Goldman Sachs Warns : The Market is about to go Crazy in October 2019 !!

For investors taking a breather from the chaos in August, buckle up as the market is about to go crazy again, Goldman Sachs warned. Wall Street is now inches away from reclaiming its record highs, but a rockier ride could be around the corner as stock volatility has been 25% higher in October on average since 1928, according to Goldman. Big price swings have been seen in each major stock benchmark and sector in October over the past 30 years, with technology and health care being the most volatile groups, Goldman said. “We believe high October volatility is more than just a coincidence,” John Marshall, equity derivatives strategist at Goldman, said in a note Friday. “We believe it is a critical period for many investors and companies that manage performance to calendar year-end.” When Goldman Sachs makes a claim the markets are about to go crazy again, I step back and wonder WHY they're telling the rest of us . Goldman Sachs has NEVER been known to be concerned about the investing public. Clearly being a part of the Deep State, what is the real purpose in Goldman Sachs' propaganda. Goldman Sachs is an investment bank so I'm thinking it's the banks and not Wall St that's about to go crazy. They don't want public sentiment to trigger a run on banks with the high REPO activity reported last week. Over the past four days inter bank overnight lending (REPO repurchase volume) was $350 BILLION . more than at any other time we know of - even 2008 with Bear and Lehman. Even JP Morgan borrowed $55 BILLION , 3 times this past week. Ask yourself "WHY." are the banks so short on cash? We're lead to believe they are heavily investing in the bull market. At least one of the big banks is in way worse shape than they are telling us. The FED stress test was a lie. At least one of them should have failed miserably. Something is going on and the insider's are keeping it a secret. I think we're about to see a credit crisis and all that overnight lending is about the amount of credit extended on consumer credit cards. It's out of control and that bubble is likely on the verge of bursting. I THINK THEY ARE FINALLY RIGHT!! GOODBYE BANKS. THEY AND US CANNOT COVER THE DERIVATIVE POSITIONS. SO, THE DESIGNED IMPLOSION WILL FINALLY DO AWAY WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. WAIT TILL THE DERIVATIVES GET IN THE MONEY. THEY ARE DONE. JUST LIKE THE HOUSING CDO'S IN 2007- 2008. THIS WILL MAKE THAT LOOK LIKE A CHURCH PICNIC. It's 1929 All Over Again . household debt recently hit $13.5 trillion — up $837 billion from 2008 . student debt hit $1.5 trillion - 40% of underemployed young people default . obese Americans on mobility scooters purchase less junk food . Velocity of M2 Money Stock is nowhere man . homeless hordes and trailer park Trumpkins face a lack of sanitation . Trump’s Budget Deficit is Double Obama’s . All asset values are faux . winter is coming . This time, lets not bulldoze money to the banks.. It did nothing but make the situation worse for the every day working folk.. Prices going up, cars cost what houses used to cost , house's out of reach for people not living in a lie... Let the banks burn, let regulation hit wall street and get this chaos in order.. Imprison those that would rig the system in their favor while people struggle paycheck to paycheck. Let it all fall apart so we can actually build something we can work with.. These bankers want you dead. Keep a year's supply of food on hand. Even if you're eating beans, rice and tuna it will taste better than anything you'll get in a FEMA breadline.

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