Gerald Celente - "Economic 9/11" Terror Strike: Prepare! The Worst is Yet

"You're looking at the beginning of the end of the Euro". The end of the Euro started in 2008 when the EUR/USD ratio peaked at 1.6. Since then it has fallen 29% to 1.14 and has been on a downhill slide for the past 10 years. Will it continue? Of course, into the trash bin of failed currencies. The Euro is a failed globalist fiat currency. All fiat currencies will go to zero eventually because that is the plan of the government as their "inflation tax" robs their citizens of all their wealth. But the value of the USD is also diminishing. We compare the Euro to the Dollar as if the dollar was a pinnacle of success. But the purchasing of the dollar is also falling fast. To compare the Euro against the dollar is like comparing two people who fell off of a skyscraper 5 seconds apart. The first guy who fell was named Euro and the 2nd guy who fell was name Usa. The falling Usa guy looks down at the Euro guy and points to him and says "I'm sure glad I'm not that guy!" LOL It won't end well for either.

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