Greece Now Uses China to scare Europe

Greece's new strategy: using China to scare Europe : The last political elections in Greece has seen a clear victory of New Democracy, a center-right party led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis. With almost 40% of the votes obtained (precisely 39.85%), New Democracy has removed the radical left Syriza of about 8% of the votes. Alexis Tsipras, outgoing prime minister at Syriza, therefore leaves the relay to Mitsotakis, whose faction got the chance to rule the country alone, having obtained 158 seats out of a total of 300 due to a 50-seat bonus inherent in the Greek electoral law . The Hellenic revolution therefore transforms politics and perspectives of Greece both nationally and internationally. But how does the relationship between Athens and the European Union change? And the one with China? Two questions worth answering. If Greece's relationship with Brussels risks being shaken, the future link with China is still shrouded in fog. If Syriza's retirees had entered Chinese orbit immediately joining Xi Jinping's New Silk Road, the New Democracy leader must now choose which path to take. Just to give an example, at the beginning of the year Mitsotakis had become the protagonist of a blunder by declaring that he had received no offers from anyone regarding a hypothetical accession of Athens to the Beijing project and that he did not understand what it meant to join the Belt and Road . In these days Kyriakos Mitsotakis is faced with two options: to continue to welcome in China rivers of Chinese investments or limit them by half-closing the door. So what is the Athens strategy ? . Greece is about to enter a delicate phase of balancing. On the one hand Athens must rebuild its economy after the near-crack of 2015, and therefore the Greek government is ready to welcome investments from Beijing. On the other hand, the country has no intention of making a rude impression on the European Union, which is increasingly skeptical of China. Every action will generate a reaction: the problem, for the new Hellenic leadership, will be whether this reaction will be harmful to the fragile Greek economic system. Of course, Misotakis could also choose to use China to scare the European Union, to force Brussels to be more flexible in the decision-making phase; arduous but courageous undertaking. How to Stay in balance , this is the big question in Athens . As the South China Morning Post rightly points out, it was a New Democracy government, in 2004, that first launched the strengthening of Greek-Chinese relations, the same ones that have recently led China to get its hands on several Greek state assets, including the port of Piraeus. Beijing has a clear role in mind for Greece; Athens is perfect to cover the role of strategic hub for trade and energy. The feeling, given the country's accounts, is that Mitsotaki continues to maintain active relations with the Dragon. Greece is hungry for investments but woe to anger the new leadership of the European Union: Ursula von Leyen is the future head of the European Commission and she had harsh words for Xi Jinping's China. Staying balanced is complicated but for Athens it is a question of life or death. This was The Atlantis Report . Please Like ,Share , and Subscribe ...Thank you .

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