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Gerald Celente : How to protect your Money from The Greatest Recession and Global Meltdown

A catastrophic recession is coming, and gold is still the best investment to hold during an economic collapse, this according to Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal. “For me, speaking only for myself, gold is the number one investment and I’ve been saying that since I began buying gold in the 1970s,” Celente told Kitco News.

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4th Chinese Bank On Verge Of Collapse triggering Massive Bank Run

First, it was Baoshang Bank, and then it was Bank of Jinzhou, then, two months ago, China's Heng Feng Bank, with 1.4 trillion yuan in assets, quietly failed and was just as quietly nationalized. Today, a fourth Chinese bank, the Yichuan bank was on the verge of collapse under the weight of its bad loans, only this time the failure was far less quiet, as depositors of the rural lender swarmed the bank's retail outlets, demanding their money in an angry demonstration of what Beijing is terrified of the most: a bank run. What scares Beijing is a generalized bank run on its banks, the world's largest bank system, which with $40 trillion in assets, is roughly double that of the US. This is already the 4th Chinese bank in the past six months to see a bank runs on its branches. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now. Yichuan bank saw a high volume of customer requests to withdraw savings on Tuesday. The peasants are stupid—thinking their cash is in the bank. These poor idiots have to learn the hard way how fractional reserve works. Keep only the amount of money in the bank which you can afford to lose. All banks that lend via fractional reserves are on the verge of collapse. It's crazy to keep any large amount of money in a bank. They pay virtually no interest anyway. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. All bank "depositors" are just last-in-line creditors. As those Chinese knew already, waiting to withdraw their money. As did all those UK nationals, on September 17, 2007, who also knew, that their deposits in Northern Rock Bank were at risk and lined up to withdraw their money, the first run on a British bank in 150 years. The Banks failing in China, even if in rural areas, can cascade quickly. And it's not as if we're immune from the effects of it here or in Europe. We are indeed not immune: Remember yesterday's minimal Rate Cut, the FED and Central Banks are all failing, the Small Print in Contracts is overbearing; Interest Rate charging is a thing of the past! The Fed is attempting to remove repo reporting for a couple of days. It's all coming down in November. I remember in 2008 when thousands of American banks not only were on the verge of collapse, they collapsed and no longer exist. Notice how many bank fraudsters were indicted by Bush and Obama? If you said zero, you would be correct. Citibank is on the verge of collapse. Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse. The exit doors are narrow, and everyone thinks they will be able to get out. Chinese Central Banking should follow the lead of their Western banking brothers by flooding their banks with paper. Problem solved. China had to see this coming a mile away, as did anyone with half a brain. That this is only the beginning of a potentially huge wave is troubling. Now the Chinese decision to contaminate the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) with COMEX cash settlement makes more sense. China's market power can keep physical gold down by joining the west's scam. In doing so, Chinese people and entities can buy physical gold cheaper, for longer, as this shitshow circles the toilet. Joining the west's scam helps China buy time by keeping the gold price from launching. Mountain of gold and a new Silk Road. They put things into overdrive a decade ago. But when more than a billion people, in high rise inner city China ghetto megalopolises want to get their hands on some of that gold, Hong Kong will look like Disneyland. A deposit is an unsecured loan to the bank. So it's crystal clear black on white you get nothing! I pulled my money from Banks a long time ago. Who in their right mind would leave money in an institution that can only stay open because of QEternity They are only surviving on confidence, and when that evaporates, so will your savings. I suggest you all do the same.

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PETER SCHIFF The Federal Reserve Slashes Interest Rates for 3rd Time,Not A Surpise To Me

The Federal Reserve slashes interest rates for third time. As expected, the Fed cut interest rates today. This is the third rate cut of this cycle. We're now down to 1.5%. But of course, what everybody has to remember is a year ago, when the Fed was hiking interest rates, the forecast from the Fed was that they were going to continue to hike rates. Although, Powell went out of his way - I think the first thing that he said when he made his prepared remarks - was to reassure everybody that what the Fed was doing now, with its repo program was not quantitative easing. How to Protect Yourself From the Next Financial Crisis?

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This Will Change Everything.. - Neuralink Full Presentation by Elon Musk

Neuralink, a company bankrolled by billionaire Elon Musk, this week unveiled a new design for a brain-computer interface that it had tested in animals. In contrast to Neuralink's prototype, which connects to the brain through dozens of thin wires and is meant to eventually be small enough to sit inside the skull and transmit wirelessly, Copeland’s consists of four spiky silicon electrode pads in his brain (called Utah arrays), connected to the outside world through sockets atop his head. They let him control robots and computers, and they have sensations sent back into his brain.

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WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON? | G Edward Griffin (Oct 30, 2019)

G Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature From Jeckyl Island, a Second Look at the Federal Reserve," visits Finance and Liberty for a flash update on the wildfires threatening his region of CA, and to let us know "what's really going on," in our world, and at the upcoming Red Pill Expo next week!

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Economic Collapse Is Confirmed! QE/Repo Is Killing The Dollar & Will Devastate The Entire Planet!

Today, almost half of all Americans are concerned about an economic collapse striking in the next year, while 38 percent of fund managers forecast a slowdown in the coming year. The public is becoming increasingly conscious of the threat, as the liquidity crisis forming in overnight loans and the accelerating "repo panic" are flashing signs that dollar crash conditions are about to hit soon. During market turmoil, liquidity takes flight. Banks always fail us when we need them the most, and that is a big part of why liquidity is generally the first shoe to drop in a financial crisis. A considerable part of the problem is entrenched in the economic tool known as leverage. The same massive gains leverage brings, also showers us with huge losses that rapidly paralyze both individuals and financial institutions. We are certainly moving towards an economic collapse that will shake the world to its core. The numbers simply don't work. Call it a "re-alignment" if you wish, but in reality, it is the recognition that our path is and was an unsustainable illusion. The inflation rate of the Dollar has been 561.3% since 1970 when Nixon formally took the Dollar off the gold standard and did away with Bretton Woods. Our Dollar has lost 84.9% of its value since 1970. The Dollar is steadily losing value against gold. Gold is what most central banks have been hoarding since they can't depend on the Dollar. Still today, a lot of people mistake the "US Dollar Index" with "the Dollar" itself. Including Trump himself, who claimed that we had the most robust Dollar in the history of our country. Throughout the last 50 years, the Dollar has lost 90% plus of its purchasing power. Now, if the idiots in Washington could manage the Dollar's future decline at the same rate, they could probably continue to get away with it. But our current levels of debt and spending lead me to believe the next 90% fall in value will happen virtually overnight instead of 50 years. The Dollar didn't tank in 2008 because of the lending crisis. It tanked because of the infusion of liquidity in order to keep the global banking markets solvent. Then came QE1 to QE3, which further saturated the banking system with dollar-denominated liquidity. Remember, the rates were much higher then. There's no safety net and no amount of printing that will fix the dollar collapse this time! This time, entire nations are going to fail, not just the banks. There will be no warning from the banks, so don't be left in the cold. You better get ready to save your wealth from the coming economic collapse. The casino is imploding along with the phony Fiat dollars. Good riddance. Go gold, into the stratosphere! This system is broken in so many ways. It is crumbling under its own weight, and it will implode like a massive star. Nature's laws rule this earth, and only human's stupidity thinks we can defy gravity. Historical lessons will be learned the hard way again and again and again. Greed has always been the Achilles heel for humans.

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Harry Dent on Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show

Seizing Opportunity In Chaos on the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show Harry S. Dent, Jr. isn’t just the face of Dent Research, he is also a bestselling author and one of the most outspoken financial editors in America who has developed a unique method for studying the global economies and providing insights to what to expect in the future. Listen now!

