Sunday, June 24, 2018

Will the Great Crash Begin in Europe? Or Will it Be Between China and the U.S?

Until the US realizes that one greed size doesn't fit all... Speaking of the housing market. This is a "Boom and Decline" market. What does that mean? It means that the "Baby Boomer" generation didn't leave anything for the millennials, and if they did it's just aged assets in decline (think mortgage meltdown), it's not just wide spread automated mindless investment; no, it's more of the same expectation for the same assets that were created over 50 years ago ( they sucked all the life out of those assets and then some). Everyone has to realize, that everyone has to build again - and not just luxury housing - housing should have a sector for modest construction. Which by the way - would be the largest sector... Everyone needs to stop looking backwards and build their own future... Plus realizing oil isn't going to last forever... It will eventually go back to the trains... And where you settle down is where you more than likely will stay for the Long haul future... So find yourself near railroads, farms, and livestock... In some point - the oil dries out...

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