Monday, September 16, 2019

Saudi Aramco Drone Attack is a Reverse 9/11 False Flag Attack

On Saturday September 14th someone fired missiles or sent armed drones against Saudi oil facilities reducing world oil production by 5% and Saudi production by 50%. The beleaguered Houthis group at war by Saudi Arabia in Yemen quickly claimed credit for the attack. While the Houthis have used armed drones in attack mode previously against the Saudi’s, those flights were bee stings compared to the sophistication and breadth of success in the latest attack. The BBC calls the latest events “a different order of magnitude altogether.” There were seventeen different points of impact on the Abqaiq facility. What ragtag poorly armed enemy could possibly conduct such as remarkably complex attack? Since the recent long past sell-by date demise of John Bolton, Donald Trump’s current attack Chihuahua, Mike Pompeo, promptly insisted Iran was behind the attack. But how does Iran benefit by starting World War III ? Are they so fucking stupid that they would wave a red flag in front of the nuclear armed US, nuclear armed Israel and Saudi Arabia run by a snow flake who thinks cold blooded murder is just about right when his feelings are hurt. Something really strange about the missile strikes on the four tanks in one of the pictures they released. The "marks" on the attacks "appear" to come from incoming from the North and the locations on the four tanks are within inches of each other! And there appears to be no leakage or fire marks around the supposed puncture holes! Something very strange about this! A targeting precision beyond belief! The Houties claim the did this yet a missile is found in Kiuait and supposedly Iran did this ! Why The Saudis didn't take down a single missile with their Patriot missile systems ! The third most important oil facility in the world was inadequately protected ! No radar images of incoming missiles, not even ground reports ! And the Saudis claim they will get some production back in short order ! Stinks of a False Flag by the Military Industrial Complex to drag the US into another stupid, useless and costly world war . The satellite photos provided look fake. The impact holes are all perfect - nicely rounded and placed in the same locations on the tanks, no sign of any spillage or fires, and the smoke plumes are all going different directions. All in the same location on all tanks. Accuracy never before witnessed. or was it just some nice photoshopping. I'm going with the photoshop. Also, the missile debris seems odd. A missile drops down to the sand, and doesn't make a mark on the ground ! even if it didn't detonate when it hit, it's still going to make an impact when it's debris falls to the earth. These parts all look like they were just laid there. Most definitely a False Flag. Was Bolton released because he wouldn't play along ? Even he probably knows this is a bad idea. All that said, take note of some things. Despite Yemen's Houthis themselves claiming responsibility for the precision strike using ten drones, unleashing explosions that rocked Abqaiq facility and the Khurais field, there were way more then 10 explosions within this attack. And the attack occurred in 5 different locations within the satellite image which showed 5 separate smoke plumes in the desert, the following morning. Of the 10 missiles claimed to have been fired from Yemen, at least 1 of them crashed in the desert. which means 7 of the remaining 9 missiles hit one target site alone! Plus there were other reports of loud jet engines and then 12 large explosions at the same site. first they were claiming they were "certain" attacks came from Iraqi soil, likely from Iran-backed militias acting as proxies. they've now changed their tune to line up behind the latest Saudi military assessment. Meaning: The U.S. really isn't "certain" about anything, and will change their "certainty" based on what the Saudis want them to say. It's all propaganda that the U.S. is passing on to Mainstream media . With all the CIA's high-tech gear, why does it take Pompeo over 48 hrs to manufacture "evidence" ! As soon as they are done creating the evidence, Pompeo will release it , they said . Yep, 48hrs needed to Photoshop some images. And wind the war machine up. What an amazing coincidence this attack was anyway . just when the banks and the frackers were afraid that oil would hit $20 a barrel . and that their trillion (quadrillion) dollar derivative positions would unwind . and that the dollar would immediately collapse . the evil Iranians callously strike the innocent House of Saud . and we have breathing room, again . who would have ever imagined that this scenario could possible play out !!! it's as ridiculous as planes striking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Its great how nobody with even half a brain would believe them in just about ANYTHING anymore. The US goobermint,from the CONgress to the Prezident to the Supreme Soviet to the alphabet soup terror agencies to the Military Industrial Complex have lost whatever credibility they once had. Despite US officials repeatedly over the weekend claiming they were "certain" attacks came from Iraqi soil, likely from Iran-backed militias acting as proxies, they've now changed their tune to line up behind the latest Saudi military assessment. That's how you know this was a false flag. They had to scramble for best narrative, as a matter of fact they kept quiet for 24 hours trying to figure out how to frame this. They floated narratives that didn't work and modified as they went. All they knew was that they would of course blame Iran. When Trump said he was waiting to hear from Saudi it had nothing to do with Saudi being in charge, preposterous. They needed time. The big problem the US will have when releasing its evidence is that NOBODY BELIEVES A LIAR even if it's true. For every one fired Bolton, there are 10 sucking Pompeos surrounding the POTUS. War is inevitable folks, with all the unintended consequences. Another false flag event to get us into another senseless war.And this one is to defend the same people who attacked us in 2001. Buckle up bitchez! This was The Atlantis Report . Please like . share . and subscribe . Thank you ...

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