Do you know who Owns All The Land in Canada? Queen Elizabeth II owns all of the land of Canada !!

The second largest country in the world by total area, Canada, is one of the most highly urbanized globally. However, none of its citizens have the right to own physical land in the country. Land in Canada is solely owned by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the head of state. Canadian law in most provinces evolved from British common law, so instead of directly owning land, Canadians have land tenure. That means they can only own an interest in an estate. Only 9.7 percent of the total land is privately owned, while the rest is Crown Land. It is administered on behalf of the Crown by various agencies or departments of the government of Canada. Of the land owned by the Queen, 50 percent is managed by the provincial government and the rest by the federal government. All of those lands are held as public (known as Crown Lands) and mainly used as national parks, forests, private homes, and for agriculture. The lands in french speaking Quebec are also subject to the crown as per the Paris treaty of 1763. The difference is that lands in the rest of Canada are subject to aboriginal title, claims to the land they have occupied since before the non native settlers arrived. The lands in parts of southern Quebec are not. Quebec adjudicates civil matters under the preexisting civil law in contrast to the rest of Canada's common law regarding civil and property rights. Canada gained independence from Britain in 1982 with the passing of the Canada Act but you would hardly know it because the governor general is the Queen's Representative and all the military ships are designated Her Majesty's Canadian Ship and then there's the Royal Bank of Canada and the word Royal constitutes owned by a British Monarch. Canada Australia New Zealand are under Dominion status wherein you have a prime minister and he runs the country but Queen is the commander in chief of armed forces and supreme head. Canada is not a republic, it is part of the commonwealth and the territory is still territory of the Crown. We still have Governor General and Lieutenant Governors who represent the Crown. The constitution had been repatriated, which only means Canada can make all decisions pertaining its governance within Canada and does no longer have to refer the decisions for approval to the London Parliament. The Canadian military politicians and new citizens all have to pledge an oath of allegiance - not to the Canadian people, but the Queen! "I do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God." So, why would the Canadians be loyal to their politicians or support their military knowing that they have pledged allegiance to the Queen and not the Canadian people?! And on top of owning everything while doing nothing, the Queen of England (another country) also takes an annual "contribution" of more than CAD 50 million per year, or about $1.53 per person. The lands not controlled by Her are mostly in the hands of large corporation for mining or other industries. In short, Canadians have very little rights in their own lands.

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