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Crisis-hit Boeing : Up to 50 Planes Grounded Globally -- Economic Collapse -- Stock Market Crash

In recent months, Boeing's reputation has been shattered by two 737 MAX accidents that claimed the lives of 346 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Investigators from the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee in Jakarta said systemic design flaws in the 737 Max were compounded by errors by the plane’s pilots, who had not been sufficiently instructed on how to handle malfunctions in the 737 Max’s MCAS anti-stall system. The anti-stall system on the MAX models has also been blamed in large part for the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy. The 737 MAXs have been grounded for more than seven months. The fault lays flatly on former CEO McNerney, both a Harvard MBA and a previous senior manager at GE. Two huge red flags that indicate recklessness and incompetence. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Crisis-hit Boeing faced fresh safety concerns Thursday, as the firm admitted cracks were found in up to 50 of its popular 737 NG planes following worldwide inspections. Boeing had previously reported a problem with the model’s “pickle fork” – a part which helps bind the wing to the fuselage – prompting US regulators to order immediate inspections of aircraft that had seen heavy use. The US Federal Aviation Agency, the FAA, had announced the inspection of a number of Boeing 737 NG, the predecessor of the 737 MAX, after the discovery of “structural cracks” in a model in China. Disappointments are the order of the day with the American manufacturer Boeing. Boeing acknowledged on Thursday 31 October that during a worldwide inspection cracks in about 50 737 NG models were discovered. In particular, Australian airline Qantas announced that it had suspended flights of a Boeing 737 NG due to a structural crack and that it was inspecting 32 other aircraft as a matter of urgency. In South Korea, authorities reported that nine aircraft were grounded at the beginning of October, five of which were operated by Korean Air. Global pressure has mounted on American aircraft-manufacturing giant Boeing after the company admitted that cracks had been found in a number of its popular planes following worldwide inspections. The crisis-hit carrier faced fresh safety concerns on Thursday, as a spokesman officially acknowledged that up to 50 of its 737 NG fleets had cracks in the “pickle fork” — a section of the plane that links the wings to the fuselage and manages the air pressure and aerodynamic forces. The spokesman said that less than five percent of the 1,000 aircraft inspected at this stage had cracks and had been “immobilized for repairs.” The announcement came after the Australian airline Qantas reportedly grounded a Boeing 737 NG due to a structural crack, and was speeding up inspection of 32 more planes. "We never use an airplane until it brings all the security guarantees," said Chris Snook, the Australian company's chief engineer. South Korea also said nine planes had been stalled in early October, including five operated by Korean Air. The US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) announced it had ordered an inspection of some Boeing 737 NG after the discovery of "structural cracks" on a copy in China. The 737 NG is the predecessor of the 737 MAX single-aisle. The FAA has issued an urgent directive for all airlines to check their 737s that had completed more than 30,000 cycles for pickle fork cracks. Another threat to Boeing is the C919, being built by Chinese state-owned aviation manufacturer Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC). It is a perfect example of Chinese intentions and is a kick in the teeth of those endorsing free trade. COMAC has spent 11 years and $6.5 billion developing the C919, which is seen as China's answer to the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. The C-919 has a flight range of up to 3,451 miles (5,555 kilometers), which means it can fly non-stop from Shanghai to Jakarta or from Paris to Montreal and it can fit 158 to 168 seats. This hits right at the core market of its competitors. It does not take a rocket scientist to calculate how rapidly China can ramp up production. The Russians are in the game, too, they have a very nice MC-21 that would be much better and safer than the 737 Max. The Boeing 737 crashes are tragedies. But what truly moves this tragedy into the realm of sheer predation and, indeed, criminality, is the (non-)response of the US government. The Boeing disaster is essentially a repeat of the DC-10 cargo door charade the destroyed McDonnell-Douglas. Yes, there are more deeply involved technical issues, but at the core, MD decided that it was easier and cheaper to pay off the potential liability suits from additional crashes than it was to fix the door. Similarly, Boeing was looking for any way to get the plane in the air and cash the checks, than to fix a fundamental design flaw. They too have rolled the dice and loss. The only difference is that they learned to control the government regulatory agency that oversees their work, or alchemy, as the case may be. It is the same scheme that the pharmaceutical firms have used with the FDA and the CDC, but more importantly - it follows the gold standard of corruption - the DOD and the entire war industry. I would suspect that this is a result of 20 years of leftist indoctrination in the education system where merit doesn’t matter and everyone gets a participation trophy. Graduates from ivy league schools have proven to be totally incompetent. I think incidents like this are going to happen more frequently across all industries and the corporations are going to suffer greatly. Until Boeing does a major house cleaning, I doubt they will recover. Also, take a look at Gillette and their toxic masculinity and transgender advocacy and see what that is doing to their bottom line. It is going to get much worse before it gets better. Boeing built a DOG of a plane (737MAX) that is an aerodynamic PIG which can only stay in the air through constant complex computer corrections. NO ONE should risk their lives in that plane! And ESPECIALLY after Boeing announces that it is "now safe to fly". Those LIARS will tell you anything to save their profits. BOEING has no one but themselves to blame! The CEO actually comes out on TV and says they knew there was a serious problem with the 737 Max, but they went ahead and allowed it to fly anyway! Seriously?! And they wonder why Airbus is now stealing the show. Only in America can you find such shoddy excuses. Good thing Boeing has the crooked military industrial complex to cover up for all their mistakes. Until we finally lose a war.

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Michio Kaku - Your Place in the Universe

Michio Kaku - Your Place in the Universe Understanding our Big, Messy Universe

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Germany Exports Shrink For The First Time Since 2008 Financial Crisis amid Global Economic Slowdown

German exports will shrink next year for the first time since the global financial crisis over a decade ago, the DIHK Chambers of Industry and Commerce said on Wednesday, as trade disputes, Brexit, and a slowing global market uncertainty hit Europe's largest economy. DIHK said it expects Germany's annual export growth to wither to 0.3% this year from 2.1% in 2018, adding that exports are likely to shrink by 0.5% next year. In a further sign of economic trouble, German unemployment rose more than expected in October, separate data showed on Wednesday, suggesting that the manufacturing crisis is spilling over to the labor market and could slow consumer spending. DIHK's economic outlook is more pessimistic than the Federal Government. It said Germany's annual export growth would decline to 0.30% in 2019 from 2.1% in 2018. And for 2020, exports are to shrink by 0.50%, which would then tip it into contraction. Germany is the heart and soul of the EU economy, so if its economy goes to hell, the entire eurozone won't be far behind. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Germany has experienced a usually long boom phase since 2006. Germany was the only highly developed country in the world that did not suffer much from the financial crisis of 2008 and has increased its productivity, production, GDP, and treasury significantly in the last ten years. However, no boom can last forever. The German business model is export-driven. In a world where some major powers try to halt globalization and introduce protectionist measures to their markets, the German model is not working as well as before. Therefore, it is actually no surprise that the German economy is slowing down. Just like China, Germans thought they could export forever while protecting their home market, so they never bothered to develop a balanced domestic market. Some of Germany's export markets are running out of the money to spend frivolously and creditors to borrow from. Any exporting economy will be hurt by a downturn in the export markets, apparently through no fault of their own. And certainly, the typical European welfare attitude (which is very much present in Germany, only somewhat compensated for by their skill and work ethics) does not help here. When the government of one of the top manufacturing nations bans work emails after 6 pm (hoping that it will counter a slowing economy), that just means some people take prosperity for granted. I live in Singapore and Germany. The difference in work culture (at least at the consumer ends) is evident in so many ways. In Singapore, there are some shops that are open 24x7 to serve customers who have time constraints. The supermarket in my block does not close at the weekend. That means it opens each Friday morning and closes on Monday night. Feel like having a beer on a Sunday night, but the fridge is empty! No problem! Contrast that to Germany where it is just the opposite-the supermarkets are closed from Friday evening to Monday noon (which means serious inconvenience for shoppers who cannot manage time on the weekdays). Even on weekdays, they close at 8 pm, when I thought at least 11 pm is the standard. I talked to some people, and they said it is the government rule, and if the supermarkets want to remain open, they have to comply with a hell lot of extra regulations and some tax. Do not get me wrong. Germany is a wonderful country with wonderful people, but with the medieval welfare policies, it is no wonder that the European economy is sliding into oblivion. And obviously, Germany cannot isolate itself from the bigger European picture. The reasons for Germany's economic slowdown are ironically its economic strengths. Both are (not mutually exclusive) : car manufacturing, especially high-end diesel-powered cars export power (cars, machines) So, this hegemonic aspect is a real weakness: If your cars are diesel-powered, you add your own interpretation of the norms, and you hoped that the government would greenlight a similar approach with new WLTP norms, If your Chinese customers, the fastest growing market in the last years, reduce their amount of luxury spending (like iPhones or Mercedes). If your trade partners are destroying years of common wisdom (Donald Trump's trade wars, Brexit, sanction on Russia)… you end up with a slower economy in the short term. And then, comes the long-term evolution: You have low demography leading to an aging and shrinking population. Hence, the consumption of your population can not compensate the losses from your exporting industry . Germany is very strong in the 20th Century industry (cars, manufacturing equipment). You might have the best quality, the best performance, but also the highest price. And sometimes you have over-quality (a level of quality your customer is not willing to pay for) and over-complexity (have you seen a Siemens-automation console?) The German auto quality is now officially a myth. Another reason why the German exports are tumbling is that the German brands making the same stupid mistake that America did 20-30 years ago by making their products in Mexico or Asia and only designing or assembling them in Germany, but still wanting full German prices so the execs can pocket the difference and sail off ton their yacht in Monaco. Right around the turn of the millennia, they introduced a budget line made in Asia in order to gain market share in the entry and low/mid-level markets, which is where 80%+ of the money is. Fair enough and no problem, companies have to try to make money, or they're just charity daycares handing out paychecks and eventually going belly up. Volkswagen has done a similar thing with their Mexican and Chattanooga plants - a German brand name sticky taped to a not-so-great third world import but at full German prices. It takes a while, but even Americans do eventually notice when they're getting hosed. Recent Mercedes are overpriced plastic compared to a bulletproof 300D from the 80s. Bayer AG, t those idiots bought Monsanto. It seems that playing along with the PC Globalist Diversity crowd leads to some really stupid decisions, and outsourcing production to third world shitholes has consequences if you try to keep selling at German prices. And when the customer can't tell between the confusing array of product lines and 19 of 20 items they see are the cheap imported crap from a third world hellhole, they're going to assume all of them are the cheap crap even if they're looking at a really good one from Germany. Why buy the expensive German one when you can get "the same thing" for a tenth of the price? That's my theory, anyway. Germany is going down the drain. No matter how much a central bank provides easy monetary policies if the fiscal policies plus increased regulations are moving in the opposite direction you end up with slower growth, and this is what we have seen for the last 10 years across all the western-based economies, and this is why GDP numbers are not where they were pre 2008/9. The GREEN push with increased regulations, increased taxes, forcing industry to use wind and solar, increased auto emission regulations which raises costs hitting especially the smaller car markets as cost cannot be passed on, shutting down nuclear plants in Germany which forced them 3 times a few months back to buy more expensive electricity from outside the country as they ran out, etc. its a wonder they have any growth at all.

