Linda Moulton Howe When The Machines Take Over We're in Trouble

COAST TO COAST AM - Linda shared her conversation with Royal Astronomer Martin Rees, who expressed concern about the development of artificial intelligence on par with humans. He explained that, since machines can 'think' faster than people, once a computer with a human level of intelligence is created, it will be able to conceive of improvements faster than we can comprehend or stop. "This is when machines will take over," he mused. However, Rees also put forward the theory that perhaps this development is part of a natural process where organic intelligence can only rise to the level where it creates machines which overtake it. Further info. Linda also spoke with Professor George Ellis of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, who detailed his "quantum collapse theory" which challenges Einstein's concepts surrounding the nature of time. ORIGINAL SHOW DATE - 2015/06/25

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