Karen Hudes : Network of Global Corporate Control

 I said at the end of March last year that the Banking Cartel, and especially the Black Nobility at the center of the Banking Cartel, "need to start as soon as possible to make amends, and we are all going to take into account, starting from now, what they are doing." It is necessary for us to begin to take stock of what they have done to make amends. To begin with, they have not even conceded what their role is in the world's corrupt money system. They are not off to a great start, that is for sure. The morning that this segment was recorded, a twitter account in Japan "liked" a five year old tweet, showing how the County Executives of America accepted the US' monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility. This is clear evidence of the critical mass that knows about the world's wealth in the Global Debt Facility. This also demonstrates the way that the coalition predicted by the National War College's power transition model

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