This is Why 401K is a giant scam

People think "their" 401k belongs to them. It doesn't. The money belongs to the government already and is merely held for the benefit of the person who opened the account. Only when you pay the taxes and draw the money out does it become yours legally. And they can decide on a new way to hold it for your benefit a lot faster than you can do all the paperwork to get it out. The only somewhat safe ways of investing in a 401k are with home vaulted precious metals and real estate. Everything else will be confiscated in a single instant on some weekend and converted into a sort of second Social Security check. The USA is in steep decline and will only get worse socially, politically, economically, governmentally. The many flavors of confiscation / taxes that the regime employs will only get worse, not better, however, there will always be loopholes and escape clauses, because that is how the politicians buy votes and reward contributions. Unless you die young , then you will get old, your body will decline, your ability to earn income from labor will decline, and you will need savings and investment income to maintain a lifestyle that makes you feel worth living it. All living expenses will be going up, especially healthcare insurance and the actual healthcare itself. The bottom line is , when it comes to retirement is that you're on your own. The vehicles and the promises you have been given are proving woefully insufficient to fund the "retirement" dream you've been sold your whole life. Dear Sad Future-less American . The medical industry will bleed you dry. Billionaires are compelled to take your stuff. you will pay more tolls, fees, assessments. and more local taxes than you can imagine . the growing military budget will deplete your benefits. your monthly Social Security amount is already laughable. Robots coming to take your jobs , at least the remaining ones that have not been exported to China . The banks will fleece your savings. All pension funds are a ponzi scheme , and the healthcare premiums are hyperinflating. It looks like it is almost harvest time for the IRA and 401K sheep herders. They say the third time is the charm... get out while you can; don't let the bankers do it to you again! . From here on out it's all downhill to the very bottom of the abyss as we all learn how deep the rabbit hole really is...

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