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Red Alert -- Federal Reserve Cuts Rates by a quarter point

The Federal Reserve has already cut rates here in the US three times this year. With an upcoming meeting in December, there could be another possible cut. So we're looking at at least one more federal rate cut, which will again dig us into this deeper hole. This Centrally Planned Economy of the US would be the envy of any Soviet. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Today the Fed cuts interest rates by a quarter point .The Federal Reserve cut short-term interest rates for the third time this year, in an expected bid to strengthen the economy. But Chair Jerome Powell signaled that further reductions are on hold amid an outlook for “moderate growth.” Today's rate cut is just a small one-off midcycle adjustment. The increased POMO operations are small, targeted, and brief, necessary only to deal with a temporary tax timing liquidity hiccup. Further actions will be taken on an as-needed basis. As then-Presidential candidate John McCain stated in October 2008: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong." Not to worry more debt more rate cuts and new highs in the undervalued stock market. Just enjoy it, get out there and by another Apple product and get on Fakebook or Instagram and do your patriotic duty and spend more. It's the Greatest economy in American history. Obviously, the deficit doesn't matter. Obviously, $2.2 Trillion in REPO (soon to be $4 Trillion) doesn't matter. The Trade deal really doesn't matter. It's so crystal clear: Powell has no idea - he is a mere pawn. Those most responsible for getting us to this point know the whole system will implode but don't care when: they are insulated - tails they win, heads you lose. They obviously prefer for things to go on as 'normal' for as long as possible, but they have farmed us for so long, they know how to wait out the storm, rinse and repeat. They rely on one inexhaustible human trait: greed. There will always be patsys who will work like dogs, sacrifice anything, even their souls, to climb the greasy pole of the rigged system. These sociopaths are the hired guns, the enforcers that shield the elite and keep the rest of us in line. The Federal Reserve has destroyed the Free Market economy with eight years of Quantitative Easing and low interest rate manipulation. FED policy has caused massive asset inflation which causes higher mortgage, rent, gas, food, etc., charges so there is simply no money left to keep retail stores in business. Wall Street is booming while main street is collapsing. John Williams of Shadow Stats states we have had 10% inflation for 10 years. The Banks have won and the American people have lost just as Thomas Jefferson predicted. Never believed the conspiracy theories before: it was just too fantastic and paranoid. Not any more. Wanna know why there are now more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills? With all these rate cuts, the American slaves are going to need some sort of fresh paper that they can throw into a 55-gallon burn barrel, as they get adjusted to their new homes underneath the interstate overpass. If you want more proof that everyone at the Fed, and the mainstream media, lives entirely outside of reality, lets revisit what Madame Powell at today's Federal Open Market Committee meeting: "I think we would need to see a really significant move up in inflation that's persistent before we even consider raising rates to address inflation concerns." Obviously, nobody working for the Fed has had to set foot inside of a grocery store for a very, very long time. Now let's review two bullet points from the CNBC article "Here's how the Fed rate cut affects you": -The Federal Reserve's decision to cut interest rates may mean cheaper loans for most Americans. -At the same time, consumers will earn less interest on their savings. Absolutely no mention about rising costs at the gas pump and the checkout line. Instead, they are ecstatic about the fact that the debt-serfs will be able to go even FURTHER INTO DEBT! This is beyond the clown world. The average working man is getting robbed blind, and yet he is too distracted with the latest sports ball game to notice that anything is happening around him at all. If the working serfs had any sense of self-awareness, they would be rioting in the streets and burning down every bank and government building in their city. Trump is the same man who took ownership of the "big fat ugly bubble" that he railed against during his campaign, and then proceed to call it The Best Economy Ever! Just another day at the rigged casino.

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Peter Schiff : Painful awakening awaits investors

Peter Schiff on RT America Boom Bust 10/29/2019

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Canada would be hit harder by recession than the U.S.: RBC

Eric Lascelles, chief economist of RBC Global Asset Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss what the potential impact of a recession would be for the Canadian economy.

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RED ALERT : GDP has just been revised Down to 1.9% -- The Recession Comes and it'll Hurt

