They Think You're Stupid III (I'm your puppet)

AIPAC should be registered as a foreign agency. US liberty, 9/11, pollard, the transfer of high technology to Israel, China & Russia from America , the missing Trillions from the US Pentagon. The 70 or so Mossad that were quietly released with 0 media coverage 10 weeks after September 11 2001. The constant flaw flags in Europe staged by Israel secret Intelligence agency ( ISIS ). The fact Israel was founded by Terrorism, the father Mr Begin said he was the father of Terrorism. I could go on for a long time. Great video. It looks like Israel is running the whole god dam show. And as soon as anyone speaks out they are destroyed or killed. These Crazies run our planet. I've have resigned myself to the fact that the only hope for US is Israel sing exposed for the US liberty and 9/11 as Allan Sabrosky said If Americans ever dined out that Israel attacked America on 11th September 2001 US military shouldn't waste one single hour and totally lay waste to it. Israel Motto We will wage war by deception. Taking these guys on requires a special kind of Brass balls and a some what Degree of craziness or passion for the truth and the absolute Truth. I always ask as truther who did 9/11 if they don't say Israel that are fake.

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