When You Understand This Your Whole Life Will Change | Dr Bruce Lipton

I think in the end all what you feel and all that you think is dependant on the brain connections you have. You might share connections with others but everyone has their own unique network of connections based on their own experiences in life and the way their brain developed based on genes. I believe that this network will determin every choice you make. The network changes with your experiences. New ones are created and maybe unused ones decay but in the end there is only one possible outcome of the unique set of connections you have. Which leads me to believe no one really has a choice. We would all make the same choices if we had the same brain. Thus our brain decides what we do and we are so complex that we have the illusion of free will. When we say we feel something we only experience the neurons firing in our network. It doesn't mean we are concious. I think we are merely a spectator in our own network. And in that network there are both logical as emotional connections. But for me they really are the same as with your network there is only one outcome. My meaning of life changes to enjoying this proces and to enjoy my life. All might be energy but it doesn't really matter as in the end I believe we will do things based on how our brain developed anyway. This would also imply that you can't punish someone for not taking responsability. That would also mean that our whole justice system doesn't really make sense anymore among other ethical issues. Some people were just more fortunate than others and their life has led to a more fortunate or unfortunate brain that made the choices leading to the situations they end up in.

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