G. Edward Griffin On The RISE Of The Yellow Vests, Global Currency CRISIS & The Theater Of Politics

Josh Sigurdson sits down with G. Edward Griffin, author of books such as 'The Creature From Jeckyll Island' among countless other incredibly informative books to talk about the theater of politics and the manipulation of the minds of the populace by those behind the curtains. In Venezuela we see an attempted coup take place. This isn't the first time this has happened and likely won't be the last, but nonetheless, we see an identity obsessed public grasp onto it without understanding it. Trump declared Juan Guaido the "legitimate" leader of Venezuela despite 80% of Venezuelans never having heard of him. While Maduro is obviously terrible, it's one terrible government being ripped to shreds by another terrible government in exchange for yet ANOTHER terrible government while the populace sits there helplessly. Then there's the Yellow Vests of Paris and Spain. While the movement is incredible and has created a stir worldwide and while the original idea regarding the public being taxed into poverty is a serious one, the message gets confused and it ends with people demanding government fix the problems of government which of course only ever leads to MORE government. As G. Edward Griffin explains, this is all the theater of politics which the media perpetuates in the minds of the masses as people divide over small issues and go after each other rather than look at the real culprits. This all goes back to the central banking system after all. The entity that pushes people into debt servitude. The entity that benefits the most outside of the state from the dependence and fear of the populace. The impoverished populace who have absolutely no idea what money is and why everything is costing more all the time. Even those who call out the Federal Reserve don't seem to recognize all too often that it will simply be replaced by something like China's cashless system on a global scale, perhaps through the SDR at the IMF. This is why education, responsibility and self sustainability are key to overcoming this issue. Mr. Griffin finishes off the video with one of many solutions to this severe global issue. The Red Pill Expo 2019 where countless people from all sorts of different backgrounds will be gathering to talk about the most pressing issues we haven't been told about. You can find our link to The Red Pill Expo pinned to the top of the comments! We are always happy to talk with G. Edward Griffin! Stay tuned as we continue to follow all of these issues!

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