Epstein Suicide Explained , Now who is next ?!

Epstein rubbed shoulders with almost all of America's "elite". That was his job. They all participated or turned a blind eye. They knew. He was protected by at least one state security apparatus. Epstein was whacked because he couldn't serve a political purpose. He recruited tween girls at Mar-a-lago. His exposure threatened both parties so he had to die. There will be no investigation; only a coverup. It was a business, an illegal business. Sex trafficking, pedophilia, child abuse, slavery, maybe human sacrifice even. The suppliers and the consumers protected each other with Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD--remember the Cold War?) It was a contract, written or not, enforced by both signatories. Now Epstein is in jeopardy, he has no reason to protect anyone if by singing to the Law he can get a break. The contract was broken: they couldn't protect Epstein, and Epstein had no motivation to protect them any longer. He had motivation to expose them, betray them, bring the house of cards down. But somebody didn't want to be exposed. So Epstein was Arkancided. I'll leave it to you to draw the obvious conclusion. In a weird way, this raises the pressure on Barr. He's got to go harder after the deep state to get more meat to throw to the Trump base. Convince the peeps and deplorable that we still have a 1 tier justice system, that we're all equal under the law, and so on. God forbid one day we stop paying taxes en masse. The fact that the president has been silent on the Epstein case, forget everything else, the president's non-action defines the event's biggest red flag. Trump is 100% compromised and no longer if he ever was in control of this country. By New Year's 2020, Epstein will be a distant memory, no one will be prosecuted and IMPEACHMENT will still dominate the chyron on CNN. Nothing will change. No one important will pay the price for sexual slavery, human trafficking and pedophilia. Another Jeffery Epstein is already in place to serve the prurient appetites of the "elites". This time, the Pimp will NOT be subject to US jurisdiction. Epstein served his purpose, was disposable and now is dead. The next chapter begins. Epstein's clients are members of the BIG CLUB. NOTHING happens to members of the BIG CLUB.

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