Liz Warren Wants To Know If JP Morgan Caused Repo Turmoil To Force Fed Into Launching QE

This is what Senator Elizabeth Warren - who very well may be president of the U.S. in just over a year's time said: "I am also concerned that, "Big U.S. banks are using the recent chaos in short-term funding markets as an opportunity to pressure the Federal Reserve to ease liquidity requirements they have long despised," and that the FSOC might support these efforts. These rules were designed to ensure that banks have enough cash on hand to meet their obligations in the event of another market crash." Warren had three questions for Mnuchin: #1. What are the underlying causes of the spike in borrowing rates for overnight repurchase agreements? #2. Has FSOC learned why the Fed announced on Oct. 11 that overnight operations meant to keep the calm would be extended at least through January of next year? #3. How will FSOC and Treasury use data on centrally cleared repo transactions to gain a further understanding of the market? Is further information needed to sufficiently monitor the short-term lending market? Welcome to The Atlantis Report. The FED has the print bazooka, and they gonna use it before they lose it. Money is not real, just in case, there was any concern. Hate to say it, but I AGREE with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on this one. I find it troubling that Republicans LET this opportunity to "Raise the Question" fall into her lap. It gives Warren the ability to say." see I'm for you small people, Corporations with their buybacks and Banks oversubscribing in the repo market" they are screwing around in the U.S. Taxpayer expense. She is 100% correct. JPMorgan [FED/Central Banks] demand Q.E. so they can steal more money. Everything else she says is, well, just plain silly, stupid, or lies. If I didn't think that Warren's condemnation of the financial industry was legitimate as her Cherokee heritage, I might actually give her kudos for asking questions about what the hell is really going on under the sheets between the Fed and JP Morgan. A few interesting developments. Trump is now being investigated by the Impeachment Committee for insider trading. Just subpoena Wilbur Ross's phone and stock trading records. Elizabeth Warren, rarely correct, is right about this one. JP Morgan and Goldman have stained records of grotesque market manipulation. Yet nobody does anything about it. This is criminal activity. It destroys the integrity of markets. Nobody has been worse than Trump in his flagrant during trading hours shock announcements of various kinds. The prime example was Trump's notion of delisting Chinese firms. Then after the damage was done, Trump starts up with the phony phone calls and claims that China is buying soy. All who have been shown to be blatant lies. Someone gets the Tweets first, the blatant market manipulation of Trump first. It is the same with this G7 business and the Emolument's clause. Trump was screaming that the clause is meaningless. It is the Constitution that he swore to uphold. But Trump's word is crap.just ask all his wives that he cheated on. Trump doesn't seem to have any "feel" for his blatant self dealing or unethical conduct. That is weird. It is as if he has no moral conditioning at all. But since the impeachment inquiry is not investigating the insider trading mess, we have not heard from Trump doing his usual meddling in markets since this investigation was announced. This is the difference between Capitalism and Crony Capitalism or Elite's Capitalism. Capitalism must run on a platform of open disclosure free from manipulation. Crony Capitalism is pure manipulation from one end to the other. It can be subtle. Look at Trump, attacking pharma. Why? Somebody wants it attacked. He is damaging the companies and biotech. Yet look at where this leads. Today Biogen was up 42% on a new Alzheimer's drug that apparently works. Then we have Merck, who just created an Ebola Vaccine in Europe. It is not even approved yet in the USA! Trump has made big pharma the enemy of his dumbass tribe. More and more of these high tech pharma and biotech firms are leaving the USA. In a few years, the U.S. won't have any high tech at all. Think about that, here you have the Trumptards screaming their Chinese bigotry that they "don't buy Chinese junk" .while using modems made in China, of course, and would rather pay more for a U.S. product. But then when it comes to paying for U.S. pharmaceuticals, they scream their bloody empty heads off. We already know that most Trumptards are the old boomers on social security and Medicare, so they want more something for nothing. Meanwhile, Trump wants to dismantle Medicare. So the TrumpTards will have to make up a lot of excuses for that one. The orange swindle never sleeps. It is nice to see the impeachment investigation closing in on Trump Manipulation of markets. Glad Elizabeth Warren has exposed JP Morgan again for its market manipulation. JP Morgan had great earnings, great from cheating as usual. Warren seems to watch and perhaps understand Wall Street better than any other candidate. And with that, any logical analysis should tell her that the Federal Reserve and fiat money have created a corrupt, crony system where government and banks issue new money that they get to handle first, thus stealing and skimming from society as a whole. But it all passes through her collectivist, political filter. She thinks: How can I control Wall Street and corrupt money creation to serve my socialist political ends? Which will make her the worst crony and dictator of all. I think President Trump should take note of Miss Warrens's actions and do some of the Same. It looks like he is asleep at the wheel if he doesn't understand what's going on. That a bank could do such a thing to force government policy is proof that the government has far too much power and should not be engaging in these market operations in the first place. Instead, Warren and her followers will insist the state needs even more power to fight this influence, and there is no opposition anywhere. It certainly isn't coming from "we need negative rates and Q.E." Trump. And this is exactly why nothing EVER gets any better. I don't know why people are so delusional and hopeful just because we have some new schmuck in the white house. Nothing is ever going to get better. It's not going to happen, not ever. Get used to your decline. It is unstoppable. The choices that would need to be made to really fix any of our problems are politically impossible, and politics now has complete control over every society on Earth. The state of technology and surveillance is such that successful rebellions are now impossible without absolutely overwhelming numbers, which you will never have because propaganda works on people. And even if a rebellion were successful, they would just implement yet another corrupt state, and the cycle would repeat over again. It's over. We lost. Get used to it.

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