Will Matteo Salvini take Italy out of EU !?

August is normally a quiet month for Italians to enjoy their summer holidays. But politicians have been forced back to work to contain a crisis. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned, launching a blistering attack on Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. He accused the leader of the far-right League party of sinking the coalition government and endangering the economy for personal and political gain. Salvini, 46, pulled his support from the governing alliance with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement this month, seeking to cash in on strong poll ratings and attempting to wrong-foot the political establishment with a mid-summer power grab while parliament was in recess. Salvini wants to force a snap election as League is gaining popularity for its tough stance on immigration. It’s good political theater but it’s as disingenuous as the day is long and very much the truth. No one in power in Brussels wants what Salvini is selling. Not many in Rome do either. Brussels better walk carefully at this point , because with Britain already almost gone, all they need is to clamp down hard on Italy and Italy decide to walk. The whole EU would explode at that point. The leader of the far-right League party, Matteo Salvini is often called the italian Trump . The US actor Richard Gere even called him : ‘Baby Trump' .Matteo Salvini has said Italy wants to be Washington’s closest partner in Europe during the hard-right leader’s visit to the US capital for talks with the Trump administration. Salvini made it clear that he sees an opportunity to forge a closer US-Italian relationship at a time of European turmoil and alignment between populist governments in both countries. Salvini is also best friends with Vladimir Putin . In 2017, the League established a friendship-and-cooperation agreement with Putin. Salvini called it a “historic deal.” In 2014, the League established a “Friends of Putin” group in the Italian parliament. In Moscow, Salvini wore a Putin T-shirt! Italian prosecutors on July 11 said they were investigating allegation of illegal Russian funding against Salvini's League party. The investigation came following media reports about a meeting that allegedly took place between Russian officials and one of Salvini's close aides, where they discussed a secret oil deal. Italian weekly L'Espresso reported in February that former Salvini spokesman Gianluca Savoini had met Russian businessmen in October 2018 about a possible oil deal that would funnel money to the party. The U.S. website Buzzfeed said on July 10 it had received an audio recording of the Moscow meeting and published a transcript where Savoini can be heard discussing a covert oil transaction. The website said there was no evidence that such a transaction subsequently took place. Moscow has attempted to establish ties with far-right European populist movements in recent years. Russian President Putin said in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that his United Russia party was working closely with Salvini's antimigrant League party. So what do you think ? is Salvini going to become the next prime minister of Italy , and in this case will Italy try to leave The Euro currency and may be leave the EU altogether !? .

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