Hillary Emails Hacked by China

 Get ready for the latest summer blockbuster from the people who brought you Crossfire Hurricane and Spygate. It's White Boy Chris, the riveting story of an ex-British Intelligence officer's conspiracy to conceal a plot by the FBI and a former Secretary of State and Presidential hopeful to use lies and deceit before a FISA court to frame a President for collusion with the Russians. This action packed thrill ride features an all-star cast. With Christopher Steele as White Boy Chris, Bruce Ohr as The Go Between, James Comey as The FISA Warrant Signer, Oleg Deripaska as "I Told You So", Hillary Clinton as the sore loser and Donald J. Trump as the POTUS. White Boy Chris coming to a courtroom in DC very soon. Based on a true story from secret testimony. Directed by US Attorney John Huber.

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