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Technocrats Have Stolen The Law Of The Land

 Americans under the New totalitarianism spearheaded by Google, Facebook, and all the other anti American social media. With the completely unconstitutional shadow banning, followed by a full on banning of alternative media. Americans can now return to their legalized propaganda fest of spun narratives like the outrageous watering down of a horrendous terror cell in New Mexico. Ironically, it is the very giants of technology Infowars has been warning you about for years that have used their corpracratic ties to defend their private and unelected branch of the United States Government with total power over our first Amendment. Silicon Valley and its hubris riddled leftist ideals have bamboozled the American citizen by making trillions digitizing our First Amendment process and hijacking the narrative..condemning those that would petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The left has overstepped its reach. They have violated the most sacred American law. the cornerstone of freedom. The First Amendment.

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