Wall Street Has New Debt Level Percentages

you may recall that I did a story a few weeks ago on debt level percentages and I talked about how bad the Chinese were were basically 485 percent of debt enters into a Chinese product in other words the products worth four times less than what they can get for it I said it's bad enough in America the statistic I quoted was 68 percent of our products are laden with debt but at that time I was also shown that some groups say it's a hundred and thirteen percent there is a difference of opinion both numbers appear to be legitimate I suppose it demand it depends on how you measure but United States is in bad shape too with this China is an impossible situation but I thought okay at least we're not China sucks to be them and then I came across some economic reports that talked about Wall Street and what they're saying on this issue and it's scary my name is Dave Hajus I'm the host of the common sense show and we are the show that is freeing America one enslaved minds at a time you need food water guns gold ammo medicine tools so forth and so on and we deal with most of those products we don't sell the guns than the ammo but we pretty much have everything else but I want to let you know that you need to have water filtration in times of a crisis a societal meltdown a natural disaster whatever would be getting water will become problematic on about the third day water will kill you lack of water before anything else and the major cause of death after a three day disaster is waterborne illnesses so this elects appear Pro filter is the best in the industry I'm not going to tell you about I just want you to read what the research says and they make it really simple but you can see there is nothing better and I'm gonna tell you this too ladies and gentlemen this probably this price here that they're asking for this is too low I think they can get a lot more and not only that they're offering it for 40% off this will save lives I hope your life will be one of the ones who saves if you're ever caught in a real bad situation

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