The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not dream of escape — a system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, slaves would love their servitude. The only fools who believe in perpetual economic growth and inflation are the central bankers. Recessions and depressions are inherent in debt-driven economies, and they need to be allowed to play out. Link the rate of change of private debt to the interest rates and let the chips fall where they may. End the central banks and neo-classical economic theory. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. GDP has just been revised down to 1.9%. The economy is in deep trouble. The U.S. economy grew at an annualized rate of 1.9 percent in the third quarter of 2019, upending expectations of a sharp slowdown driven by a global economic slump and the rising costs of trade tensions. So what happened to the 6% we were promised by candidate Trump? Where is the tremendous 6% growth we were promised with the tax cuts? So the deficit is at a seven-year high, inflation is occurring, housing market sucks, we have an inverse bond yield, and the trade deficit is at record levels. When are the positive effects of the tax reform and trade war going to occur? The U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an annual rate of 1.9 percent between July and September, according to data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The economy grew at an annualized rate of 2.1 percent in the second quarter, 3.2 percent in the first quarter, and 2.9 percent in all of 2018. Q1 GDP has just been revised down to 1.9 %, Trillion and trillions of taxpayers money dumped into Wall st bankers pockets, and all we get is 1.9%. Boy, am I glad we've added $1 trillion to the deficit to SKYROCKET all the way to 1.9% GDP! There's no stopping us now! The federal deficit rose to $984 billion in the fiscal year 2019 – the highest in 7 years, according to an estimate released Monday from the Congressional Budget Office. National Debt is at 106.5% of GDP.Economists are projecting the GDP growth to slump as low as 1.3 percent. Trump touted "The Greatest Economy in American History!" in a tweet less than an hour before the highly protected GDP data was released. There is a Trump tweet for everything. Remember, when we were told a 2 trillion dollar tax cut aimed at corporations and the wealthy would lead to an economic boom! Tax cuts have only produced growth in our national debt. Republicans gave their wealthy donors $2 trillion in cash and charged it to the US. Imagine what 2 trillion could do invested in infrastructure, climate change protecting retractable sea walls in vulnerable coastal areas, new sewers, and bridge repairs across the nation. The savings alone from having the bridge collapse, the aging dam burst, the power grid failure, would pay for the cost and more. And it would be job creation like crazy And expect the 1.9 to be revised downward to 1.7 (or lower) once all the data comes in, as has happened with every initial estimate during Trump's incompetent handling of the economy. The greatest economy of all time is on life support with trillion-dollar deficits, and the Federal reserve was injecting hundreds of billions to bail out financial markets over the past month. Prices are rising. Cars and trucks and homes increasingly out of reach for many Americans. One thing the Fed has ZERO control over is forcing Americans to take on more spending and more debt. QE Will does not rescue a failing economy, farmers, or the many businesses affected by the trade war too. Murray Energy, the largest coal producer in West Virginia and the largest producer of underground-mined coal in the nation, is filing for Bankruptcy.Murray Energy isthe namesake company of President Trump ally Robert Murray. Murray Energy Is the 8th Coal Company in a Year to Seek Bankruptcy. Wasn't Trump going to save the coal industry? Bob Murray's coal operation goes down in flames . The economy continues its moribund decline for three straight quarters , so much Winning. Trump SANK US largest COAL plant BYE BYE. Lipstick on a pig. Trump's big talking promised 3,4,5 or 6% growth. Under Trump, the economy has never grown more than 2.9% and is on track to finish this year under 2%. The "real" unemployment rate is 21%. The "real" GDP is -2%. The "real" inflation rate is 5.5%. These are the honest data calculated in an honest way that is was done in the 1970s-80s. Not the phony manipulated numbers coming out of Washington now. The truth is the U.S. economy has been contracting(negative GDP) since 2000 except for on blip of positive GDG in 2004. Our economy stinks. Washington's solution is to alter/manipulate the way these measures are calculated in order to make things look rosy. It is all fake, just like everything else in the world these days. We are inundated with lies every day. Nobody really knows what is real anymore. Hiring by U.S. companies has fallen to a seven-year low, and fewer employers are raising pay, a business survey has found. That is down from one-third in July. Job totals were unchanged at 69 percent of companies, up from 57 percent in July. A broad measure of job gains in the survey fell to its lowest level since October 2012. Wasn't Trump supposed to be a business genius! How does a business genius take a growing economy and stall it out? Answer: Trade wars and tax cuts for the rich! The guy figured out a way to bankrupt a couple of casinos, so anything is possible. Trump probably thinks he can write everything off by declaring Bankruptcy. And taking a 2008 quote from Sarah Palin: "Lipstick on a Pig". That is basically what the government does, to convince you that everything is peachy-king in the U.S. economy, like the unemployment figures were only 3.5% when you have more than 95.5 million are out of work, (which is almost 39% of the entire working-age population), or that the GDP growth is 2%, when they forget to mention it is in negative territory and needs to be multiplied by ten, or the CPI being at 0.2% when cost of living and inflation is a geometric weighing is a mathematical adjustment, not a model of consumer behavior, or actual expenses. The government is trying desperately to hide the fact we are indeed in a recession. Only the most deluded Americans cannot see that the tax cuts given to corporations and investors have been used to inflate the already inflated stock market. Both job creation and GDP growth have been DECLINING after a tiny "bump."The tax cuts added $3 TRILLION to the National Debt in three years, and most of that money went into stocks and real estate, and overseas numbered bank accounts. And this is nothing yet! In the aviation industry , two of them airliners went bankrupt in the E.U. last few weeks (Adria and Thomas Cook), more expected by the end of 2019, and some at the beginning of 2020. If tourism and airliners are to be considered the tip of the iceberg, then it began melting recently. E.U. started to feel the beginning, and now we are waiting to see something real as 2008 -2012; it was nothing. 40+ years of central economic planning guarantees a complete economic collapse. Since the overall population overwhelmingly rejects free markets, there is no way for a recovery to occur. The United States will collapse just like the old Soviet Union did.

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China or The US , Which Economy is being hurt the most by the Trade War

China's is a manufacturing economy, and a manufacturing economy will ALWAYS beat out a service-based economy like the one we have in the US. It's only a matter of time before China becomes THE dominant economy of the world. China's vast and ever-growing middle-class already puts the U.S. middle-class to shame. Most of the US's middle-class is living paycheck to paycheck while the Chinese middle-class has plenty of money to vacation abroad if they choose to, and some even come to the US to buy houses. I am an American but I have lived in Asia for few years until recently, and I've seen the shift in prosperity the Chinese middle-class has. There simply is no comparison between the Chinese and the Americans. While the "average" American Is struggling and having to downsize ,the "average" Chinese are getting wealthier and wealthier with no end in sight. Economist Jim Rogers is right when he says : The 21st century belongs to China . Welcome to The Atlantis Report. I am not sure that China has even felt the trade war. China has more than a billion people. Or roughly three times the consumer base of the United States. It has an increasingly more equitable wealth distribution average and has quite famously brought as many people as the US has in total, up into the Middle-Income bracket in just 30 odd years. Most of China's Trade is internal. They are buying and selling to themselves. They import what they don't have and what they don't manufacture. They manufacture almost everything. Maybe 12% of Chinese exports go to the United States. So tariffs as a powerful mechanism are inherently doomed to fail. China could simply replace much of that trade by expanding into new developing markets. Doing that would still leave 85% of their economy unfazed. The goal of China is to increase labor participation and worker pay. That is viewed as the most crucial element to National Security. Their ultimate goal is self-sufficiency. China's most significant products are consumer-based. Now contrast that to the U.S. We have deliberately bypassed labor in favor of profits. We imagine ourselves to be self-sufficient but require constant external meddling to achieve that. Our most significant product is debt. The Trade War basically had no real impact of the Chinese middle class . The stock market is down, and somehow the trade war has triggered sales of billions of dollars of bitcoin through Hong Kong. But no impact on the real economy. The reason for this is that China is far less dependent on exports to the United States that most Americans think. When the 2008 financial crisis hit, the export sector got impacted very hard and factories closed down left and right. So for the past decade, the Chinese government has been pushing the economy away from Western exports. Running an economy is hard, and there are a lot of things that the Chinese leadership is worried about, but the trade war is not particularly high on their list of worries. I’m not sure what Trump’s grand strategy is but if his objective was to scream at the Chinese government to get some minor trade concessions, he has made a major miscalculation. The problem is that all of this has shown the US to be very fickle, and it makes no sense for China to make concessions to the United States, only to have Trump tear up the deal a few years down the line and renegotiate. So Trump might have convinced the Chinese government to take a hard line on the theory that the less dependent China is on US markets, the better. China is achieving its socialist utopia through cutthroat capitalism. It's fitting since they kind of invented capitalism and then invented the earliest forms of socialism to manage capitalism. China has the largest market on Earth. China has the most dynamic workforce and a better than average education system that is designed to produce skilled labor. There is an economic flow chart that is circular. Employee-employer-customer-employee-employer-customer and on and on. We've knocked down the employee portion of that little graph. This is self-defeating because the consumer becomes the employee who works for the employer who seeks out the customer. By reducing labor participation, we are reducing the customer base and relative purchasing power. Increasingly in the United States, the customer and employee are actually becoming the product. Facebook sells your attention. All media does to a degree. Banks hold your money, use it to issue loans, which they then bundle and sell. The loan isn't the product, the borrower and the collateral are. They hold client money but then charge fees to access it and honestly charge fees on the transactions you make. Last month a banker told me I was crazy about paying cash for goods and services for the business. I could be getting money back if I used a credit card. Of course, they charged enough to make a profit on that. A profit my vendors pay, just like I do, every time I swipe the card. China doesn't fee its populace into oblivion. At least not yet. They have commoditized labor value and leveraged that for societal momentum, but wages go up in China. That's the real core issue too. In the last 40 years, Chinese wages have only gotten bigger while their options have increased. Meanwhile, American workers have, on average, less money, less social stability, fewer savings. Which country has a population that is more likely to weather the rough patch? Trump's approach to the trade war is just ass-backward. He seems to want to take us back to the 1950s without fully comprehending that today, China is having its 1950's. I'm not sure that the regular Chinese citizen has even felt the trade war. China is just philosophically and ideologically grounded differently than the US. The goal of China is to increase labor participation and worker pay. Now contrast that to the US. We have deliberately bypassed labor in favor of profits. While worker wages in the U.S. being stagnant for 40+ years. China's annual GDP growth still hits 6% whilst the U.S. annual GDP growth stays at less than 3 %. The U.S. represents only 5% of the world market. I think China will do just fine without us as a customer. The tariffs are hurting U.S. consumers, not the Chinese anyway. They will find other markets, and we will be left out in the cold. No one will want a trade partnership with the U.S. We are screwing ourselves and our children. China is a major economic power house and has been trading globally long before America was even discovered. In fact, they wrote the book. They literally have one of the oldest civilizations on this planet. However, I don’t think Trump paid attention in history class. A more rational approach would’ve been if the U.S. continued their commitment to the Paris Agreement. Then they could’ve rallied some allies to confront China with sanctions targeting their carbon emissions. It would’ve made more sense since climate change is a global threat whereas Trump’s approach is not even nationalistic but more about himself trying sell the idea that he’s the tough guy in the room. If only “would’ve” and “could’ve” could make any difference now. But the powerful and the corrupt in the U.S. never cared about the world. So instead of listening to the people, the establishment forced their voters to elect a malignant narcissist as their leader, an ignoramus with delusions that inspire him to use phrases like “beautiful clean coal” in his lexicon. Trump is quite literally fighting against the planet and you’d be hard-pressed to find other world leaders who truly think they can work with him. Widely disliked, he has no true friends or allies to support him. So, to summarise, this trade war is like me joining an amateur chess club after watching a YouTube video and immediately challenging Magnus Carlsen. Then, because my ego is a fragile shell, I go on to insult everyone who advises me that I should first learn the game. Learning is not my thing, so I double down instead.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.'” +St. Anthony the Great

