Sunday, May 26, 2019

Why does INDIA have the NUCLEAR BOMB...?

 Pakistan and India are diehard enemies since the day both countries were founded. This mutual hate is specially worrisome if we take to account that both nations have the nuclear bomb. This is why, when New Delhi and Islamabad had growing tensions in the latest months, the whole World was watching. Chances were there could be a nuclear war. The reason why India and Pakistan hate each other so much is one region: Kashmir. Both countries want to control it. Since two decades ago, India has martial law over the Kashmir citizens. Pakistan, on the other hand, would have been allegedly supporting terrorist groups that attack Kashmir lands often. But why both India and Pakistan have nukes? What are nuclear doctrines all about? Could there really be an war between this two countries? Can we say the Indian presidential elections had some influence on this issue? We will answer to all of this questions on this video.

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