Tom Delonge Riveting Government Secrets OF Alien Interactions on Earth

 COAST TO COAST AM. Co-founder of the rock bands Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, Tom DeLonge, joined George Knapp for the entire program to share riveting government secrets he's learned about alien interactions on Earth. DeLonge abruptly changed his career focus last year when he announced the launch of Sekret Machines, the umbrella title for a series of books, films, and documentaries which will focus on UFOs, government secrecy, alien intelligence, and related paranormal subjects. He has recruited a team of authors and filmmakers to work on various parts of his 'transmedia' endeavor, and has used his rock star status to secure introductions to several highly placed officials and executives within the military/industrial complex, who are now informing his research. Featured guests also include: A.J. Hartley

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