The 2 Party System has failed America

Think of the American two-party political system as two ramshackle freight trains running towards each other over old, neglected tracks, on a one-year collision course. Will there even be two parties left for the 2020 election? Mark Twain once said : "Ain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?" ./ Mr. Trump’s chances for reelection hang on the slender thread of his fictitious miracle economy, which is something like one of those fabulous parties at Jay Gatsby’s place depicted by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel about life before the 1929 crash — a splashy but localized event strictly for the denizen elite of the Gold Coasts. It’s the product of world-wide money-printing, computer algo fakery in the exchanges, statistical spirit-cooking, and the perversions provoked by artificial ultra-low interest rates that destroy the basic functions of capital formation. In America, we are fed up with having just two choices when we go to vote. Neither party is providing candidates worth voting for. In our history many political parties have arisen and fallen. That is until the Democrat/Republican Party made it difficult if not illegal for independent parties to successfully run for office at the state level. Perhaps it is time. Maybe we need new parties with new blood with better ideas. AT least twice now, we have put actors and entertainers in charge of our government. The results have not been good. Actors are by definition people with the ability to make someone believe they are the person they are portraying in their art. They can with a straight face tell the most outrageous lies and people will believe them until someone comes forward to say the person has no clothes. The famous parable is referred to. The lies are exposed. In the 1980s we elected an actor. One of his actions was to pack the labor board with anti-union people and undue years of progress in the labor movement. That action has come home to cause the current pending depression. When the balance between jobs, wages, and the ability to pay for things was disrupted then bankruptcy of both the dependent retail stores and the people with inadequate wages is going to make the entire house of cards come crashing down. Part of that is the cheap goods coming in from the international markets of China, India, and others. Part is due to companies moving to places like Mexico. The unions never were anything but a balancing factor negotiating higher wages at the expense of more expensive goods in the market. We still have the inflation. We do not have a matching check and balance of increasing wages. Without that increase in wages the entire retail industry is crashing. Discretionary income went way down when the Democrats put in Obamacare. The Republicans despite a lot of talk have not been able to correct this mistake. Chances are sooner or later the Democrats will come up with a candidate better than they currently have and they will take the Presidency as well as one house of Congress. The current entertainer has just about run the course. His only respite is the opposition has not come up with a worthy opponent that makes sense. It is entirely possible that Mr. Trump will make a second term only because the alternative is unacceptable. In the meantime, we may be in for a recession that we have not seen since the Depression of the 1930s. It's about time to disconnect US government from the stranglehold of 2 parties. The "Parliamentary" system in Europe is utterly unacceptable. But what we need is the ability for new parties to fairly compete in elections. Today the D and Rs have corrupted the voting laws in every state, making it essentially impossible for anybody to run a national campaign against them. So that piece needs to be dismantled. In several Western states D legislators think it is within their purview to alter the laws to prevent specific individuals from running ,California and Washington with regards to Trump. They also are attempting to bypass the Constitution by claiming they have the right to allocate Electors according to their whims (i.e., Electors must vote same as the national popular vote). That is such utter corrupt nonsense it will require ropes and lampposts to correct.

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