Russia put nuclear missiles in Venezuela -- Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 & WW3

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia is militarily ready for a Cuban Missile-style crisis if the United States wanted one and threatened to place hypersonic nuclear missiles on ships or submarines near U.S. territorial waters. The Cuban Missile Crisis erupted in 1962 when Moscow responded to a U.S. missile deployment in Turkey by sending ballistic missiles to Cuba, sparking a standoff that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. More than five decades on, tensions are rising again over Russian fears that the United States might deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe, as a landmark Cold War-era arms-control treaty unravels. In response to US missile deployment in the Asia-Pacific region, Russia could consider deploying its own systems in Venezuela. According to Aleksandr Sherin, first vice president of the State Duma Defense Committee, that would be a tough but effective answer. “The US and its leaders throughout their history have, unfortunately, only demonstrated that the sensible and proper language of communication, the agreements, does not work with them. Unfortunately, the US only understands brute and crude force. Basically, they only understand what they use themselves,” said Sherin. “The deployment of our systems in Venezuela, for example, is possible as an option, and may be termed a second Cuban Crisis, but it was precisely the Cuban Crisis that cooled the momentum of the United States for a long time,” he continued. “If this option, God forbid, had to be considered and put into practice, that would be a very tough but very effective option,” he said. So the US/NATO can circle Russia with nuclear weapons, highly armed troops right up to their borders and waters? The US also can carp about the Chinese military presence in the S. China Sea. so on what basis can they complain if Cuba and say, Venezuela permit Russian military bases to be established on their territory? They expect Russia to accept 'First Strike Missile Defence Systems' on the borders of Russia. Together with 24/7 back to back NATO exercises. What can the US actually do, to prevent Russia from doing the same? Why should not Russia place some of her very effective, and cost effective toys, over in Venezuela, together with re-opening her base in Cuba. The US has vowed to usurp the Venezuelan government and is engaged in economic warfare against both Caracas and Havana. Both countries have legitimate security concerns. In any case, the gloves are off. Putin now knows this is a fight to the death and is acting accordingly. For those that are too young to remember. Russia didn't put nukes in Cuba until the USA started to put nukes into Turkey in early 60's Now the USSR is dead and Russia is capitalist, the USA still wants to push the envelope. This proves exactly that USA is not interested in peace and democracy but WAR and HEGEMONY. The modern USA is the idiotic woodpecker Woody. Between 1991 and 1999, the United States missed the only chance to make Russia its friend .friend, not vassal. I wrote and I will write again: Russia in 1991 departed from the destructive course that the Communists imposed on it when it was part of the USSR. Young Russian democracy needed help and now the United States would have a friend and much more. But the United States, in its best traditions of the Wild West, began to rob Russia and support the alcoholic Yeltsin. Now Americans are surprised that the Russians have revived Christian Orthodoxy, Russians can’t tolerate communists (communists in Russia have the status of clowns) and consider Americans to be extremely dangerous psychopaths and morons. Do not believe me - ask the Russians yourself. So all their preparations for war are fully justified.

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