Trump Is Right, the Fed Is Crazy

Enough of Wars... Stop the spending of the military to bomb innocent countries
End The Federal Banking System.

Ron Paul is succinctly correct, in that the US Electorate is painfully unaware the correlation between our Monetary Policy, Foreign, and Domestic Affairs. It's understood that you can't talk about one without the Others since the issues are interrelated. • The United States was founded on principals of Limited Government and Sound honest Money, which we have neither. The growth of the former has largely been a function of its ability to abolish the latter which the Political Indentured Servants on Capitol Hill want to continue the Welfare/Warfare State. A Dollar was originally defined as a specific weight of Gold or Silver, the Constitution limited the Power of the States to make anything other than Gold or Silver Legal Tender. Government was never given Power to make anything Legal Tender, and since the Government only has those Powers expressly granted to it by the Constitution, Gold and Silver are still Constitutional forms of Money authorized in the United States. • All Commerce was transacted in either Gold or Silver, with smaller transaction completed using Copper or Nickel. Private Banks issued Notes backed by their Gold and Silver Deposits, which also circulated as note currency, along with actual Money. These Money substitutes were often more convenient to use than Money itself, especially for larger transactions. Eventually, the Federal Reserve was created with its Notes replacing the Bank Notes that had previously been in circulation. They were originally backed by and redeemable in lawful Money, Dollars made of Gold or Silver. • In 1971 when this connection was severed, leaving the Notes backed solely by Government Debt, redeemable in nothing. Since, the Purchasing Power of Federal Reserve Notes has steadily declined, yet despite their obvious shortcomings, the American Citizenry continue to use Federal Reserve Notes rather than actual Dollars made of Gold or Silver. Although the Courts have declared that Federal Reserve Notes are Legal Tender (disregarding the Constitution), and Government requires that they be used to pay Taxes, the main reasons the American Citizenry use the Notes have been convenience and the ability to earn interest. Paying with paper or accessing a bank Deposit by Check or Debit Card is much easier than lugging around a bunch of metal. While Gold Bars stored in your basement earned no Interest and could potentially be stolen, Funds deposited in Banks have been Federally Insured and traditionally paid significant Interest. In recent years that's changed since most major US Banks are basically insolvent, and the US Government has insufficient reserves to bail any of them out should they fail. In addition, Bank Deposits pay Zero Interest, while Inflation steadily erodes Purchasing Power. While the Federal Reserve’s stated mission used to be the maintenance of Price stability and the Purchasing Power of its Notes, its current mission is to ensure that Prices rise and that its Notes lose value over time. Given how much value the Federal notes have lost when the Federal Reserve's goal was to preserve Purchasing Power, imagine how much faster value will erode now that Depreciation is actually their stated objective...

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