banks closed down. Or the electric goes off .or god only knows what else .a a lot of people out there gonna get hungry real fast .and if you live as I do in an urban area .it will not be long before the savages come out you know who I mean. You better be ready. again Deutsche bank real question about what's going on with the bank right now rumors coming out of Germany .that they may have filed Bankruptcy. I cannot confirm the rumors I can tell you that last Thursday and Friday, Bank of America shut down. Citibank also shut down. They didn't say they were hacked or anything but no debit, no ATM, no transferring of money, something's up! And you better be prepared. Because if things go to hell in a hand-basket, the money you have, the cash money, it is not going to go toward paying your bills. The cash is gonna go to survival food. Maybe fuel. That's it is not going to pay the credit cards .pay the gas and electric. cash is going to be king to survive. The trouble with the big Bank Collapse is that they will try to cover it up with a war. The best thing you can do is to get your money out of the bank and at least have it in a credit union. Deutsche Bank keeps getting secretly bailed out by deep pockets and government programs to prop up their fake stock value. Just like they do here in the USA. TIME to put two and two together: the US repo fraud and the fake story yesterday about J.P. Morgan Chase remixing its portfolio is all smoke and mirror. They are stuffing cash into the leaky spots in the rotten carcass of Deutsche Bank. The Federal Reserve, which is not an American institution any more than the UN, instead it's a clutch of criminals playing a high stakes Shell Game with the already lost wealth of the citizens of our hollowed-out shadow puppet tragedy acted out every night on TV.

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