Saturday, June 30, 2018

Is Soviet Russia Coming To A Place Near YOU? - Sonny Puzikas On Self Defense

Josh Sigurdson talks with former Soviet Union Special Ops Sonny Puzikas about self defense in an age where people are so incredibly dependent on government and of course others to defend them. Sonny talks about teaching people how to be more self sustainable and how many things that are happening today echo the past. Sonny notes that he ran from the USSR and it seems to have chased him to the United States after 25 years. We talk about life in the Soviet Union, bootleg rock and roll on the black market following the ban on rock and roll and the notion of "not real socialism" and "not real capitalism" which is an argument we see on both sides regularly. Sonny has been the subject of TV shows and has provided incredible information on sustaining life to people throughout the world. His wife to be, Megan Miller also provides people with excellent videos on several social issues. You can find her at Anarkya Miller on YouTube! We always appreciate talking with Sonny! Stay tuned for more videos from The Red Pill Expo! Video edited by Josh Sigurdson Featuring: Sonny Puzikas Josh Sigurdson

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