This is Why a Real Estate Crash is overdue !!

Real Estate prices and stock markets going up 20%+ a year. While REAL wages are stagnant , with health insurance and health service costs going up 10% a year. Interest rates unable to go lower in any meaningful way. The real estate market is ripe for correction. The notion of strong economic data is nonsense. The data sets are political propaganda.. The jobs being created, and the wage increases, are happening at the low end of the income scale. Stock market records are all Fed fluff , The young home buyers don't own stocks anyway. And the The millennials that DO have enough income and the need have so much student debt they are nowhere close to having enough for a down payment. For the 10th YEAR in a row, we have seen increased property taxes all over the country . any tailwind from lower rates is counteracted by higher property taxes . housing prices doubling and tripling with +0% to 5% wage growth equals housing bubble. This is the 16th month of annual declines in existing home sales...Worst July sales in 5 years. But, what makes this even worse is that sales are down even though prices have dropped. In fact, prices have dropped nearly 10% since the 'Echo-Bubble' high in late 2017 . Monetary based economics is the retreat of the seriously deluded. The Fed has never succeeded. It has taken nearly a century to reveal this , as the economy is about to collapse. The bankers and one percent have sucked the life out of it ... I think the question to be answered by the FED is how far they are willing to go and what they are willing to do to keep this failing system intact? It's clearly going to fail at some point in the next few years, depending on their actions. It is very possible that the recent market action is a sign that something bigger is underway and that we have entered the period that may someday be referred to as "The Great Reset." It is prudent to ask whether we have started a major reset of asset valuations and if so how might this unfold? . If Fed had NOT come out all the tools : TARP , QEs and ZRP. the markets would not have spiked back! . The DEBT situation is one of the worst in human history, all over the world unlike housing bubble bust in 2008! . The global debt increased in some cases and countries to 2 and 3 fold since 2009. The global debt increased from 165 Trillions to 250 Trillions. The corporate debt from 4.1 Trillions to over 6 Trillions in 10 years. House hold debt. auto debt, student debt, you name it all, at record levels unlike any time in human history!. All macro factors are NEGATIVE in the near future. I pity the younger generations! Thank You ....

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