Top 10 Signs we are entering a Recession

The world economy has never faced a more perilous situation. While many have just started to debate whether a recession will start in 2019 or 2020, very few perceive the ’black hole’ the global economy is about to get sucked into. With the trade war between the US and China re-escalating once more, investors are again casting frightened glances at declining global trade volumes, which threaten to upend the global economy’s much-anticipated rebound and could even throw its decade-long expansion into doubt if the conflict spirals out of control . so here are top 10 signs we are entering into an economic depression / recession . #1. Real Estate prices are dropping due to decreasing sales activity, in spite of historically low interest rates. #2. New Construction starts have been declining for 18+ months. #3. Historical glut of vacant commercial real estate. #4. Personal debt for Americans has now reached an all time high; $38,000 per American adult. How much more can they "borrow and spend" to keep the economy going? #5. Europe's economic powerhouse Germany is now in a recession, which will lead to continued slump in the EU. The Great Depression began overseas when the credit bubble collapsed. We could see a similar scenario play out. #6. Currency Wars often lead to Trade Wars which often lead to shooting wars. We are now in the 2nd. phase ... will we reach the disastrous 3rd. phase? #7. America hasn't been this divided since the Civil War. Social chaos is not "good for business." #8. Socialism is seriously being offered as an "alternative" socioeconomic" system. Millions of young people now completely support socialism. #9. Economies around the world are dumping the US Dollar and buying gold. #10. Pension Fund crisis , with the majority of pension funds are severely underfunded, putting millions of retired and soon to retire Americans at risk. Honestly, this isn't Rocket science people. The Dow going up 10,000 points in 3 years with no substantial change in goods or services to justify it is all the evidence you need. The market is going to crash hard! It will drop at least 9,000 points when it does. We have never left the systemic crisis. The systemic crisis was triggered by the globalization process driven by corporate finance and global oligopolies with the support of central banks. It was an operation that devastated the entire West socially and economically, compromising the stability of the nations that compose it. A crazy and wrong idea, now we will have to manage the consequences. Blanket trade tariffs on all Chinese exports to US as introduced by Trump will produce a recession and hyper-inflation on a grand scale. Not helping the situation BOEING now stuck to the ground in terms of new aircraft sales for some time as the lawsuits fly. Trump would like to tariff the European cars adding to the sense the American leader getting more desperate by the day. The need for US Iran war seems conjured up to promote Trump as the leader of the free world at war and confirming his credentials for the job. China knows that Trump is making every attempt to humiliate China and not aware that his wild west actions will have dire consequences for the world economy. How China retaliates and takes aim at his populist base; the working-classes and farmers of America. Every president doubled the debt they inherited.They have all spent like drunkards , and kicked the can down the road. Except Trump He kicks it down Death Valley . The FED doesn't pay a single cent for the money it creates. Yet, they charge everyone to borrow it. That is their bread and butter. During periods of expansion they always claim inflation is the reason they need to hike, but the fact of the matter is in a expanding economy more cash is needed to facilitate translations of the every increasing amount of goods being created and sold. They get away with it every time, and when they do it, it puts a cork in the expansion and is usually followed by a slow down. The FED is your problem, because they want to skim their profits off the backs of everyone for a piece of paper that cost them nothing to make. Moreover, the fed is a private enterprise, and they make a profit, yet they are not taxed for the income they make. You can't audit them. The USA is today the most indebted and INSOLVENT country in the history of the world and all of that debt is coming crashing down all over the place. The only question is why interest rates have not soared upwards across the board to default levels, but that is what is coming next as much of the country veers towards and to default. Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee. Europe and America are broke and poor and no amount of money printing will save them. The "High IQ" elites allowed a foreign hostile nation (China) to bait them into moving their industrial base there and giving away their manufacturing secrets all in the name of more profits. The very thing that caused Europe and America to rise to the top of the world is what was given away. Now the Europeans and Americans have a greatly diminished industrial capacity, few natural resources and a population that believes that they are entitled to be the best paid people in the world. This is why the Right Wing continues to gain popularity.The Americans and the europeans are scared that they will soon be living like the "Third Worlders" who they have been looking down on for years. The Chinese have never forgotten the 100 years of shame and are slowly tightening the noose around the necks of the Americans ,flooding them with fentanyl and slowly destroying their economies. When the fiat currency runs out (and it will soon).We will be among the poorest in the world .

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