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This California Family Watched Their Home Burn on Live TV

Amy and David Lamon watched home burn, live on TV. The couple had evacuated to a friend’s house as smoke from the Tick Fire encroached on their home in Santa Clarita, California on Friday, and watched their own home burned on the local news. When they made back to their house on Sunday, little was left. Remarkably, among the charred remains of what had been their house, Amy Lamon, 46, found her wedding ring. “Everything was tipped over, and it was just standing there,” she said, holding a jewelry box that somehow been untouched by the flames. In addition to fighting the flames, firefighters pulled family pictures off the walls and hauled them and other mementos in recycling bins outside the Lamon’s home.

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Millennials already Drowning in Debt will have to compete with AI for Jobs

Millennials have a lot going for them. A recent study shows they're better educated than the rest of us, more ethnically diverse, more economically active. But - and here's the problem - they're the most financially illiterate. And that's a big deal when you are the face of the future. Thirty-four percent of millennials, a study says, are unhappy with their financial situations, but lack the tools to fix it. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Millennials are good at one thing and one thing only. Making debt. More like Generation of bad decisions. The REAL purchasing power of the average American worker is now HALF what it was in 1972, adjusted for inflation. Historically, every Generation has enjoyed higher living standards than the one before. But if economic trends continue, people in their 20s and early 30s will be worse off than their baby boomer parents. Millennials are disproportionately burdened by student debt and often can't afford to buy a home. Millennials are the first US generation to see the full impact of a falling standard of living. Millennials are already making 20 percent less what Baby Boomers made at the same age. One reason why Millennials are racking up debt is simply that debt is so widely available. Millennials do not feel obligated to pay back loans. Credit cards freely distributed, and Interest charges on loan and debt are the cause of personal debt. Cut up your Credit Cards, learn delayed gratification, and learn to economize and live on your wages. Central Bankers and the financial system is at fault for lending to those who cannot afford to pay interest and debt. The solution ? : try to live on less than you make, don't borrow money, pay off your debt, invest in assets that generate money, and save, hustle, stop spending money on useless degrees, on vaping, and tinder and other apps and games and phones, and entertainment, and avocado toast. Stop getting useless degrees in media studies, anthropology, and sociology. Get STEM degrees or do a two-year Associate Degree in the likes of physical therapy, culinary schools, or become an LPN. Do apprenticeships instead of taking classes in "gender studies" and the like. The idea of a 4-year degree (any degree) getting you right up on the ladder are over. There are too many people coming out of schools with these silly, impractical degrees that get them nowhere unless they have connections. They are a total waste of time and money, and graduates come out of college with all sorts of opinions and no real life or work experience. Pay attention to real economic and geopolitical news, not silly "LGBTQxyz" issues. The breakdown for Generation Y is also because central banks have continued QE for markets. These policies push the fiat currencies lower, hurting the working class while simultaneously rewarding asset owners. This artificially creates a massive bubble in asset prices; stocks, bonds, and real estate. The boomer generation currently owns 86% of all assets. For millennials wanting to purchase these assets, they must go into massive debt and overpay. Since wages are stagnant, the cost of living continues to rise, causing many to become the "working poor." Furthermore, the boomer generation is working longer in sought after careers, causing a bottleneck effect for those who follow. Millennials with useless degrees (that their parents helped to fund) are also the first generation to not know the difference between "need" and "want." Spending money on "experiences" is fine if you can afford them. Starbucks, nights out every week, and vacations are wants, not needs. So being surprised at the end of the year when there's no money in the bank is ridiculous. The world's developed economies are breaking down also because technological growth is happening faster than human transformation. In a nutshell, machines are cheaper and faster than humans. Therefore wages are either stagnant or declining drastically in nearly any sector where AI, RPA, IoT, robotics, automated machinery are potentially advantageous, which is nearly every industry, and these technologies will deeply accelerate over the next 30 years. How can any college student graduate with overinflated government-backed debt be expected to earn more money or the same amount as graduates pre-1990s? They cannot and never will, at least at scale. Very few jobs exist in high paying fields and are not applicable to the vast majority of the population of working-class individuals. The future is bleak because of several things that occurred in the past and continues to the present, broken societal structures based on a pre-technological era. The main culprit in society is the relationships and basic nature of banks and governments. The banks fund innovative technologies (VCs/Angels) and merge and consolidate industrial giants (PEs/IBD). Together these fund and develop technological shifts in the world around us. The government helps with research, regulations, and bailouts when banks and entrepreneurs have either gambled or have innovated too much with either technological (cost efficiencies), markets (social sales), or monetary policies (inflation/debt). These things, in general, are a good thing. Innovations bring down the cost of doing things we already do or bring about new things we didn't have before. These improvements better society as a whole. All other gains are superficial and are mostly monetary policy reactions to buffer technological change or gambling/failures effects on people as they benefit shareholders and executives majoritively. Over time governments and banks have directly and indirectly regulated and invested in the increase of housing costs (land/construction), the increase of healthcare costs (drugs/payroll) via monopolizing treatments, and backing student loans, therefore, increasing university tuition prices over the past couple decades. The government has also created a surplus of college graduates who cannot find jobs because there are not enough jobs in the fields students graduate in, and technology has been quickly deleting jobs that used to exist and are continuing to delete jobs going forward. This has therefore increased the student, credit card, and mortgage debt of societies across the world because of low wages, stagnated middle classes, and increased taxes. People are ultimately being laid off, let go, work temp/contract/part-time, and more pronounced never hired due to technological growth and mismatched supply and demand within the labor force. Current and future trends in automation, AI, robotics, software, nanotechnologies, RPA, and you will have unemployment rates seen in the US during the Great Depression as a permanent issue in developed and developing countries on an international scale. New jobs won't work, because these automation technologies add a fraction of new jobs compared to the ones they delete. Autonomous driving in the US could wipe out nearly 3-5 Million jobs in the coming ten years. There are another 3.4 million cashier jobs that could easily be automated for over ten years with no replacement. A large percentage of office jobs can be automated within accounting, financial services, and clerical/administration within the next 10-20 years from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, App development. These three major trends could do it by themselves. Jobs that are remaining, which will be primarily automated, are in the IoT, AI, personalized medicine, DNA therapy, and nanotechnologies sectors of healthcare over the next 30-50 years. The paradigm is no longer heading towards a sustainable world where people in mass can live based solely on wages/salary based work for themselves, let alone a family. It is very simple. It all leads to a mixture of things. There will be a quarter of the population who will become permanently unemployed. There will be about half that will need a supplemental income to survive. Another 15% % will be able to survive on their own income, but this group will not last for more beyond the next 50 years without transitioning to a mixture of work-based income and supplement. The last 10% will be able to maintain survival on their own, nearly indefinitely. These will be your elites, governmental leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs, business executives, investors, bank heads, and very very few specialists (STEM). If producers of goods and services are able to produce something at near-zero marginal costs (variable costs with little to no overhead), this becomes compounded (raw material then to final product), then the prices would have to fall if the producers in that industry are competing and not an oligopoly or monopoly. Therefore prices would drop, reducing the cost of living for certain goods and services; however, if widespread unemployment occurs, this means less buying power and, therefore, will raise prices that would otherwise be maintained due to increased or stagnant buying. This process will in effect flood the market with default mortgages (unemployed), lower taxes and therefore larger deficits, increase homelessness/poverty in groups of people losing jobs, government handouts drying up faster than usual, and ultimately increase the number of producers to go bankrupt as fewer consumers exist in the overall market. Therefore a financial asset reset will occur. Add in a finite but large group of baby boomer retirees who have an inadequate retirement savings and a ballooned government retiree bailout plan also known as the only legal Ponzi scheme, social security programs/pensions, all paid in by those working in the economy, which will become a shrinking group and a poorer group over time. All this leads to a negative but honest review of the future if governments and elite groups are allowed to continue ballooning national debts and allowing a couple of thousand individuals to own the vast majority of all the world's wealth. You get a revolution. Or at the least, you should have a revolution. A fight to rebalance the generations and the wealthy with the middle class. No matter what, there will be a transition, and it will be painful. In the meantime pumping up overinflated stock markets and using monetary and fiscal policy to extend it another couple years before another global recession is the plan and another 20-30 years before a great depression. This economic system does an excellent job of pointing out the foolish, stupid & naive members of it that don't have the smarts to Make It. Instead of letting them fall by the wayside we insist on saving them, thereby penalizing the members taking the wise/smart path. No one's winning. Old people hope to flip homes to pay for their needs and can't because, at prices they want, no one can afford a house, except a flipper. Young people can't accumulate property and can't earn income. A giant pot of frogs, young and old, slowly boiling. Many Millennials today are becoming aware of the benefits of minimalism and foregoing starting a family because personal freedom is of primary importance to happiness. They don't need marriage or a family to be happy. They don't need material wealth or conspicuous consumption to be happy. The fewer things that you own, the fewer things that own you.

