America Drowning in an Ocean of Debt !!

This past nightmare 11 years of economic recovery has been nothing other than another DEBT FUELED DRUG BINGE THAT IS NOW FALLING APART in the US and globally and total world debt is now nearly $250 TRILLION as a result. It is increasingly difficult to hide that red elephant under a rug. As soon as the large pyramid scheme of the Western financial system enters its terminal phase, the possibilities for putting even more fake money into the virtual mattresses known as banks are exhausted. That will be the moment when confidence in the entire system collapses. "We see the signals every day. The markets show that again and again. The central banks also only have a choice of two evils: deflation or inflation. Because the first is worse, the second path is automatically followed. Inflation extends their control by another day, another week. This is like a man who is falling from a building and in the meantime is trying to grasp everything to prolong his life and postpone the moment when he crashes. Even the IMF now recommends that interest rates go even deeper negative. It is really astonishing how these people with no experience in the real world are trying to sustain the Marxist-Keynesian theory, while more than 10 years of negative interest has failed. These idiots do not understand that negative interest rates have wiped out pensions and savings, and ultimately purchasing power . Even deeper negative will not force people to spend more, just make them bankrupt. In the meantime, the banks and their economists have also managed to convince the people that it is great to stimulate more spending with extremely low interest rates, and the resulting insane house prices are good for the economy. People who take out a mortgage in the current madness market expect to buy something that will always increase in value, but all they really do is purchase even more debt, which will turn out to be a lead stone as soon as the system collapses. The USA is the most indebted and INSOLVENT country in the history of the world and all of that debt is coming crashing down all over the place. The only question is why interest rates have not soared upwards across the board to default levels, but that is what is coming next as much of the country veers towards and to default.

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