Capital One , 3rd Bank to go Down !! -- Bank Runs Alert in America !

Capital One customers couldn't withdraw money for hours during a system outage. Capital One tweeted, quote: Capital One is experiencing a technical issue impacting customer money movement, including direct deposits, and the ability for some customers to access accounts. We are actively working to resolve the issue and restore all services. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience; end of the quote. According to the website DownDetector, Capital One customers started reporting problems early Friday morning, with 3,200 complaints received as of 10 a.m. In the noon hour, complaints had fallen to just under 800. First, it was Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and now Capital One. They're all going down for days. Is this a play; is this a test run. This doesn't look normal to me. We have a REPO Crisis; Liquidity Crisis; Pension Crisis; Sovereign Debt Crisis; Monetary Crisis;and Crisis in Democracy with rising civil unrest and growing separatist movements around the globe . He who panics first; panics best. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. The outage was poorly timed, coming on a Friday a date on which millions of people typically pay their bills. On social media, several people expressed frustration about direct deposits that never showed up in their accounts, while others said they logged in to be informed — wrongly — that they had no money. Capital One Bank is down. The banks are down; this is the third bank in just a few months that's been totally down. We had Wells Fargo a couple of months ago that was totally down, and then we had Bank of America; it was totally down. And now it's Capital One that is down. And of course no word of it in the news. Guess what, thousands of people could not get access to their money to pay rent; or to buy food or to buy lunch or pay for their gas; because their system was all down. Now is this a coincidence? This is the third freaking bank in less than a couple of months that has been totally down. Are they getting hacked? Is this happening because of the repo market? Because there's in liquidity? That's why the Fed is bailing out these banks a the tune of a hundred and twenty billion; not million; billion a day; every day. That is a bail to these stinky bankers at a hundred and twenty billion per day. So which bank is; we don't know if this is Capital One ; We don't know if it is Wells Fargo. We don't know if it is Bank of America. They're not letting us know. But guess what. It's our money that's inside of these banks. So in less than six months, we've had three significant banks go blackout, and there's really no explanation of how is this happening. Saving your money in a bank; how cute is that. Just like 1950s America. Three of the top biggest banks in America right now go dark without any explanation. Is this a bank run; yes, the bank run has already happened. That's why we have the repo market. The Fed bailing them out now is it hitting Main Street where people are running to the banks to withdraw their money. Well, it's getting very close to that; because more and more people understand that hey when the banks closed which all happened really suddenly; you're not gonna have money for gas; you're not gonna have money to pay your food; you do not have money for diapers. And I've been bringing this warning to you guys because I saw all the writing's on the wall. I saw banks being what they are doing, just robbing the middle class through inflation; through the printing of money; and through debt slavery. So guys and gals again know that bank capital one was down. You couldn't deposit money; you couldn't withdraw money; you couldn't have access to your account. Thousands of thousands of people were affected by this. First, it was Bank of America then Wells Fargo, and this is the third bank. Is this a test run? Is this a test run just to see Big Brother too big to fail banks. This is a test run to see how people react. What happens when we go to the bank, and all the banks are down. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One, every single one you can imagine. What's gonna happen then when people cannot put gas in their tank. People cannot put food on the table. What is going to happen when the banks go belly-up. Or when the banks do bail in. Well, it's gonna be just like this. We will go through a bank, and we can't get our money out. And guess what we'll never be able to get our money. Because the banks will just bail-in. Because we are what's called unsecured creditors. When anyone deposits money into a bank, we were become what's termed, unsecured creditors. So what the craziness of bankers with the madness of printing money ;with the craziest mess of the mortgage-backed securities all this insane stuff they create. These guys are just risking our savings for god knows what. They're risking it on because we know the top management's are getting the bonuses. We know the stock orders are getting the dividends. We know that everyone's winning besides the guys and gals that have their money locked up into the bank. Because for us we have to pay fees. Banking fees, statement fees, etc. And then the bank only gives us less than 1% interest rate where they turn around and lend the same exact money in credit card for 33 percent Interest; 20 percent interest rate. Let me ask you, is this fair? Do you think it's fair? You