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Cannabis Heals Skin Cancer in 3 Weeks

Healing Skin Cancer in 3 Weeks Using High THC Grade Cannabis Oil

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US Millennials are sinking in debt

U.S. Millennials are falling behind when it comes their net worth. Burdened by student debt, rising healthcare and living costs while facing stagnant wages, many are finding it hard to get by let alone save for a rainy day. CGTN's Karina Huber reports.

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Ron Paul & Peter Schiff Warning : The Fed Is On Its Last Legs ; Gold is The only True Money

The U.S. government and its monopoly money-printer is known as The Federal Reserve, have painted themselves into a bankruptcy corner. Not only are more and more foreign nations rejecting America's aggressive and militant foreign policy, but they're also ripping themselves away from The Fed's dollar. Foreign central banks are increasingly gravitating to sound money like gold. The Fed is on its last legs. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. It used to be that Congress had to approve the Federal Reserve's expansion of their balance sheet above certain parameters, not anymore as they have free reign to print and manipulate all markets as they see fit. Used to be that Congress had to approve going to War...Not anymore as we start wars all over this planet to take what riches we can from the most vulnerable countries. I am thinking that the Federal Reserve banksters now overtly control our government along with the large defense contractors and all of those other parasitical corporations that are bleeding this once great nation dry. Foreign central banks have been stocking up on gold for months. According to the World Gold Council, a dozen central banks have increased their gold reserves by at least 1 ton through the first eight months of 2019. This continues a trend we saw through 2018. In total, the world’s central banks accumulated 651.5 tons of gold last year. The World Gold Council noted that 2018 marked the highest level of annual net central bank gold purchases since the suspension of dollar convertibility into gold in 1971, and the second-highest annual total on record. Peter Schiff has talked about central bank gold-buying. He has noted that the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1971, but he thinks the world is going to go back on it. The days where the dollar is the reserve currency are numbered, and we’re going back to basics. You know, everything old is new again. Gold was money in the past, and it will be money still in the future, and central banks that are smart enough to read that writing on the wall are increasing their gold reserves now.” Ron Paul made a similar point in a recent episode of the Liberty report. He said foreign central banks are increasingly gravitating to sound money like gold and ripping themselves away from the Fed’s dollar. “That’s the position of the president. He wants this market to stay up. That’s the purpose of the plunge protection team and all the financial administrators in Washington. You can’t let the stock market drop, or people will get nervous about what’s really happening.” “The fixing of interest rates is the big game the Fed plays, and that’s what the markets like — fix the rates so the banks get it cheap and the consumer has to pay a lot, and that’s the big rip-off.” “They’re pouring in massive amounts of money. The balance sheet is growing by leaps and bounds. It sort of reminds you of Q.E., but the establishment says, ‘No, you don’t call this Q.E. That scares people so call it something else.'” “I think it’s a fragile situation. I don’t believe that just printing more money is going to be satisfactory for everybody.” “The middle class, they can’t quite keep up. They use their credit cards — credit card interest rate of 17%.” “Powell is doing exactly what Trump wants, and I know exactly what must be going through Trump’s mind. Can we get this election here soon before the big event occurs? And that’s why they will never let up on the Fed.” “The central banks of the world are looking at gold again.” “It’s going to be hard to get a new currency or restore our currency without the use of gold.” “An alternate currency for me right now is the constitutional money of silver and gold.” “I think we’re in the midst now of the early stages of major, major changes.” “It always hurts the middle class — all of this mischief … They suffer the consequences of inflation and then distortion and loss of jobs.” Gold is the “shining embodiment of wealth.” It is not only used to add “extra bling” to our lives; it is also an essential component in expensive high-tech electronics and medical devices. Even more fundamentally, gold is money.

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China is producing billionaires faster than any other nation

Communist China's planned economy once prevented its citizens from becoming wealthy. But China now produces billionaires faster than any country in the world, even as President Xi Jinping has cracked down on ostentatious displays of wealth. Special correspondent Katrina Yu reports on the fourth in a 10-part series, "China: Power and Prosperity," with support from the Pulitzer Center.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

The Ugly Truth about the Federal Reserve (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth)

Danielle DiMartino Booth, chief strategist at Quill Intelligence, sits down with Ed Harrison to discuss markets and central banks. DiMartino Booth believes we are likely on the cusp of a recession, and that this is going to drive investors to seek liquidity, safe havens, and stores of value. A former Fed insider, DiMartino Booth also has some pointed comments about the way the Fed is conducting monetary policy. Filmed on July 8, 2019 in New York.

