Is China Really Headed for Recession ?

It’s interesting to hear about United States President Donald J. Trump describe China’s economy as in crisis mode and depression. For-the-record, I’m a Trump voter . I do not criticize Trump’s claims with malicious intent, but do realize that his closest political advisers have little understanding of the country. US President Trump is receiving really bad advice about China and it’s heartbreaking to witness the train wreck . It’s apparent Trump does not have deep insights on the country, but I blame his aides, because it’s their jobs to conduct more in-depth research. They seem to talk and interview experts on China, who hate the country or have a selfish agenda to provide bad insights on the world’s second-largest economy. The White House does not need to agree with more sympathetic viewpoints on Beijing, but they should at least give it a good and fair hearing. At the moment, the Chinese economy is doing fine. There’s no strong sense that an economic downturn is at hand. The Chinese remain optimistic about their financial future. China's GDP growth is still twice that of the united states despite all tactics of bullying,sanctions and tariffs. Accordingly, President Trump does not know the Real China and this explains why he had wrongly concluded the nation’s economy is enduring doom and gloom at this moment. But yes, Trump is correct to think that China’s economy may surpass the US GDP (gross domestic product), which explains why he has often criticized Beijing, because he doesn’t like losing and wants the USA to stay number one. President Trump expressed his concerns when talking with former President Jimmy Carter on the phone a few months ago. “Earlier this year, Carter sent Trump a letter with some advice about managing the U.S.-China relationship. Carter oversaw the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries 40 years ago. Trump called Carter to talk about it. It was the first time they'd spoken, Carter said. He said Trump told him that he is particularly concerned about how China is ‘getting ahead of us.’ Carter said he agreed with Trump on this issue.” It’s already understood that Washington fears getting surpassed by Beijing. Trump’s trade wars and other policies should be understood as part of a broad reordering of US economic and political policies, and relations with other nation States allied and adversary alike, to ensure the continuation of US global economic and military hegemony for the coming decade. America runs on cheap Chinese products. Can you imagine if America made all that stuff . You'd be paying a fortune and won't afford the lifestyle you have now. If the Americans wish to willingly make their life more expensive, and hand over Uncle Sam more power and money , that's their choice to do . Kissinger used China to ensure the success of petrodollar hegemony. Petrodollar hegemony was designed by Kissinger to help US get out of their high debt and turn US dollar as the sole global reserve currency. Kissinger helped China elite to become super rich by allowing China to be the biggest exporters to US and become the largest users of US dollars. China now has become very powerful militarily and economically, threatening the survivor of American empire. China was allowed to rise by the globalists' and they were going to make money off of the US's downfall, and China's rise. Kissinger went over to "open up" China in the 1970's, and then China was allowed to join the WTO by the "US". These are not coincidences, deductive reasoning applied can easily tell this is done by design. If American empire collapse, the anarchy will spread and America will be banana republic with nukes. A NUCLEAR EXCHANGE WILL SURELY HAPPEN . KISSINGER AND The CHATHAM HOUSE Are THE MOST STUPID PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. China's economy might slow a bit , but will not stall like the US economy. Because China produces and we do not. They Will weather the upcoming storm. We will not.

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