Is The UK on the Verge of Implosion ?

The U.K. will likely see a slow motion implosion over Brexit . As Scotland ,Ireland and The Wales want now to go their own way , they do not want to stay in The UK after BREXIT . Those who opened the Brexit Pandora Box, ought now realize what they've unleashed, because then, the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh questions, must now be resolved, along with Gibraltar and The Falkland Islands . The Massive oil reserves in the North Sea are at the heart of the Scottish independence debate. Many are questioning whether the reserves are just for Scotland or if the rest of the United Kingdom should continue to benefit from their profits. The UK can now borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral . So if Scotland leaves, the collateral oil reserves is no longer available and the cost of borrowing money for Britain skyrockets . Scotland wants to stay in the EU and wants control over its Oil and Gas revenues .The Scottish Independent party is today the Largest party in Scotland both in the Scottish Parliament and in Westminster .So we believe that the Scottish INDEPENDENCE WILL eventually HAPPEN . The Brexit just bring this a bit sooner than it would have done No matter what way Brexit goes now. All indicators now are pointing to a no-deal Brexit, which will only boost the nationalists’ case. It could also potentially create chaos in yet another part of the United Kingdom ,the island of Ireland. Leaving without a deal would be the worst-case scenario for anyone who has any memory of the Northern Ireland Troubles. It’s feared that a hard border between north and south — which would occur if Northern Ireland, as part of the U.K., left the EU — with all the strict control and customs checks that the EU requires on its borders — could trigger a return to the days of bombings and shootings and jeopardize everything achieved under the Good Friday Agreement. It would be the ultimate provocation to Irish nationalist paramilitary groups who believe in a United Ireland. A hard border, therefore, would be deemed a step back into the dark days of conflict, which no-one wants given all the lives that were lost to it throughout the 20th century. Indeed, times have changed and so has the political landscape on the Emerald Isle. The Irish Republic has benefited from EU and Eurozone membership and for many in the north has seemed like a beacon of economic prosperity. By contrast, Northern Ireland doesn’t even have a government — as the power-sharing agreement between the nationalists and unionists broke down two years ago — and the economic outlook is clouded by Brexit. These factors — together with a majority of Northern Irish voting to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum — have therefore raised an idea that would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago: that of Irish reunification. Brexit will break the UK more so in Scotland and Northern Ireland . A united Ireland and an independent Scotland is the End of the UK . The depth of the crisis that has engulfed the UK over Brexit is quite astonishing. A nation that long prided itself on being a beacon of stability and indomitability in an ever-changing world has, since the EU referendum in 2016, come to resemble a hollowed-out, post-colonial hulk, and something of a laughing stock around the world. The reason why the Scottish, and also the Catalans, did not fear the economic consequences of independence and automatic EU exit very much is simple. As soon as they would have been recognized, they would have had the fast track chance to join the European Economic Area, as their regulations are obviously already conforming EU requirements. That would have meant accepting EU regulations without any voting rights, but for relatively small nations, that is much less of an issue than for 60 million Britons. Actually, that fact will make it very probable that the UK will break up relatively soon after Brexit, especially after a Hard Brexit. As it was clearly to see in case of Catalonia, the EU tends to suppress secessionist tendencies in their member nations, while such tendencies in non member countries bordering the EU can become quite strong, especially if there are tensions in those countries regarding their EU orientation. Look at former Yugoslavia, where Slovenia was strongly EU oriented, and Serbia, at the time, not. As for Britain's relationship to Europe - it has always been based on a policy of "keep Europe divided so they don't attack us" mentality. Joining the EU, while not joining their currency was just another attempt at having some control on the inside of what was inevitable on the continent. However, when the EU demanded that "The City" cease it's independent banking operations is essentially when 'Brexit' was kicked into high gear. Say what you want about people voting to leave - but my belief that Britain was more interested in controlling its banks rather than migrants coming into the country. Integrating the City into Europe's banking system would have been the death knell for any possibility of British independence. As for the EU - it too will probably fail at some point and will either go back to some sort of economic union, or it will go in the other direction and become the EUSSR that would make the worst tyrants in history blush. More than likely - you will probably see two to four separate blocks - Northern (Nordic), Southern (Mediterranean), and Eastern (former communist states) would form three European blocks while Britain alone or with maybe a couple of other small nations might make the fourth block. Which direction the EU will go will probably be easier to see the closer we come to the financial collapse. A real union can be maintained only if there are mutual benefits and respect. Empires are not put together this way, so they are bound to fall. The "divide-conquer and rule policy practiced by the British Empire is striking back at home . The Globalist Banksters needed Britain when Britain had the resources of an empire and a navy that ruled the waves. All that has changed, Britain served her purpose, and the Globalists have moved into new territories and pursuits. And the British Isles have now been relegated by the same globalist cartel as an immigrant dumping ground. America will be the next.

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