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Ben Fulford : 3rd or 4th Death of al-Baghdadi” actually signifies major Middle East change

Third (fourth?) death of Mossad agent Shimon Elliot “al-Baghdadi” actually signifies major Middle East change , By Benjamin Fulford . Welcome to The Atlantis Report . While only a few die-hard corporate propaganda Kool-Aid drinkers actually believe the U.S. announcement that “master terrorist al-Baghdadi” was killed yet again, this time it actually means something, Pentagon sources say. The third announcement of his death means that U.S. President Donald Trump “is poised with Russian help to cut off illegal oil, arms, human, and drug trafficking that benefit Zionists, the CIA, and the deep state,” they explain. Basically, now that the pretense of fighting ISIS or Al Qaeda or whatever brand name they used has blown up, Trump is now openly telling the truth—that the wars in the Middle East are about stealing oil. The fact that Trump mentions Rockefeller-controlled Exxon Mobil by name as the company that can develop the Syrian oil fields also means Trump is now an official spokesperson for big oil. In any case, Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today, who has better Middle East sources than this writer, says Mossad agent Shimon Elliot, aka “al-Baghdadi,” is actually still alive. Presumably he is enjoying his official death in a safe house along with his Mossad buddy Jeffrey Epstein. This picture of CIA agent Tim Osman, aka “Bin Laden,” with his handlers sent to us by the Germans supports what Duff reports. While we cannot confirm if these pictures are genuine, the story they convey has been confirmed to us by multiple sources over the years. Meanwhile, in a sign the undeclared civil war in the U.S. is reaching a crescendo, the list of missing politicians in Washington, DC keeps growing. Neither House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nor House Intelligence Committee head Adam Schiff have appeared in public since their sudden trip to Jordan last week. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise tried to keep up pretense with this widely quoted tweet: “My colleagues & I went to confront Schiff face-to-face in his locked room in the Capitol basement to see what he’s been hiding. When we got there he immediately shut down the hearing & fled with the witness.” However, a colleague in Washington, DC with a press pass says Pelosi, Schiff, and many others have not been seen in public during the past week and no new videos of them have emerged, either. Former CIA chief John Brennan, who was constantly in the media, has also not been seen in public for two weeks, the journalist also noted. (Note to computer graphic agents: Time to get to work.) Also, the fact that corporate media reports concerning the ongoing “Ukraine” impeachment proceedings against Trump now quote politicians other than Schiff or Pelosi lends credibility to the idea that they are gone. Pentagon sources explain, “As sealed indictments reach 130,000, many notables may choose death over dishonor, Gitmo, or military tribunals, continue reading at Benjamin Fulford dot net .

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Assange is being railroaded by the US scare the **** out of any journalist

On this episode of Going Underground, legendary former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters discusses WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s latest extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court and why it makes him ashamed to be English, why he believes the UK and US are attempting to kill Julian, why the extradition case shouldn’t even be happening and is a mockery of British justice, the mass protests in Chile against the neoliberal US-backed President Sebastián Piñera, and how the military crackdown is reminiscent of the Pinochet era.

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Google's Quantum Supremacy And What does it mean for the Future of Computing

Physicists have been talking about the power of quantum computing for over 30 years, but the questions have always been: will it ever do something useful, and is it worth investing in . Google researchers have now officially announced that they have achieved “quantum supremacy” — in other words, their quantum computer managed to complete a computational task faster than a conventional supercomputer processor. The race between the quantum and traditional computer wasn’t even close: according to the document published by Google , their “Sycamore” superconducting processor, which sports 54 qubits, quickly solved a problem that would’ve taken a classical computer 10,000 years to solve. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that tech megacorporation Google has achieved quantum supremacy, meaning it’s used an experimental quantum computer to perform a calculation significantly faster than a regular binary computer. In a mysterious paper spotted by the Financial Times on NASA’s Technical Reports Server in September, Google researchers claimed to have beaten a supercomputer by a wide margin. But the paper was quickly deleted, prompting much debate about the claim’s validity. Google now officially announced that its 54-qubit Sycamore processor was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken the world’s most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years. That would mean the calculation, which involved generated random numbers, is essentially impossible on a traditional, non-quantum computer. This is Game Over Classical Computers. The tech megacorporation is clearly very proud of its achievement. Google CEO Sundar Pichai even compared it to when the Wright brothers took off on their first plane ride in 1903 in an interview with MIT Technology Review. Google’s biggest quantum computing competitor, IBM, is griping. In a post published on Monday, IBM argued Google’s showcase didn’t “account for plentiful disk storage” and other optimization methods. Therefore, “Google’s experiment is an excellent demonstration of the progress in superconducting-based quantum computing,” IBM researchers wrote, but it shouldn’t “be viewed as proof that quantum computers are ‘supreme’ over classical computers.” So What the heck is a quantum computer? Before we discuss what a quantum computer is, it’s helpful to think about what a traditional computer is. Classical computers are built around transistors that, by holding or vacating a charge, signifies either a one or a 0. By linking these transistors together into more complex formations, they can represent data, or transform and combine it through logic gates like AND and NOR. With a complex language specific to digital computers that have evolved for decades, we can make them do all kinds of interesting things. Quantum computers are actually quite similar in that they have a base unit that they perform logic on to perform various tasks. The difference is that the unit is more complex: a qubit, which represents a much more complex mathematical space than simply 0 or 1. Instead, you may think of their state may be thought of as a location on a sphere, a point in 3D space. The logic is also more complicated, but still relatively basic (and helpfully still called gates): That point can be adjusted, flipped, and so on. Yet the qubit, when observed, is also digital, providing what amounts to either a 0 or 1 value. By virtue of representing a value in a richer mathematical space, these qubits and manipulations thereof can perform new and interesting tasks, including some which, as Google shows, we had no ability to do before. Quantum computers, on the other hand, are not built upon using the flow of electricity. They rely instead on the physical properties of electrons, photons, and other tiny bits of matter that are subject to the laws of quantum mechanics. These bits of matter can do a lot more than just be turned on and off. Actually, on and off aren’t really words that make sense in quantum physics. This kind of tiny matter is best described in states called amplitudes (like waves, since the tiniest bits of matter can act as both particles and waves). A particle can have two different amplitudes at the same time — a state called superposition. They can also be entangled, meaning a change in one particle instantly changes another. The amplitudes of particles can also cancel one another out like opposing waves in water would. Also, the smallest particles in Nature don’t really exist at a point in space, but they exist as a probability of existing. Scientists hope quantum computers may lead to better, quicker ways to solve optimization problems. When you have many different choices in front of you, how do you choose the ideal path? These types of questions strain traditional computers but could, potentially, be a breeze for quantum computers, which could sort through all the possible parts at once. A traditional computer has to try out each path one at a time. Though, “we’re not going to be able to run applications like that for a while because the hardware just isn’t advanced enough as Quantum computers are hard to build. Google’s paper on Quantum Computing published in the journal, Nature, is well written. The description of Google’s efforts illustrates tremendous results that exhibit how fast complex problems can be attained in a fraction of a second compared to many years. Google has exemplified its supremacy over and above IBM. Google and its brilliant engineers should be recognized with the top prestigious science and technology award, such as the Albert Einstein Award, Nobel Prize in Physics, and the National Medal of Science. Google engineers have made a great contribution to science and technology! We are standing on the Quantum “Event Horizon,” and the experiment conducted reveals to us much that we do not know. In 50 years, quantum computing may let us take various economic data, input it, and it will spew out results so fast, we can tweak ideas until we get the best case scenario…in terms of tax rates, retirement ages, minimum wage, what the price of milk should be, etc. All the way to one day telling us what the best mix of energy sources would be in each area to change the climate or how to decrease pollutants in our air, water, and food supplies to minimize cancer rates while maintaining other standards of living.

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California - The Exodus From The Golden State

California is the one of the most beautiful states in the union, however, its high taxes, excessive regulations on business, high cost of living, and out of control housing market has forced much of the middle class to move to other states. We show the stats of why people are leaving in droves out of CA and show where they are going through in this documentary of The Golden State. We still recommend to come to California to visit, it is still a great place to spend a vacation or a weekend. Its great weather and scenery is hard to beat.

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The Fallout of America and China's Disintegrating Economies

The US-China Trade War: The issue of trade has been rankling once solid relations between the world's two largest economies. As the war of words escalates, so do tariffs. What is the global impact on consumers and businesses?

