Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jordan Maxwell - Civilization At The Brink...All You’re Told Are Lies

There is one truth in the world, 'if voting actually changed anything, they wouldn't allow anyone to do it'!

the "deep state" is the swiss banking monopoly...owned and run by the weishaupt SABBATEAN Jesuit JU order since long before napolean...where the wealth of both sides is taken after every war....the Jesuits created every major military intelligence service on the planet....israelis are non-bavarian "mixed race" Jus exiled from "greater Bavaria" in ww2....and borman and muller [SS now called neocons] did not run to any damn jungle to hide after ww2...they retired to the swiss bavarian alps and retired as one of the true kings of the planet totally immune and protected...they ran all sides of ww2

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