Global Economy entering a Deglobalization Phase !!

Deglobalization is the process of diminishing interdependence and integration between certain units around the world, typically nation-states. It is widely used to describe the periods of history when economic trade and investment between countries decline. Globalization has now reached another turning point. The popular narrative has changed from being associated with opportunity and progress towards being viewed as a threat. Anti-globalization sentiment made a significant contribution to the ballot-box surprises in 2016 ,Brexit and Trump, which have shaken the political status quo. It could spread further next year in European elections. Some deglobalization trends are under active consideration by Trump and are also being discussed by parties critical of globalization elsewhere, namely in Europe. It was Wolfowitz who invented globalization in Nixon's day and put it into practice when he came to power with Reagan. Every war the US has fought ever since Vietnam has been to shove a one world government, a New World Order down the throats of all Earthlings. The damage of globalization is already done to the US. Crumbling suburbs and Older Mid Size Cities. An illegal migrant on every corner , rampant drug and alcohol use. High prices for everything. So the Globalists have achieved what they wanted a weak USA.Today even if we deglobalize we cannot however repatriate our knowledge and know-how that we give away , when we shifted manufacturing overseas, we trained them. We now have to compete against our own abilities that we gave away even if we bring manufacturing home. While the Globalist Corporations have never been wealthier . There is a huge disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street . Just look at all the shuttered stores and empty malls . However there is nothing inherently wrong with the basic concept of globalization. In a way, the world is already united around the technology and science, and in the future it can only get more united. The only alternative is endless and cataclysmic war. The problem with globalization is this particular globalization, which was neither rational, nor voluntary, nor fair, nor democratic. Essentially, it was a process based on the false premise that a small group of loonie-tunes has the right to conspire against all of the rest of us and drive us over the cliff as they please. In other words, this was a globalization that was deliberately designed to fail, a self-imploding device whose only purpose was to make the elites richer and the rest of us poorer. Of course any such globalization had to fail. de-globalization is complete when the Corporate Government Old World Order, King's Bank, Monetary theory fraud is no longer cooking the books and not a second sooner! Then and only then, will ALL, working and saving Americans be DE-GLOBALIZED. Make America Fiat Deficit Fraud Free Again !! This is real Deglobalization !

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