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This is Why SILVER will become the Post Collapse Currency

With everyone focused on gold as an investment vehicle, many have ignored a metal that is 20 times rarer. Most investors assume that because silver is almost 50 times cheaper than gold, it's more abundant. They are dead wrong. The world has been drawing down its above-ground supply of silver for decades, diminishing the only source of what is available for investment. Only now have we begun to collectively recognize silver as a solid investment. While gold is rarer below the surface, silver is more rare and undervalued above ground. Silver has been operating at a supply deficit for many years, and I think it's only a matter of time before spot price reconciles with the true value of this beautiful bullion. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Silver is 17.5 times more abundant in the Earth's crust than gold. But the amount of above-ground gold available far exceeds that of silver. To date, over 1.5 million tonnes of silver have been mined. The industry has consumed 90% of mined silver, leaving a huge opportunity for a commodity shortage in the years to come. Mining for silver specifically has dramatically declined. In 2017, the majority of silver was mined as a byproduct of other metals, like copper and lead. For every 12.5 tonnes of Earth, there is 1 gram of silver. This ratio, combined with the extraordinary low spot price of silver, makes mining the precious metal less profitable and less appealing than many other metals. This mining shortage has the potential to create an enormous industry shortage of silver. In 1950, there were 10 billion ounces of available silver above ground. By 1980, that number shrank to 3.5 billion. And today, no significant government stockpiles of silver exist anywhere in the world. The exact opposite is true of gold. The world currently produces about 700 million ounces of silver per year. Where does it all go? Believe it or not, most of it winds up as garbage. We literally throw billions of dollars' worth of silver in trash bins every year. Silver is required in the production of thousands of products: CDs, cell phone batteries, calculators, printed circuit boards, hearing aids, electronic switches, TV screens, catalytic converters, inks, computer monitors, RFID chips, etc. Once any of these items have served its purpose, it generally gets tossed. And it's simply more expensive to recycle the silver from these products than it is to dig more out of the ground. I expect that the world's dumps will be a precious source of resources like silver in the future. The difference between the metals is that gold is produced, but it's not consumed. While gold is a highly-desired item, it's not an industrial commodity. In other words, gold is desired, but silver is needed. All of the gold that has ever been mined is basically still around. Studies suggest 98% of all gold mined throughout history is still available in the form of coins, bars, artifacts, and jewelry. But silver is different. From 1990 to 2000 alone, over two billion ounces of silver disappeared from the market to consumers. Despite the lack of global stockpiles, new technology will continue to discover more industrial applications for silver, putting a further strain on world supplies. Consider the new photovoltaic industry as an example. In China, the production of photovoltaic solar panels has doubled every single year since 2003. The demand for silver from the global photovoltaic industry has soared in the past few years, and global demand is expected to reach 150 million ounces in the coming year, just to satisfy the photovoltaic industry. But to widen the supply deficit, even more, the Silver Institute forecasts industrial uses of silver will rise sharply over the next five years. The organization estimates that by 2015, the demand for silver from industry will increase 36%. At the highest level, silver is used in industry, in jewelry, and as an investment (and/or wealth preservation). Together, these three categories represent more than 95 % of annual silver demand. So then, why is the spot price of silver so low? Why is there a 68:1 gold to silver ratio when it seems gold is more easily mined and doesn't face the same consumption habits as silver? I share the theories of many others who believe in silver spot price is controlled by a combination of a few factors; I believe price manipulation is alive and well. Several large banks are currently under fire for their roles in verified price rigging. I believe more banks will be prosecuted in the near future, as well. In addition to banks, the industry has a huge interest in keeping silver prices low. By undervaluing the metal, their supply costs remain low and profit high. Silver has been used as a medium of exchange dating back to the earliest of records. It has always been considered to be a form of 'money.' Even up until the late 19th century, most nations were on a silver standard as to their 'money,' with silver coins making up the main circulating currency. Even though today's silver coins are not used as national currency and have been replaced by other than silver coins and Fiat' paper', silver is still collected, stacked, and invested by many people. Why? As a hedge against today's rickety financial systems, modern currency, and evaluation thereof. People who know the history of currencies know that EVERY 'paper' currency ever created has ALWAYS collapsed. And most critical-thinking people today know that our current system and foundation are no longer on solid ground. Here's a challenge: After you have purchased your first 1-ounce silver coin such as the Royal Canadian Mint' Silver Maple Leaf', hold that coin in one hand and a $20 bill in the other . While they both are of a similar worth based on today's approximate silver price (almost $17 at this moment in time), which one feels more like 'real money' to you? The silver coin sure feels more like real money to me. So for the financially preparedness minded, it makes logical sense to preserve some of one's wealth in a form that has been accepted for thousands of years that is silver. While a reflexive 'knee-jerk' reaction from some people might be to say something like "You can't eat silver, so what good is it during a time of socioeconomic collapse?", the fact is that there are innumerable hypothetical collapse scenarios – many or most of which are not all-out Armageddon. Silver is simply one way to preserve one's wealth, regardless of how much or how little. So what would become of silver in a Post Collapse scenario. Let's say that the dollar is being inflated away (it actually is as we speak), and enters a period of hyperinflation (which it likely will one day). When that happens, it's purchasing power will diminish greatly. While 'the system' holds together during pre-collapse, precious metals such as silver will become highly-priced within the inflated currency – thus holding it's valued and very likely increasing its investment value as others pour into the commodity to save their own wealth. In this scenario, silver will have been an extraordinary investment. Let's say that today's current paper currency has one day become essentially worthless (post-collapse), and regional bartering has become the new normal during 'the collapse.' While goods and services are a means of exchange, there's little doubt that silver too will be a medium of exchange as payment and trade. Take an example : The Pre 1965 Coins. A 1-ounce silver coin may become a very high value – requiring the use of smaller denominations of silver for commerce & trade. This will likely include the use of the pre 1965 coins (example the quarter, dimes) that are 90% silver. Most coins minted in the United States before 1965 were 90% silver and 10% copper. These coins contain 0.7234 ounces of silver per dollar face value. another example is the 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes. You might consider acquiring some amount of physical silver be it bullion or junk silver . Not only for financial insurance but for diversification and peace-of-mind. You might consider diversifying and convert some of your fiat paper currency into physical silver as insurance against the current system. There are crucial factors why silver will increase more in value than gold during the next financial meltdown. These factors are not well known by many precious metals analysts because they focus on antiquated information and knowledge. While several individuals in the precious metals community forecast a much higher Gold-Silver ratio during the next financial crash, I see quite the opposite taking place. The white metal should be uncoupled from gold and should be seen as a strategic metal due to its necessity in many everyday appliances, from computers to electronics to solar panels. The silver production has gone down in recent years, meaning that contrary to popular belief, the metal is actually a rare commodity. We are consuming, as a human race, over 1 billion ounces of silver annually, and miners are only producing about 800 million ounces a year, and that's been dropping for three consecutive years. As US currency continues to be less strong than in previous years, both gold and silver have begun some steady inclines, with the white metal gaining — and maintaining — a trading price that is over US$17 per ounce. At some stage, silver will wake up and play catch up. That's a move worth owning. We could easily see US$20 per ounce silver, which is a roughly 18 percent move. And that can happen quickly. Finally, although supply and demand play a smaller role in what moves the white metal, they are still factors that have an effect on the resource. Interestingly, the latest World Silver Survey, published by the Silver Institute and Thomson Reuters' GFMS team, indicates that in 2018, the silver market experienced a 3 percent decrease in supply to 1,004.3 million ounces due to reduced mined and scrap output. That led to a physical market deficit of 29.2 million ounces. Of the 1,033.5 million ounces of silver that were consumed last year, a large portion was through the purchase of silver bullion coins, silver bars, and jewelry. The demand for bullion coins and bars climbed an impressive 20 percent, with the rise being driven by silver bar demand, which rocketed 53 percent. India was the main silver bar consumer, with demand soaring 115 percent higher than in 2017. Meanwhile, silver jewelry demand rose 4 percent from 2017 to 212.5 million ounces. Once again, India was the largest consumer with a 16 percent increase in jewelry demand, setting a new record level. The industry will continue to use and need silver in ever-increasing amounts, and with this current economic situation and the printing of money out of thin air, silver only has one way to go – and that is up. Silver is considerably undervalued, and this places the commodity in a position to be prone to explosive gains once it's true value becomes more apparent. Silver is truly a Hold and Wait investment.

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