should work so hard, and the bank's been printing money and dilute your buying power. Do you think it's fair that you might have to have a college degree and I have a job? Do you think it's OK for most people to have three jobs? Do you think it's fair that mom has to work dad has to work? Do you think it's fair that you and I have to work, we put our money to the banks, and they are gambling with our money like the casinos. So the top management gets more money. Do you think it's fair? Let me know your thoughts in the comment guys and gals; I'm truly interested. The Fed has identified bank deposit withdrawals as enemies of the ponzi land. Run the bank, then! What happens when depositors realize that their money, as they suppose, isn't money but a future claim against labor unperformed? And it is infinitely able to be diluted, infinitely inflatable? Indeed, a great discovery. Banking, checking accounts, the scrip of the state, etc. It is the province of abilities and powers beyond open sight. This token of exchange forced upon you and pushing you forward for life's necessities is beyond your control. It is only worth what you, at the very moment of exchange, take it for. It will be degraded, maybe even destroyed, momentarily. When a civilization gives a more considerable fortune to the borrower with impossible dreams of tomorrow's gain and penalizes the careful husbandry of yesterday's most significant achievements. Well, then you are not far from the farthest edge of the map. THIS IS WHAT THE FINAL CHAPTER, THE VERY END LOOKS LIKE. The incentives themselves have become a chimera, changeable beings without any enduring form. Mostly they atrophy. They are semblances of what once was, what once might have been! It has been postulated that men ascend in society due to their superior tendencies, and thus the watchers will caretake over the less fortunately endowed. Perhaps it is the opposite. The top habituated by -pathics while the bottom in varying degrees carries on the foundations of an enduring society. Like a tree, tops grew too tall. The roots only to hold the generational and transmissible values. The savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s (commonly dubbed the S&L crisis) was the failure of 1,043 out of the 3,234 savings and loan associations in the United States from 1986 to 1995: the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) closed or otherwise resolved 296 institutions from 1986 to 1989 and the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) closed or otherwise fixed 747 . The ultimate cost to taxpayers was estimated to be as high as $124 billion. The day there's lines at the banks from all the suckers trying to cash out might not be that far around the corner. National try to withdrawal your money day. Sincerely though, I do believe they may be getting ready to force a digital monetary system globally. After the Bank Bail-ins, of course!!! Bye-bye cash. This is the time for people to begin growing their own food and bartering with their neighbors in earnest. Society was maneuvered into cash dependency and can just as quickly learn to do without money. It's the parasites at the very top who cannot survive without it. US pensions are screwed. Keep only enough fiat in your bank account for current month's expenses, take the rest. I can pay my internet, gas, electric, cell and water bills in person - and they happily take cash. Debt-based money systems are frauds, top to bottom. Oh, and your house and cars are collateral for the government debt. Go ahead and hide from that reality, but it will be smacking your ass in the face when Money Power Empire kicks you out of your home under the pretext of government debt the way Nazis kicked Jews out of their homes under the pretext they were a threat to Germany. Maybe Money Power Monopolist Empire will create work camps for the dispossessed. What do you think? Any bank will collapse if people decide to pull their money out. Yes, if you pull out, even the sperm bank will collapse . As Peter Schiff explains : we have wreckerd debt which will lead to a wrecked financial system ; where gold and silver will be the safest assets to have in your hands . store your gold where you can easily get your hands on it . but silver will be what you want in your wallet ; to trade for goods when the power grid is shut down by the Deep State ; and the internet goes dead. Just like your cash in the bank will be useless during a Black Out. so will Bitcoin be useless . it matters not what your bank statement says you have in the closed Bank’s “secure vaults” nor what you have in your unavailable “secure Bitcoin wallet” ; word to the wise ; put some “physical” precious metal in “your hands” now! I have no sympathy for anyone who continues to hold their nest egg in the banks in the face of such obvious financial Armageddon forthcoming. In a statement, Deutsche Bank Tells Investors Not To Worry About Its €46 Trillion In Derivatives. Nothing to see here folks, now move along. Your money is safe with us, and oh look over there! China ya look at China. And in other news. Fed's non-QE action crosses back above 4 Trillion Dollars. No recession in sight. Liquidity problems in China, Liquidity problems in America. Only one thing to do. Buy gold bitchez. Stick to physical, not that ETF nonsense. Ahhh the old Deposit Insurance scam Not worth the money it's not even printed on.

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